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INSTANCING (AUTOMATIC OBJECT DUPLICATION) The third big new feature in 3D ProAnimator 8 is called 'instancing'. Instancing, in simplest terms, is object duplication. However it duplicates objects in a way that's incredibly fast, and makes it easy to populate a scene with hundreds or even thousands of objects and still keep the rendering speed nice and fast. You can instance objects made of one piece, like hearts or stars. You can instance objects made of multiple pieces, like houses or cars. You can instance words or logos and you can even mix all of these kinds of objects together!

There are lots of creative uses, so watch the video and see the power of instancing in action. OBJECT DISTRIBUTION The fourth big new feature in 3D ProAnimator 8 creates big things out of small ones. Object distribution has always been a part of 3D ProAnimator but in version 8 we've made it much more flexible and powerful. We've added many new distribution styles which make it easy to create environments, backgrounds and objects made up of other objects. IMAGE-BASED LIGHTING Image-Based Lighting, or IBL for short, is a way of lighting your entire scene by using nothing but a picture! You read that right.

All you need to do to get completely realistic lighting is to choose a picture of the environment and 3D ProAnimator 8 takes care of the rest for you! There's no need to be a lighting expert. REAL-TIME AMBIENT OCCLUSION The sixth big new feature in 3D ProAnimator 8 could be called the reality feature.

The formal name is Ambient Occlusion but you can think of it as corner darkening. This feature darkens the corners and crevices of 3D objects in a way that gives the effect of bounce lighting but without the enormous rendering hit.

It makes your objects look much more realistic, and thankfully we figured out how to add Ambient Occlusion in production at real-time speeds. There is no more excuse for your work to not look realistic.