Srw2024 Downloading Code Using Xmodem Protocol

Setting up and the usage of the Cisco SG300-28 is a breeze and it provides the. That the switch will receive and process management and protocol traffic no. Cable and wireless cwt2100 manually. These compatible enhancements eliminate most of the bad file transfers other programs make when using the XMODEM protocol under less than ideal conditions.

You should try using the modified WinVice 1.19 if you want to upload and download with a C64 term prog - it has modified userport and ip232 extensions. It's what I used when I downloaded from Cottonwood using Novaterm 9.6c - other version up to 1.22 game me all the errors you mentioned.
NightSprinter wrote:
Mostly trying to upload either super pac-man or pac-mania in .prg format.

You can download both Super Pac-man and Pac-Mania or practically any other C64 title you want at Gamebase.
NightSprinter wrote:
Yeah, forgot to mention that normally I'm using some version of CCGMS as my terminal. At 1200baud, how long would you say it would take to download a file? What about uploading?
That's a tough one - 1200 baud doesn't necessarily mean 1200 bits per second. Programs were listed on the disk in blocks (sectors) rather than bytes they took up - one block = 255 bytes. I remember a full side of a disk taking anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes at 1200 (with a clean line and no errors/resends). Uploading would be the same speed since modem speeds were symmetrical unlike today's broadband. At least they were until US Robotics came out with HST protocol.
gyro wrote:
With dialup, Zmodem was the most reliable protocol back in the day.

Yes it was but not with Commodore BBSes - it was Xmodem or Punter. Zmodem wasn't supported by most terminal programs until the C64 BBS scene started dying out. It wasn't even available on the majority of PC terminal programs - Xmodem, Xmodem CRC, Ymodem and Ymodem-G were the widely supported protocols (oh yeah, I'm an old school BBS addict) Early PC BBS terminal programs required HSLINK for Zmodem support until it became a standard (Telemate 4 rocked!!) later on. I hated Xmodem. Ymodem was a little better. Very little.