Turkce Ogrenelim 1 Pdf

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Classes have begun in earnest at the TOMER language center. Students began the week with an assessment test to keep track of their progress throughout the program. As expected, they all placed in at the beginner level. Our group of 15 was randomly divided into two classes and started their regular course work right away.

Turkce Ogrenelim 1 Pdf

This week they have been laying a foundation. They reviewed the alphabet and numbers and have started building a vocabulary: names of months, days, seasons, fruits, vegetables etc. The classes focus on skills that are useful in everyday contexts. It’s exciting to see how much more the students can say and understand after only 4 days with their families and in classes. The motivation, of course, is very strong; many of our students are in host families where there is little or no English spoken.

As part of the program, our students meet with peer language partners (PLP) two times a week for an hour in the Resat Oyal Culture Park. The host siblings double as language partners, but are not paired with their regular American brother or sister. At our first PLP session, students began with an ice breaker to meet all of the host siblings. They moved around in two circles with the Turkish students on the inside facing the circle of American students on the outside. Every few minutes they had to change partners and use basic introduction questions to learn about each other. In the second half of the PLP activity, our students paired up with a Turkish partner to brain storm about months in the year. Each pair was given a month and had to generate a list of things they associate with that month: what is the weather like? What foods do we eat? Are there any holidays? At the end, every pair presented their month. I was impressed by what the students were able to accomplish, but mostly, I was glad that everyone had a good time.

Henry listens in class.
James takes down notes to study with later.
Priscilla and Hannah relax at lunch before the Peer Language Partner meeting.

Regan works with Batuhan.
Matt and Ilayda
Elif helps Kathryn.