Rugrats Wildlife Rescue Game Nick

You'll find some of the desspest gameplay around the world in this sim game. You get to rescue, care for and release exotic animals from down under!

Youtube has a great selection. Youtube Note The selection was even more vast before Google took it over and instituted copyright rules, which really messed things up. If any of you want to get Youtube back to the way it was, get together with hundred of other dissedents and overthrow Google.

Make them return Youtube to its original owners. If the then former CEO resists, kick him out and replace him with someone else skilled in business. Youtube needs a protest but works! Just be careful, there can be viruses and $$ involved with it, so be careful! Guba is the best to go to though. It works really well.


And youtube can be good sometimes, just make sure you have a good anti-virus system. Yahoo!Answers has a wide selection and variety of answers if you type a similar question in.

I have been looking myself to, so good luck and happy hunting. I'll try to update you and everyone else once I find more websites that work. So far the list is small but there's Try Nicktoons plays old Nick cartoons at night.

Due to the fact that the climate on Mount Everest is so harsh, it is no surprise that very little lives on the mountain itself. However, there are some things that have been found on Everest. Of course, the vast majority of these things have been found at the bottom of the mountain, but some are surprisingly much higher up. The Euophrys omnisuperstes is a small jumping spider that lives 22,000ft up Mount Everest. The Bar-Headed Goose has been seen flying around Everest at up to thirty thousand feet.

Another bird that has been known to survive on Everest is the Chough, this bird has been seen as high as 7,920 meters.

I doubt anyone can fulfill this, but it's worth a try. I'm looking for a working download of the old Nickelodeon game, 'Wild Thornberrys Wildlife Rescue'.


I recall there's an Australian version, and a beach/jungle version. The games were removed off nick's site over 10 years ago, and the only existing places I've found to download it are from the publisher, bigfishgames, and a quick google search says that the site isn't to be trusted. I adored this game as a kid and I've been itching to relive the nostalgia for years now. If anyone is able to find me a working link or download(I don't mind paying for it) the gold is all yours!