Vince Gironda 10 8 6 15 Program

A place for for those who believe that proper diet and intense training are all you need to build an amazing physique. Discuss NANBF, INBF/WNBF, ABA, INBA, and IFPA bodybuilding, noncompetitive bodybuilding, diets for the natural lifters, exercise routines and more!

Vince Gironda 10-8-6-15 bodybuilding muscle booklet photostat copy Bodybuilding muscle physique strength fitness workout bodybuilder book in very good condition. General cover and edge wear.12 pages.,3 loose leaf holes in paper. Although I've not used his 'as-written' program, I still use this technique whenever I hit a sticking point. As a natural bodybuilder, it's of great.

Rules: IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION PLEASE FIND AN APPROPRIATE DISCUSSION THREAD INSTEAD OF MAKING A SEPARATE POST 1) No posts from your own youtube, social media, or blog, no matter how high quality it is. This helps us to keep spam down. 2) NO PICTURE POSTS!!! All progress posts should be text posts. Include details of your training age, training style, height, weight, and other relevant factors.

This allows progress posts to help others and do more than inflate your own ego. Use or similar sub if you just want to post a pic. Exceptions may be made for competition posts but still more detail is very much appreciated. 3) Beginner questions can be asked in the weekly beginner question thread or the weekly question thread. A question is determined to be a beginner question at moderator discretion. This stops us from becoming or a beginner based sub.

4) No memes, gifs, green-text style of any kind. No advertisements. No pictures of food or meals (except nutrition day thread if you want). This subreddit aims to further your knowledge of training, nutrition, and all things bodybuilding without the use of PEDs. This is not instagram.

5) Doubts and speculations regarding the natural-status of another bodybuilder will never be enough to prove if that someone is truly 'natural' or not, only drug testing and self admittance of using banned substances will. Comments and posts regarding such do nothing except create an environment where many aspiring bodybuilders falsely accept the idea that only through non-natural methods is it possible to attain a desirable physique. For that reason, these types of posts and comments are not-allowed and will be removed. Discussion Thread Schedule Monday - Contests/Competitions Tuesday - Beginners/Basics Wednesday - Training/Routines Thursday - Nutrition Friday - Anything Goes Saturday - Selfies/Progress Pics Sunday - Self Promotion Program Discussion Other useful subreddits - All things bodybuilding - Go here first if you're new - Look strong. Be strong - Oly and Powerlifting discussion Banned Substance Lists: Looking for a contest? Active Competitors Tell us your next competition so we can put you here!

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