Tamil Movie Paruthiveeran Full Movie


The story is set in a rural area around Madurai, in the village called Parithiyur. Paruthiveeran (Karthi) is a country brash, He is often arrested for petty crimes. His one ambition in life is to gain enough notoriety to be on TV news and to be thrown into Madras Jail. He often bullies Paruthiyur villagers for money, women and fun. He lives with his doting uncle Chevvaazhai (Saravanan) who pampers and accompanies him in every misbehavior to keep him happy.

His cousin Muththazhagu (Priyamani) is the daughter of a caste fanatic who is a prominent person in the village's council. Muththazhagu loves him more than her life, but he remains unmoved and keeps her at bay. As a kid, Paruthiveeran saved her from drowning in a well. And she promises to marry him and be by his side forever. She starts loving him passionately against her parents' will. In order to delay her marriage with anybody else, she fails herself in school to be in the same grade/class.

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At times he is violent too. One can trust Ameer for strong characters in his films. Karthi and Priyamani could have been slightly more better at emoting but considering the fact that they are new, it's no big deal. One can delight at the routine and sets of a beautiful traditional Tamil village visuals. The screenplay has its highs and lows; blink during a rapid sequence of events and you'll miss a lot of the proceedings. Otherwise, the script is a simple love story.


The climax is definitely one of the highlights, if not THE highlight. The ending is guaranteed to leave you in tears. Madurai lingo may be a little hard to grasp for those who aren't that well-versed in Tamil. Nice background score by Yuvan. Songs consist mostly of folk. It is the romantic ballad Iyyaiyo that will remain at the back of your mind.

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