Rdf Graph Visualization Tools

Installation Download the latest release on this page or NavigOWL website and unzip the archive into your Protege4.1/plugins directory. Salient Features. Loads RDF/OWL ontology file, and configure its graph by rendering nodes and edges, based upon role-relations defined in ontology taxonomy. Facilitates Large-Scale semantic nets a.k.a ontologies. Its Rendering Factory configure various node types based upon RDF/OWL node types e.g. Rdf:Class, rdf:subClass, e.t.c. Complete Scalable Directed Graphs.

An RDF schema and an RDF instance have RDF graph representations. Existing visualization tools for RDF data are: IsaViz (Pietriga, 2002), OntoRAMA.

Visualizes whole role-relation hierarchy, defined in ontology, On Mouse-Over event upon particular node, shows tool-tip exhibiting complete role-relation hierarchy. Zoom-able User Interface (ZUI).

Handling Mouse Events, like Pan, Drag, Mouse-Over, for nodes of a graph. Graph Overview is also provided to show holistic view of large scale graphs, to traverse through whole graph.

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Tool facilitates user to apply various drawing layouts techniques to produce appealing symmetric results of whole graphs. Power Layout Technique, produces appealing drawing based upon node-degree distribution, in order to understand node's importance. Node Search feature included. It highlights the searched node in whole graph.

Node Label's visibility, Show / Hide labels of all nodes. Publication(s). Hussain A, Latif K, Rextin A, Hayat A, Alam M (2014) Scalable Visualization of Semantic Nets using Power-Law Graphs. Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences 8(1):355–367, DOI:10.12785/amis/080145 PDF Contact Details If you have any questions about NavigOWL send an email to ajaz.hussainatpolimi.it or Visit.

DROOLS BASED SPATIAL SCENARIO SIMULATION PLUG-IN The DroolsTab uses the open source geo-information system Java library and the open source Java RETE rule engine to facilitate visual authoring of complex spatial process simulation scenarios and general rule-based authoring. The revenant full movie download in hindi hd. The and languages can be used for authoring auxiliary pieces of code and scripts. The distribution includes several demos of spatial simulation in the sea, air, and ground environments, including one example using Edvin Boehn's. Allows users logged into a client-server version of Protege to chat in real time. Supports HTML-style editing (Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough) along with dynamic hyperlink detections and internal link detections.

Image: thumb 170px center Integrated development environment for visual creation and simulation of spatial processes. Based on ontology editor Protege-frames, GIS library OpenMap and rule engine and expert system shell rete4frames. Uses concept of 'Scenario' for describing spatial processes and programming language Clojure for executive parts of rules and auxilliary scripts. Includes general IDE for Clojure. 170px The views show the data/object properties for which the domain is super-class to the selected OWL class, in other words all properties, such that selected class ⊆ domain(property). The views also allow to add new properties/sub-properties or delete existing ones. When adding a new property, its domain will be automatically set to the selected OWL class.


It is advised to run a reasoner in order to obtain a more complete tree of the data/object properties. Both views are synchronized with the rest of the view. So if you click on one the of the properties, the rest of the related views will be updated. The views are available at: Windows - Views - Object Properties Views - Object properties in Domain of class view Windows - Views - Data Properties Views - Data properties in Domain of class view.