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Professor and Head Dr.Mahalingam College of Engg. And Tech India Dr.S.Ramakrishnan received the B.E.

Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 1998 from the Bharathidasan University, Trichy, and the M.E. Degree in Communication Systems in 2000 from the Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. He received his PhD degree in Information and Communication Engineering from Anna University, Chennai in 2007. He has 17 years of teaching experience and 1 year industry experience. He is a Professor and the Head of the Department of Information Technology, Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, India. Dr.Ramakrishnan is an Associate Editor for IEEE Access and he is a Reviewer of 25 International Journals including 7 IEEE Transactions, 5 Elsevier Science Journals, 3 IET Journals, ACM Computing Reviews, Springer Journals, Wiley Journals, etc. He is in the editorial board of 7 International Journals.

He is a Guest Editor of special issues in 3 International Journals including Telecommunication Systems Journal of Springer. He has published 155 papers in international, national journals and conference proceedings.Dr.S.Ramakrishnan has published a book on Wireless Sensor Networks for CRC Press, USA and five books on Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition and Fuzzy Logic for InTech Publisher, Croatia and a book on Computational Techniques for Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. He has also reviewed 3 books for McGraw Hill International Edition and 15 books for ACM Computing Reviews. He was the convenor of IT board in Anna University of Technology- Coimbatore Board of Studies(BoS). He had guided 2 PhD schloars and guiding 8 scholars.

His biography has been included in Marquis Whos’s Who in the World 2012 & 2016 edition. His areas of research include digital image processing, information security, and soft computing. Latest work with IntechOpen by S Ramakrishnan This book on Speech Processing consists of seven chapters written by eminent researchers from Italy, Canada, India, Tunisia, Finland and The Netherlands. The chapters covers important fields in speech processing such as speech enhancement, noise cancellation, multi resolution spectral analysis, voice conversion, speech recognition and emotion recognition from speech. The chapters contain both survey and original research materials in addition to applications. This book will be useful to graduate students, researchers and practicing engineers working in speech processing.

BornApril 13, 1966 (age 53)
Mallankinaru, Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu, India
ResidenceChennai, Tamilnadu
Parent(s)N.Shanmugam S.Mangayarkarasi

S. Ramakrishnan is an influentially important writer of modern Tamil literature. He is a full-time writer who has been active over the last 27 years in diverse areas of Tamil literature like short stories, novels, plays, children’s literature and translations. He has written and published 9 novels, 20 collections of short stories, 3 plays, 21 books for children, 3 books of translation, 24 collections of articles, 10 books on world cinema, 16 books on world literature including seven of his lectures, 3 books on Indian history, 3 on painting and 4 edited volumes including a Reader on his own works. He also has 2 collections of interviews to his credit.[1]

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Writing career[edit]

About his first book he says: 'I was not a writer when my first book ‘veLiyil oruvan’ was published. Until then I was just writing whatever I wanted to write, but I was not a writer; even after my first book came out…' and '…but now I know the direction, purpose and strength of the written word. I didn’t know that then. It is like how a child with a camera takes pictures of whatever she sees… I was like that child.'[2]

His short stories and articles have been translated and published in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada and French.

His novel Upa Paandavam, written after a deep research into Mahabharata, was selected as the best novel in Tamil. It was widely well received by the readers.

The novel Nedum Kuruthi, which spoke of the dark and tragic existential experiences of the tribe of oppressed people cruelly stamped as criminal tribe by the British, secured the Gnanavaani award for the Best Novel.

His novel Yaamam, written with Chennai city’s three hundred years history as back drop, is another widely appreciated creation.

His Urupasi is a novel that conveys the stirring mental agonies of a young man who was unemployed because he took his degree majoring in Tamil language.

He became a celebrated author to lakhs of readers through his series of articles like Thunai Ezhuthu, Desandhri, Kathavilaasam, Kelvikuri and Siridhu Velicham which appeared in the highly circulated Tamil weekly, Ananda Vikatan. He is the first writer in Tamil to have created a broad circle of readers for his columns. The compilation book of the articles, Thunai Ezhuthu, has created a new history by selling almost a lakh of copies.

Writing style[edit]

His short stories are noted for their modern story-telling style in Tamil. He says in an interview: “As a storyteller, it’s vital that I observe people, their mannerisms and keep myself aware of present trends…” and “…I keep myself surrounded by youngsters who I learn a lot from. I think it is such company that keeps me revitalised to write more and more stories.”[3]

He explains the magical nature of his stories quite simply – 'The reason why my stories have a magical aspect is because I am unable to separate Magic from Realism.'[4]

Literary activism[edit]

A great story-teller, he has organized over thirty story-telling camps for school children, all over Tamilnadu. He has organized a special story-telling camp for children with dyslexia-related learning disabilities.

He says in an interview: 'We have a rich tradition of PaaNans and Koothars going around places singing and creating poetry in the Sangam period. I am just a modern day PaaNan who goes to places, meets people, talks to them and tells their stories.'[5]

He had, as Editor, brought out the literary publication, Atcharam for five long years.

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His website www.sramakrishnan.com serves as a resource for serious literature for young readers. It has become an important website where contemporary literary innovations, world literature and world cinema congregate in a fertile ambience. It has secured 5 million visits from readers all over the world.

Publishing House 'Desanthiri'[edit]

In December 2017, he started his own publishing house in the name of one of his most famous books, Desanthiri. It was started to publish his own works, old ones which are not in print at present as well as his upcoming works.

Films and other adoptions (contributions in movie and theatre performances)[edit]

A connoisseur of world cinema, he has compiled an introductory compendium on world cinema with thousand pages called Ulaga Cinema. He has written ten important books on cinema such as Ayal Cinema, Pather Panchali, Chithirangalin Vichithirangal and Paesa Therindha Nizhalgal. Irul Inithu Oli Inithu, Chaplinudan Pesungal.

He has organized screenplay writing camps for short film directors and students of cinema creation in important cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, etc.

His collection of 9 plays, Aravaan (Uyirmmai Publications), 3 plays, Sindhubaadhin Manaivi (Kayalkavin Publications) and Sooriyanai sutrum boomi (translated plays, Kayalkavin Publications) create new possibilities for theater space on facing power, breaking up historical and cultural images and focusing on psychological eccentricities. These plays have received good appreciation while they were staged and have been performed at the national drama festival of Sangeetha Natak Academy. The play 'Aravaan', included in this collection has been translated in to English, Malayalam and Kannada.

The short film Karna Motcham with his screenplay won the National Award for Best Short Film and went on to win, so far, 27 important awards in Indian and International Film Festivals.

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Another short film Matraval has won three coveted awards as the best Tamil Short Film.

He has worked as Screenplay and Dialogue writer in Tamil feature films like Baba, Album, Chandaikkozhi, Unnale Unnale, Bhima, Dhaam Dhoom, Chikku Bukku, Modhi Vilaiyadu , Yuvan Yuvathi and Avan Ivan, Samar and Idam PoruL EvaL.

Rewards and Recognition[edit]

1Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award1993For Best Young playwright
2Best Novel Award2001From Progressive Writers’ Union
3Gnanavaani Award2004For the best literary contribution
4Best book Award2006From Tamilnadu Government
5Tagore Literary Award[6]2010For Yaamam novel
6Wisdom Young Achiever Award2010For the best literary contribution
7Salem Tamil Sangam award2010For the best literary contribution
8Iyal award[7]2011For Lifetime achievement from the Tamil Literary Garden, Canada
9Thisai Ettum Award2014Sponsored by Nalli
10Periyar award2014For the best literary contribution
11Maxim Gorky award2015For introduced the Russian literature
12CKK Literary Award2015For the best literary contribution
13Kannadasn Literary Award2015For the best literary contribution
14Sahitya Akademi Award2018For the novel Sanjaaram

Three Doctorates and 21 M.Phil. Degrees have been awarded to scholars for researching into his writings. His books have been prescribed as part of syllabi of 2 Universities and 9 Autonomous Colleges.



NoTitleதலைப்புYear of publication

Short stories[edit]

NoTitleதலைப்புYear of Publication
1Veliyil Oruvanவெளியில் ஒருவன்1990
2Kaattin Uruvamகாற்றின் உருவம்1993
3Veyilai Kondu Vaarungalவெயிலைக் கொண்டு வாருங்கள்2001
4Paalyanadhiபால்ய நதி2003
5Nadandu Sellum Neerootruநடந்து செல்லும் நீருற்று2006
6Thaavarangalin Uraiyaadalதாவரங்களின் உரையாடல்2007
7Peyarillaadha Oorin Pagalvelaiபெயரில்லாத ஊரின் பகல் வேளை2008
8Padhinettaam Nootraandin Mazhaiபதினெட்டாம் நூற்றாண்டின் மழை2008
9Nagulan Veettil Yaarumillaiநகுலன் வீட்டில் யாருமில்லை2009
10Appodhum Kadal Paarthukondirundhadhuஅப்போதும் கடல் பார்த்துக் கொண்டிருந்தது2010
11Buddanaavadhu Sulabamபுத்தனாவது சுலபம்2011
12mazhai maanமழைமான்2012
13gandhiyodu pesuvenகாந்தியோடு பேசுவேன்2013
14kudhiraigaL pesa marukkinranaகுதிரைகள் பேச மறுக்கின்றன2013
15S.Ramakrishnan kadhaigaL Volume 1எஸ்.ராமகிருஷ்ணன் கதைகள் - I2014
16S.Ramakrishnan kadhaigaL Volume 2எஸ்.ராமகிருஷ்ணன் கதைகள்- II2014
17S.Ramakrishnan kadhaigaL Volume 3எஸ்.ராமகிருஷ்ணன் கதைகள்-III2014
18Neerilum Nadakkalaamநீரிலும் நடக்கலாம்2014
19Enna Solgirai Sudareஎன்ன சொல்கிறாய் சுடரே2015
20cycle kamalathin thangaiசைக்கிள் கமலத்தின் தங்கை2016
21Thanimaiyin veettirku nooru jannalgaLதனிமையின் வீட்டிற்கு நூறு ஜன்னல்கள்2017


NoTitleதலைப்புYear of Publication
2Sindhubaathin manaiviசிந்துபாத்தின் மனைவி2013
3Sooriyanai chutrum bhoomiசூரியனை சுற்றும் பூமி2013

Children literature[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1ezhu thalainagaram2005
2kiRu kiRu vaanam2006
3kaal muLaitha kathaigaL2006
4neeLa naaku2011
6ezhudha therindha puli2011
7kaasu kaLLan2011
8thalaiyillaadha paiyan2011
9enaku ean kanavu varudhu2011
10laali pale2011
12sirikum vaguppaRai2013
13veLLai raaNi2014
15Socrates in sivappu noolagam2014
16kaRpanai kudhirai2014
17padikka therindha singam2016
18meesaiyillaadha apple2016
19poonaiyin manaivi2016
20iRakai virikum maram2016
21ulagin miga chiRiya thavaLai2016
22eliyin password2017

Seven Lectures[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
7aayirathu oru araabia iravugaL2013

Essays on World Literature[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1vaakiyangaLin saalai2002
2vizhithirupavanin iravu2005
3nam kaalathu novelhaL2008
4adhe iravu adhe varigaL2008
5endRaar Borges2009
6Chekovin meedhu pani peigiradhu2010
7Galileo maNdiyidavillai2011
8enadharumai Tolstoy2011
9Kafka ezhudhaadha kaditham2014
10ulagai vaasippom2017
11novelenum symphony2017

Essays on Poetry[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1koozhaangaRkaL paaduginRana2011

Essays on Painting[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1chithirangaLin visithirangaL2008
2Picassovin kodugaL2012
3aayiram vaNNangaL2016

Essays on Cinema[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1padher paanjaali2006
2ayal cinema2007
3ulaga cinema2008
4pesatherindha nizhalgaL2009
5Chaplinodu pesungaL2011
6paRavai koNam2012
7Samuraigal kaathirukkiRaargaL2013
8naangaavathu cinema2014
9iruL inidhu oLi inidhu2014
10kutRathin kaNgaL2016
11kaatchigaLukku appaal2017

Anthologies of Essays[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
5ilaigaLai viyakkum maram2007
7kaatril yaaro nadakkiRaargaL2008
8malaigal sapthamiduvathillai2009
9vaasaga parvam2009
10kuRathi mudukkin kanavugaL2010
11kaaN enRadhu iyaRkai2010
12siRidhu veLicham2010
13rayileRiya graamam2012
14Ialkkillaadha payaNi2013
15pullinum siRiyadhu2014
16Hiroshimavil maNigaL olikkinRana2014
17uNavu yuddham2014
18veedilla puthagangaL2015
19India vaanam2016
20indRillai eninum2016
21Chekov vaazhgiRaar2016
22nilam keattadhu kadal sonnadhu2016
24ezhuthe vaazhkkai2017
25kadavuLin naakku2017

History - Non fiction[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1kodugaL illaadha varaipadam2008
2enadhu india2012
3maRaikkapatta india2013


NoTitleYear of Publication
1eppodhumirukkum kadhai2007
2pesi kadandha thooram2011

Other books - Edited volumes[edit]

NoTitleYear of Publication
1endrum sujatha2011
2S.Ramakrishnan ezhuthulagam2011
3Vaanengum paRavaigaL2012
4nooRu siRandha siRukadhaigaL2013


NoTitleYear of Publication
1Alice in aRpudha ulagam1993
2nambikkaiyin parimaaNangaL1994
3paadhaiyillaadha payaNam2002


NoTitleLanguageYear of release
5Unnale UnnaleTamil2007
7Dhaam DhoomTamil2008
8Modhi VilayaduTamil2009
9Chikku BukkuTamil2010
11Avan IvanTamil2011
13Sandakozhi 2Tamil2017
14Idam Porul EvalTamilunreleased


NoTitleLanguageYear of Release
1karNa motchamTamil2012
2tharamaNiyil karappaan poochigaLTamil2012
9oru koppai theneerTamil2015
10iru kumizhigaLTamil2015
11Clean bowled2016


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