Tropico 3 Gold Edition Mac Serial Number

Get in touch with your inner dictator! Command the Caribbean nation of Tropico in this delicious combination of strategic city builder and humorous political simulator. As an all-powerful “Presidente” with a resource-rich paradise in the palm of your hand, it’s your choice to rule with a velvet glove or an iron fist. Tropico 3: Gold Edition gives you control over everything from your island’s infrastructure to its economy and diplomatic relations with competing superpowers.

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Tropico 3: Absolute Power Serial number The serial number for Tropico is available This release was created for you, eager to use Tropico 3: Absolute Power full.

Balance the noisy demands of Tropico’s hard-to-please political factions with those of your offshore bankers in this tongue-in-cheek recreation of the Cold War in a hot climate. Have it your way! Run Tropico as a tourist mecca, an economic miracle, a police state or all three!. Enjoy both the epic challenge of the 15-mission Campaign Mode and the intoxicating freedom of Sandbox Mode.

When you’re the corrupt dictator of strategically important island, stuff happens! Wield your influence over every aspect of island life to prepare for everything from natural disasters to nuclear war. Help the people see things your way by “recounting” elections, “calming” rebels and issuing “creative” edicts, such as Burn Books, Bribe Factions and Print Money. Play as your favourite dictator! Pick from a rich list including Che Guevara, Evita Peron and of course, Fidel. Or create your very own strongman by shaping their character, background and beliefs.

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Create a cult of personality around El Presidente, help compose his silver-tongued speeches, manipulate the media and build monuments in his honor. Enjoy “Absolute Power”, the expansion pack included in Tropico 3: Gold Edition which offers:.

10 new missions, each with its own island. 10 new edicts, giving you new ways to wield your influence. 12 new buildings and landmarks that can be used in all game modes. A new 'Loyalist' faction, comprised of your die-hard supporters. A new radio station comments on your actions throughout the game. And remember, while power corrupts, Absolute Power totally rocks. Click on screenshot to see larger images with captions.