Targus Usb To Serial Driver 64 Bit

As suggested in the post, we have tried with no avail to get a USB to Serial adapter to work since Windows 10 1703 update. We bought the FTDI adapter as suggested, updated the driver for the prolific as suggested, tried to switch to Microsoft USB to Serial, only to blue screen the machine. We put a serial port sniffer on the machine and can see the data getting transmitted to the device, an Epson TM-U375 serial printer that we use all over the place. Worked great up to this update. Dead snow 2009 full movie in hindi download. Any help, suggestions, advice would be appreciated.

May 25, 2017 - From personal experience, I find that any USB to Serial adapter that use the FTDI. 1 Port FTDI USB to Serial RS232 Adapter Cable with COM Retention. Confirmed running on Win10 up through version 1703 for x64 based. Targus USB To Serial Port Adapter Cable. The USB to Serial Cable provides you with the simplest way to attach your notebook or desktop computer to a legacy serial device such as a modem, mouse or PDA cradle.