Verify Mulberry Serial Number

Renowned for its quality and exquisite artistry of luxury leather goods, is a timeless brand of crafted classics that have become staple accessories of modern phenomena in fashionista territory. The English label, famous for its quintessential production, eminent longevity and plush value has therefore fallen subject to counterfeit crime. This can be somewhat frustrating for authentic buyers and worrying for new ones, who are duped into buying designer duplicates by the phony professionals who work within this multi-mass business of counterfeit commerce.

Though the replicas can imitate a look quite similar to that of the genuine article, they will never provide the same quality, durability, or expensive elegance that flows within the exterior and interior of a real Mulberry piece. Here’s a quick guide on how to differentiate a genuine Mulberry and how to spot that fake!

Pay attention to the material- work with your senses! Crafted with leather of only the highest quality, delicate and natural leathers are carefully chosen to create a Mulberry masterpiece. You should keep this in mind when purchasing your handbag – if the bag has a slick and sticky feel to it, then it is more than likely faux leather. Use your senses - feel it, smell it – genuine leather has a very distinct scent that is almost impossible to replicate. Pay close attention to the material too; different leathers age in distinctive ways therefore making each product unique, meaning that shade and texture, particularly on the handles, can vary. There are guidelines on how to prevent this, how to care for your handbag, and advice on how to minimise aging the leather, which we can talk you through. Hack crossfire download.

Some buyers however love the vintage patina, whilst others would rather prevent it – both can be mastered to suit your individual preference. A fake handbag however will not give you this option and its handles in particular will remain unchanged with a polished look. – Swap online for in store! Looks too good to be true?It more than definitely most probably is! With Mulberry, you get what you for. And that’s quality- so don’t be seduced by the profuse ‘SALE’ signs and the description that sounds absolutely professional on these scam sites, which promote themselves as ‘Mulberry Outlet’s’. The descriptive narratives are usually taken from the real Mulberry site, whilst it is very rare that you will ever buy a new Mulberry for £206, or one that nears that price mark!!

What’s more, if you zoom into the photos, you can sometimes see the shoddy stitching and sloppy slanted style that a real Mulberry would never make, and would most definitely never sell. Some sites however steal images of genuine products, so view very low prices as a very big warning sign! We therefore advise purchasing your handbag in person, where you will receive the service you deserve, be aware of what you are actually paying for, whilst enjoying an undeniable shopping experience that the Internet can never replace! Pay attention to the hardware! The authentic Mulberry logo will be defined and detailed, with strong engraved points and a distinctive triangular trunk. It is also worth looking at the zip, the brass fittings, the etching, the general hardware of the bag and the overall finish! If it is untidy, careless, or frayed and fragmented, then it is going to be a fake!

The serial number saga! Mulberry has produced items with and without serial numbers – however, many copies imitate this feature in order to make it look more ‘real’.

Authentic Mulberry serial tag next to Fake Mulberry serial tag Serial Number Do not be too alarmed if a Mulberry bag does not feature a serial number, this can be the case for older models or styles which come from an outlet.

It is in fact this replicated detail that can help give it away! Serial numbers that are evidently prominent and that can clearly be felt should instantly alert ‘FAKE!’ alarms in your head. Authentic Mulberry codes have a smooth texture on the metal plate, that if you run your finger across it, you should only just be able to feel the carved digits. Fake handbags tend to have bold and curved fonts – see below. Packaging, Tagging, Labelling! High end replicas have began to mimic the additional touches as well as the actual handbag, so be sure to look out for spelling mistakes on the care card, shaky or distorted labels stitched into the interior, and the way in which the brand’s name has been presented.

Mulberry prides itself on its expertise in craftsmanship, so they are definitely not going to allow their name and signature emblem to represent that of poor standard! Trust your local boutique! The best way to buy a Mulberry is to visit your nearest. This way have free reign to physically inspect what you are buying, whilst the purchasing process is immediate and there is no waiting around for a delivery!

You also tend to find that you receive a more intimate customer service at than you would at large department stores, where the high turn over of staff means that their retail team is continually changing, on average, every six months. At Robinsons, we offer a stable team and a familiar shopping experience, as we believe in creating and maintaining a good relationship between our customer and the store – and if the very unlikely situation arose that there was an issue with a purchase, we feel it is comforting for our customers to know that we would directly be dealing with Mulberry ourselves throughout the repair and replacing process.

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