Psx Xploder Cd 9000

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Drop an Enhancement CD disc image to TRAXTRACT.EXE and it'll output the ripped stuff to the same folder as your disc image. Should work with the GameShark and CCL discs too (not Xplorer, it's a whole different thing). Aug 16, 2011 - Xploder CD 9000 + X-Key System GameShark 1.99 GameShark CDX 3.5. Cheat Factory (Rocket Games Products) GAMARS Movie Card PSX-.

In the beginning, Sony created the PlayStation. Hackers and cheaters looked at the PlayStation and they saw that it was good.. Then came a PlayStation with no parallel port. This put a stop to even the most innocent of activities, such as entering cheats to get unlimited ammo and infinite lives. Enter the Xploder CD 9000. As a CD-based cheat system, the CD 9000 allows you to use cheats with your games without a cheat cartridge. Unfortunately, it?s much more limited in scope than some of the other Blaze products. If you merely want to be able to use cheats with your games and you have a newer PlayStation, the XploderCD 9000 might be just fine for you. If you really want to get into your PlayStation and find your own codes and such, I suggest getting your hands on a PlayStation with a port and scooping up a Blaze Xplorer Professional. Viva la difference!

The Xploder CD 9000 is a brilliant solution for cheating on a PlayStation with no parallel port. However, it?s very easy to see that it?s a modified version of the Blaze cheat cartridges. The cheat part is great. The ?VMS? feature is carried over from some of the cartridge based units. This feature is a ?virtual memory system.? Basically, there was some memory in the cartridge which could be used to store copies of your most important memory card data. You couldn?t load a game directly from the VMS, but you could use it as a ?vault? to keep a backup of important game saves. This feature is reproduced on the CD 9000, but requires a 1 MB memory card. Now, I admit that since the VMS uses a compression routine, it is nice to be able to backup (up to) 120 saved games on a single memory card, it feels a bit strange to have to copy a saved game from your ?X-key? formatted memory card to a normal memory card through the CD 9000?s menu before you can actually USE the saved game.

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