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CEO of West Coast Customs Ryan Friedlinghaus, in red, poses with three Microsoft employees. Friedlinghaus makes a 'W' as in the opening sequence of, while the Microsoft employees make. West Coast Customs (abbreviated by the company as WCC) is an focusing on the.

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It was started by co-founders Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson in 1994. According to Friedlinghaus, he began the business with a from his grandfather, but other sources claim that he raised the seed money for the business while working at his father's. Owing to the patronage of celebrities such as and, along with appearances in the programs and, the company has gained a high degree of notoriety and has become a multimillion-dollar business.

Besides celebrities, West Coast Customs has also created vehicles for global such as, and. It is frequently characterized as one of the best custom car shops in the United States. However, the company has also at times been accused of missing deadlines, using, and producing low quality and potentially unsafe customized vehicles.

Some observers and past employees have also criticized the company's employment practices. It has had some success franchising outside of the United States with open franchises in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Shanghai, China (as: 西海岸汽车定制).

Other franchises, however, such as the one in Berlin, Germany, closed shortly after opening due to becoming. After a long history of different locations within the U.S. State of California, its current and largest facility of 60,000 square feet (5,600 m 2) is headquartered in. Main article: According to two contradictory statements in the, West Coast Customs was founded in either 1994 or 1998 by Ryan Friedlinghaus. In a 2008 article, put the foundation year as 1997.

The, West Coast Customs International, was in on 20 October 2000. A young Friedlinghaus had gotten his custom vehicles featured on the covers of auto magazines by age 14, but he became frustrated with the tedium of dealing with multiple, which led to longer times to build the vehicles.

According to, this frustration, coupled with his love for custom cars, was what led to his opening of his own shop. The company in its early years, but it was at its Inglewood location that WCC began to gain a reputation for quality, which caused celebrities to have their cars modified there. According to Friedlinghaus, one of his first customers was Shaquille O'Neal, who wanted a customized, and this relationship helped him get contacts with other celebrities who were looking for custom automobiles. Owing to this, (MTV) offered Friedlinghaus the opportunity to have a reality television show filmed at his business with co-founder Quinton 'Q' Dodson as the and as the host; his acceptance of this deal led to the 2004 TV show Pimp My Ride. Pimp My Ride was extremely successful, spawning international, and its success increased the profile of West Coast Customs substantially. The show's was that the at MTV would find typical Americans with, they would be given a short interview with Xzibit, Friedlinghaus and the WCC crew to determine their and, and then WCC staff would fix their junk car and also transform it into a custom car embodying the interests and of its owner.

In 2004, CBS News reported that the show consistently ranked first place in the 12 to 34 year old demographic for its 9:30PM time slot. According to a former employee of the company at the time Pimp My Ride was filmed, most of the work on the vehicles was done behind the scenes. Cars and expectations for the final product would arrive on Monday, and employees had until the following Friday to complete a project, sometimes necessitating twelve hour. According to this employee, much of the off-screen labor was done by, around eleven in total.

As the employees were of WCC and not MTV, MTV was apparently unconcerned about possible ramifications of this for them. Owing to the popularity of Pimp My Ride, West Coast Customs was prominently featured in the 2005 as the car upgrade mechanism. According to the, the developer of the game, paid 'handsomely' to be able to use the brand. In June 2005, Friedlinghaus took over the role of host from Dodson for the fourth season. As early as 2005, during airing of the second season of Pimp My Ride, rumors circulated that the location of the show would change and Friedlinghaus would part with MTV to host a show on a different network.

These rumors were confirmed with simultaneous announcements by MTV and Friedlinghaus in 2007, after the fourth and final season with WCC as the shop. In a 2007 interview in the Los Angeles Times that Friedlinghaus gave after the Pimp My Ride relocation from West Coast Customs to, Friedlinghaus credited Pimp My Ride with helping him build his brand, but said that he felt that his focus on building cars for the television show damaged his relationships with his other customers.

A, the same model and color of which were 'pimped' on the MTV show. Jake Glazier's Buick Century In 2015, The Huffington Post interviewed three people who were participants on Pimp My Ride, one of whom had a vehicle that was 'pimped' during the time that the location of the show was West Coast Customs, Jake Glazier (featured in Season 4 Episode 7, 'Jake's '). During the episode, the team at West Coast Customs were told that Glazier had recently graduated from a degree program in, so they installed an (with accompanying and warning light, in the words of Xzibit, to stave off deafness) and a inside the dashboard. Other customizations were a flat black paint job (with a red metal flake paint job on the roof with on the sides and hood to match), four inch, removal of the and installation of, and black and white vinyl interior. Besides problems caused by the long period of time that the vehicle was in the shop, for around one half of a year, Glazier claimed that the quality of the vehicle he received was also severely compromised.

According to Glazier, when the muffler was removed, three 'fake' exhaust pipes were substituted instead: these were used to make the engine sound much more powerful to viewers of the television show, but they made the car needlessly loud. He also claimed that very little or no was done to the car, to the extent that he had trouble driving it home from the show's set. Due to all of the mechanical trouble, one month after acquiring the car from West Coast Customs, he sold it to MTX Audio for $18,000. According to Glazier, MTX did not buy the car to drive it, but merely to prevent it from falling into the hands of their competitors. Glazier further claimed that when it was time to receive the car, Dana 'Big Dane' Florence him to act more enthusiastic for the cameras, saying 'Listen, we put a lot of work into this.

We expect you to be a little more fucking enthusiastic.' Larry Hochberg, an for MTV at the time, disputed Glazier's statements, saying that in reality great lengths were taken to provide the participants in the show with automobiles in good driving condition, and that MTV even paid for some further repairs and tows after the cameras were rolling. Despite the problems he faced with the vehicle, and with the caveat that he appear on a show with the same format as Pimp My Ride where MTV paid for all work done until the car was delivered (and for some afterwards, depending on who one believes), Glazier said he would happily participate in the program again if given the chance. Of the same model and year to the one modified on behalf of.

Trisha Paytas' Mercedez-Benz G-Wagen There have been several high-profile incidents of quality issues outside of the context of the MTV program. In 2015, a and, had her three-week old 2014 customized by WCC. Among other customizations, she requested that the car be painted pink, that crystals be integrated into the headrests and steering wheel, and that the floormats be changed out with customized ones. According to Paytas, after bringing in her vehicle, she was promised that it would be ready by November 17, but the company missed both that deadline and a further one on December 9. After the second deadline was missed, she uploaded a to about her experience, and thereafter claimed that WCC threatened her with a if she refused to remove it.

December 17 became the deadline that the company would ultimately keep, but when Paytas came to pick up the vehicle, she found that none of the electronic components worked, including those that are required for safety in the United States, such as, and. Furthermore, the instruments did not function. To her complaints about these issues, Paytas claims that the company told her to drive the car home and then to the Mercedez-Benz dealership from which she bought it to ask them for an in-warranty repair. Paytas uploaded yet another vlog five days after this incident, after which point WCC uploaded its own video in the form of a scrolling text public relations statement. The Firefall promotional bus makes its debut appearance at Anime Expo 2012 In 2010, Chinese online game operator announced, an to be developed by as their first game. The game would enter in 2011, and open beta in 2013., a, was appointed by The9 as CEO of the new Red 5 Studios. As CEO, one of Kern's major tasks was promoting the game, and he chose to do this in part with a custom designed worth US$3 million made to look like one of the vehicles in the videogame and to be converted into a game room on wheels.

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The customization of the bus was featured on Inside West Coast Customs in Season 3 Episode 4. While in the episode itself it is made to appear that the bus was on-time, arriving at the Los Angeles 2012 which took place between June 29 and July 2, in reality it arrived much later than anticipated, according to both then-CEO Mark Kern and a report by Tech in Asia. Kern also accused WCC of not delivering what he wanted and of going over budget, while Tech in Asia noted that the bus was delivered missing some of its key features, and that it missed all of the key video game conferences for the year 2011 (such as the, which was held between June 5 and June 7). According to their report, it now 'sits in a warehouse somewhere, collecting dust.'

A of the bus describes itself as a 'gross demonstration of.' Franchises West Coast Customs has attempted to franchise its brand to other parts of the world with limited success. Closed franchises.


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