Tutorial For Line 6 Pod Hd500x Patches

Buy Line 6 POD HD500X Guitar Floor Multi-Effects Pedal: Floor Multieffects - Amazon.com. Customize the tone and dynamic response of each HD amp with an. As it could be and I download the complete manual from the Line 6 website.

Description Signal Chain and Footswitch Assignments. Volume Pedal (EXP2).

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Vetta Comp (compressor) (no footswitch) – this is meant to stay on all the time. Boost Comp (FS5) – This is meant to be used as a drive – it sounds like a low gain transparent drive. Line 6 Drive (FS6) – Low gain drive #2 – each of these drives are set to low to moderately low gain. You can stack them for a bigger sound. This one is not as transparent as the boost comp. Amp – Tweed B-Man Norm (based on a Fender Bassman – it’s set clean if you don’t use the drives). Digital Delay w/Mod (FS3) – Set to dotted 8th delay.

Low Res Delay (FS2 ) – Set to quarter note delay – vintage sounding. Plate Reverb (FS 7) – set low in the mix, meant to be an always on type of reverb unless you want a completely dry sound. Plate Verb (FS4) – Big, ambient, reverb with a long tail Usage This patch is great for rhythm guitar work, and compliments well with the other patches we have that are more for lead type sounds. It’s classic Fender tone based on one of the most iconic amps in history. We’ve set it to be clean without any of the drive pedals engaged, but it’s very close to breakup, so your guitar might not be clean depending on the output of your pickups. The drives are low to medium gain and can be stacked to create a higher gain sound.

Tap in a slow tempo, engage both delays and both reverbs, and you can get a very ambient sound great for swells. Tweaking the patch for your guitar and needs One thing we’ve noticed about the POD is that the patches can be very sensitive to different guitars and pickup types.

We created this patch with an MJT Thinline Tele style guitar with vintage tele pickups. If you’re playing a Strat, Les Paul, or even other std Telecaster, you may need to tweak this patch to get it sounding best. We first recommend making a copy of the patch, and then editing the copy.

Start with the amp settings. Make sure the drive is set so that the amp just barely breaks up if you play really hard.

Tutorial for line 6 pod hd500x patches lincoln

From there, change the EQ to your taste and to your room. The other settings should be fairly universal. Finally, change the footswitch assignments so they fit your needs and your playing style.