Xbox Games .xbe

You mean write you own homebrew app's and games? Because you can't to my knowledge just create a.xbe you have to have the source (which would be your code) then go through the steps on XDK (xbox devlopement kit) which is just a small 'hacked' bit of SDK for the xbox using a type of visual studio. Other than that i'm not to sure, you could just change the file extension but I'm not to sure how well it will work. If you want to know the steps in making your own programs please message me (note: you do need to know code such as C and/or VB/VBS not sure). The only way i can further explain this to you is have you do this: put an xbox game into your cd/dvd drive (in my case dvd) on your computer. Look at the files by going into whatever drive you have (probably d: ).

Some games that lack support of the 480p resolution and 16:9 mode can be patched to force these features through by modding the xbe launch file and playing on a modded console. Xbox 360 games have something for everyone. Break every chain by sinach. Play blockbuster titles. Enjoy unrivaled multiplayer. Kinect puts you in the fun.

Once your viewing these files you should see that they are VOB, BUP, and IFO formated files. Just like you might find on a movie dvd. From these files, how can I get a.XBE file? I want to have an XBE file so I further explore emulating the xbox.

If you are still lost, just tell me if you know a better way of emulating the xbox. And DON'T reply saying that there's no way to emulate the xbox because I know for a fact that there is.

Open your web browser. Find an ISO-to-XBE converter, such as 'C-Xbox Tool,' 'ADR Patcher' or 'Craxtion' at Tacoban, 4shared or XBoxISOZone (see Resources). Download it to your computer's desktop. Move your Xbox.ISO file, such as 'Halo.ISO,' onto your computer's desktop with your computer's search function. Type in 'Halo.ISO' to your search text bar and press 'Enter' or 'Return' with your keyboard. Find the file in your computer's displayed search results and click it to select it. Drag it onto your desktop.

Open your ISO-to-XBE converter, such as 'CXbox Tool v2.0.6,' by double-clicking its '.exe' file on your desktop with your mouse. Click the 'XBE-Patch' button with your mouse under your 'CXBox Tool v2.0.6' window.

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Consult your converter's attached 'Read-Me' text file or go up to its help menu if you aren't sure how to open your converter. Click your 'Halo.ISO' file and drag it on top of your 'XBE-File' text bar inside your 'CXBox Tool v2.0.6' window with your mouse. Release your mouse button to drop your file inside the 'XBE-File' text box. Click the 'Apply patch' button below to patch your 'Halo.ISO' file into a 'Halo.XBE' file. Consult your converter's attached 'Read-Me' text file or go up to its help menu if you aren't sure how to convert your '.ISO' file into an '.XBE' file. Go back to your desktop and open your 'Halo.XBE' file with an Xbox game-playing program, such as 'Xeon,' 'CXBX' or 'Click-2U' (see Resources) to finish.