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BTDB ( is not a tracker and doesn't store any content and only collects torrent metadata (such as file names and file sizes) and a magnet link (torrent identifier). Download a Large Collection of Music via Torrent 300 Albums Blues Blues-Rock Rock Rockin' Blues. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND - Dirty Double Dealer. JAMES BROWN - Send Her Back to Me (Remix). ZAC HARMON - I'm a Healer.

Dont just download these artist. Buy their albums, concert tickets, T-shirts, etc. Support Southern Ground Music so we can keep it alive. This torrent includes a number of artist from Southern Ground Records and more. Blackberry Smoke imgimgBrighter Shade imgimgClay Cook imgCoy Bowels imgimgJohn Driskell Hopkins & Balsam Range imgLevi Lowrey imgNic Cowan imgSonia Leigh imgimgimgimgThe Wood Brothers imgZac Brown Band imgimgimgimgimgimgimgimgimgimg/quote. IMGZac Brown called the album 'Your basic country-Southern rock-bluegrass-reggae-jam record' saying 'It's really about making people dance, you just don't let them go. There's a lot of songs on the record that when we play them live we'll extend out long.

But it's really about just grabbing people in that pulse and then not letting them go that entire song.' 4 Clay Cook said 'This is first record that we’ve made from start to finish in one thought, the previous albums have been a collection of songs this is an album.”5 Released July 10, 2012 Recorded 2012 in Atlanta, Nashville, Asheville, North Carolina, and Key West, Florida1 Genre Country rock, jam band Length 44:08 Label Atlantic RPM Southern Ground Producer Zac Brown Keith Stegall Bit Rate.260kbps ButchT upload by zeke23. IMGThe Foundation is the first major-label studio album by the Zac Brown Band, an American country music band. It was released on November 18, 2008.4 Originally slated for release on the Home Grown label and Big Picture Records, the album is distributed by Atlantic Nashville in association with those two labels. The financing for the album was provided by Atlanta, GA entrepreneur Braden Copeland through his investment company Braden Copeland Ventures, LLC.

5 On December 2, 2009, the album was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Country Album.6 and also earned the band the Grammy Award for Best New Artist on January 31. The album also has been nominated for the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards 'Album of the Year' award. As of the chart dated July 2, 2011, the album has sold 2,644,654 copies in the US.7 The album includes five singles, starting with 'Chicken Fried,' which the band had previously recorded on its 2005 self-released album Home Grown.8 One year later, The Lost Trailers released this song as a single on BNA Records, but the label withdrew the single after Brown changed his mind about licensing the song.9 The Zac Brown Band's rendition became a Number One country hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in December 2008. Following 'Chicken Fried' were the #2 'Whatever It Is' and another #1 in 'Toes,' the latter of which was co-written by Shawn Mullins. 'Highway 20 Ride' is the album's fourth single release.

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It became the band's third Number One hit in April 2010. 'Free' is the album's fifth single release. 'A Different Kind of Fine' also peaked at #55 based on unsolicited airplay. Studio album by Zac Brown Band Released November 18, 2008 Genre Country Length 42:42 Label Atlantic Home Grown Southern Ground Big Picture Producer Zac Brown Keith Stegall Bit Rate.192kbps ButchT upload by zeke23.

IMGZac Brown Band is an American country/folk band based in Atlanta, Georgia. The lineup consists of Zac Brown (lead vocals, guitar), Jimmy De Martini (fiddle, vocals), John Driskell Hopkins (bass guitar, vocals), Coy Bowles (guitar, keyboards), Chris Fryar (drums), Clay Cook (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, steel guitar, vocals), and Daniel de los Reyes (percussion).

The band has toured throughout the United States, including a slot on the 2009 and 2010 Bonnaroo Music Festival. They have also recorded five studio albums, and charted nine Number One singles on the Billboard country charts: 'Chicken Fried', 'Toes', 'Highway 20 Ride', 'Free', 'As She's Walking Away', 'Colder Weather', 'Knee Deep', 'Keep Me In Mind', and 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' in addition to the singles 'Whatever It Is' and 'No Hurry', which peaked at number 2 on the same chart. Since 2009, the Zac Brown Band has earned 55 award nominations from the Grammys, Academy of Country Music, American Music Awards, Country Music Association and Country Music Television, and has won 7.18 They have received four nominations for the 2009 CMA Awards: New Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Single of the Year, and Music Video of the Year for their No. 1 single, 'Chicken Fried'. That same year, they received three Grammy nominations for Best Country Album, Best Country Performance By a Duo or Group With Vocals and Best New Artist. On January 31, 2010, the band won the Grammy award for Best New Artist. The Zac Brown Band was also nominated in 2009 for three ACM awards, 'Album of the Year', 'Top Vocal Group', and was one of eight contenders for 'Entertainer of the Year'.citation needed The Zac Brown Band led the nominees for the 46th annual Academy of Country Music Awards 2011, with a total of nine nominations including: Top Vocal Group of the Year, Album of the Year, Single Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Vocal Event of the Year.19 Origin Dahlonega, Georgia, U.S.

Genres Country 1 Jam band2 Southern rock3 Years active 2002 - present Labels Bigger Picture Southern Ground Artists Atlantic Associated acts Blackberry Smoke, Keith Stegall, The Lost Trailers, Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson Website Members Coy Bowles Zac Brown Clay Cook Daniel de los Reyes Jimmy De Martini Chris Fryar. Lyrics to Where The Boat Leaves From: There's a place, where the boat leaves from It takes away all your big problems You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from Take one part sand, and one part sea, one part shade of a big palm tree And the drinks they're cold and the reggae is hot And I know this is the place for me So get away to where the boat leaves from It takes away all of your big problems You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean But you gotta get away to where the boat leaves.

Brackets and News - 2KT

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Your Most Favorite User
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Location: Lima

I already got the 96 nominations intended, so I'll start the next phase of the preparations. Since most people won't have heard most of the albums nominated, I intend to leave a period of at least a month since now until the first round. The idea would be for people to listen to most of the albums during this period, so as to be able of making the rounds themselves in a quicker way.
1) Brackets
The rounds will progress from top to bottom as seen in the link above. I still don't know how many rounds to open at a time and how long to leave them open, but the order itself is already defined. Top to bottom, left to right. 32 albums were seeded to start on round 2, not everyone got one of their albums seeded but nobody got both of his/her albums seeded at the same time. Also, each user has one album in the upper half and one in the lower half, so he/she doesn't compete with him/herself until the final (if both his/her albums should win all of their matches).
2) Links
As most albums are rather unknown, links will probably be a chore to find. Especially when there are 96 of them. To make things easier for everyone, I've created a document everyone can edit to compile all the links we have. You can link a bandcamp, dropbox, torrent site, anything really. Everything should be legal but who gives a fuck really.
I think most people would rather be able to download the albums instead of streaming them, so a download is preferable. You can always upload your files to a dropbox if you can't find a link. If all else fails you can just put a youtube link there, but only as the last resort, please. Remember, the easier your album is to find, the more people will listen to it!
3) Dates
I have winter vacations starting in about a month, so I'll start the tournament itself then, when I'll have some more free time. That's the week starting July 22nd. You guys should really try to get most of your listening done by then, so we can have a round every two days or so and hurry things up so interest doesn't die off.
Finally, thanks to everyone for participating. I hope this leads to many great new discoveries and music talk about bands which aren't Radiohead. Hope you all have fun!
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Your Most Favorite User
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Location: Lima

Here's a list of all participants as well:
Jasonconfused - Alcatrazz - No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll
ppnw - Mercury Rev - Boces
Ochurch25 - The Beautiful South - Welcome To The Beautiful South
CellarDoor - Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly
tekin - Rachel's - The Sea And The Bells
DLGGLD - Lumigraph - Nautically Inclined
Norman Bates - Sugar - Beaster
joyofdivision - Susumu Yokota - Sakura
lethalnezzle - Gregory Isaacs - More Gregory
swedenman - Brain - Hiromi
harkan - Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders - Hurtsville
Cymro2011 - Steve Tibbetts - Yr
Patman360 - Adebisi Shank - This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank
drakonium - The Undertones - The Undertones
junodog4 - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Acme
meccalecca - Motel Motel - New Denver
Polythene Pam - 23 Skidoo - Seven Songs
pearljammer13 - Los Campesinos! - We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
itsit - The Carpenters - Close To You
Homolust - The Field - From Here We Go Sublime
dividesbyzero - Amon Tobin - Bricolage
joshtraina - NAH - DIFFICULT
Magenta - The Radio Dept. - Lesser Matters
brun027 - Caetano Veloso - Transa
SquishyPuffDave - Linda Perhacs - Parallelograms
Ardokal - Zac Brown Band - You Get What You Give
MercuryDylan89 - A.A. Bondy - American Hearts
Bork - Jimmy Smith - Back At The Chicken Shack
SingingPeasant96 - Dirty Three - Whatever You Love, You Are
Defago - Storm & Stress - Under Thunder And Fluorescent Lights
The Poe - Zhou Xuan - The Legenday Chinese Hits
420BongRitsu69 - Sun City Girls - Dante's Disneyland Inferno
SquishyPuffDave - Set Fire To Flames - Sings Reign Rebuilder
brun027 - Secos & Molhados - Secos & Molhados
Ardokal - Thursday - No Devolucion
Magenta - Bethany Curve - Gold
MercuryDylan89 - Johnny Thunders - So Alone
joshtraina - Suuns - Zeroes QC
Bork - Taj Mahal - Taj Mahal
dividesbyzero - Edgard Varese - The Complete Works
SingingPeasant96 - Lisa Germano - Happiness
Homolust - Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding Jazz Records
Defago - Jacaszek - Treny
itsit - Duke Ellington - Ellington At Newport
The Poe - Afrirampo - We Are Uchu No Ko
pearljammer13 - Nickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die
420BongRitsu69 - Woodpigeon - Treasury Library Canada
Polythene Pam - Fiery Furnaces - Gallowsbird's Bark
ShaneSpear - Cymbals Eat Guitars - Why There Are Mountains
Necharsian - Blut Aus Nord - Ultima Thulee
gtroda - Ben Harper - Diamonds On The Inside
HigherThanTheSun - Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock And Roll
BrandonMeow - Orion Rigel Dommisse - What I Want From You Is Sweet
MrFrogger - Black Dice - Creature Comforts
SilverWalrus - Thee More Shallows - More Deep Cuts
jamessmith77 - Ian Brown - Golden Greats
Saoirse - Carina Round - Tigermending
Facetious - Hampton Grease Band - Music To Eat
Jhereko - The Jesus Lizard - Liar
Happymeal - Краснознаменная Дивизия Имени Моей Бабушки - Краснознаменная Дивизия Имени Моей Бабушки
revolver94 - Deux Filles - Silence & Wisdom
Dingerbell - Tristame - Unraveling Horizons
Magikarp - Peter Hammill - Over
yourself - Sigh - Hail Horror Hail
ShaneSpear - Our Lady Peace - Clumsy
BrandonMeow - Emmanuelle Parrenin - Maison Rose
Necharsian - Cluster - Zuckerzeit
MrFrogger - Mount Eerie - Clear Moon
Saoirse - These Immortal Souls - Get Lost (Don't Lie)
revolver94 - Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks - Brian Eno
Facetious - Dogbowl - Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain
meccalecca - Bill Fay - Time Of The Last Persecution
Dingerbell - Colosseum - Valentyne Suite
junodog4 - Bran Van 3000 - Discosis
drakonium - The Shape Of It - True Live
Cymro2011 - The Black Angels - Passover
Patman360 - The Fatima Mansions - Viva Dead Ponies
harkan - Lustmord - Heresy
swedenman - Blood Moon - Apes & Androids
Jasonconfused - Scorpions - Taken By Force
lethalnezzle - UGK - Super Tight
ppnw - Sparklehorse - It's A Wonderful Life
Ochurch25 - The Bees - Sunshine Hit Me
tekin - Jaga Jazzist - What We Must
CellarDoor - Brian Jonestown Massacre - Methodrone
DLGGLD - Golden Silvers - True Romance
Norman Bates - Darc Mind - Symptomatic Of A Greater Ill
yourself - Eric Dolphy - Out There
joyofdivision - Ricardo Villalobos - Alcachofa
Magikarp - A Silver Mt. Zion - He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms..
Happymeal - Geto Boys - Grip It! On That Other Level
Jhereko - Dan Deacon - Bromst
jamessmith77 - Bil Withers - Still Bill
SilverWalrus - Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
HigherThanTheSun - Hot Chip - The Warning
gtroda - Adam Again - Perfecta

Last edited by Defago on 06/29/2013 19:50; edited 2 times in total
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For anyone who can't find their albums, this website seems to be quite good.
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Norman Bates

Gender: Male
Age: 46
Location: Paris, France

I won't have the Internet between July 20 and August 10, and little Internet between August 10 and August 25. It will be a bit difficult to defend my picks, but I'll try.
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Would it be too late to change 1 or both of my picks?
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Norman Bates

Gender: Male
Age: 46
Location: Paris, France

Edited with grooveshark links to my picks.
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Your Most Favorite User
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Location: Lima

Jhereko wrote:
Would it be too late to change 1 or both of my picks?

Send me a PM with the new choices. You guys still have a few more days to change your picks.
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Your Most Favorite User
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Location: Lima

Please post your links, guys. We have less than 10% at the moment.
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Gender: Male
Age: 27
Location: Cork, Ireland

Defago wrote:
Please post your links, guys. We have less than 10% at the moment.

Oops, my bad,, the Adebisi Shank album (Stream from their bandcamp). I'll put something together for The Fatima Mansions album tonight, it seems to be all over the place.
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Location: Baile Átha Cliath

Here is a download for The Undertones' self-titled in .rar
Mod: Removed link to an illegal download (albummaster)

And here is a torrent link for True Live's discography (they have only two albums so far, so it's OK) :
Mod: Removed link to an illegal download (albummaster)

Both are in 320 kbps.
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