Ps2 Games With Elf Binaries

Click to expand.I don't think so. More likely to do with the disc layout and the actual game ID/logo data. PS2 discs have two woobles instead of just one. The drive controller checks for the existence of the second wooble. Also, the logo display code needs the second wooble to retrieve a 8bit value which is then used in a XOR operation de-obfuscate the 'PlayStation 2' logo bitmap.

In computing, the Executable and Linkable Format is a common standard file format for executable files, object code, shared libraries, and core dumps.

Without that the thing would hang at a black screen even if a fake disc managed to get that far. Means it's impossible to make it display anything different of the PlayStation2 logo on a non tampered console during a disc boot. I'd say these are the reasons why they need to reuse bits of original discs. And they likely choose which discs to use based on how it's easy to 'attach' a different data groove to the existing index of a licensed game they managed to dupe. At the spot pointed as start for segment (from elf header) on a PS2 IOP module you have a string such as this: 'PsIImcman 2800' (hypothetic example, in this case MCMAN.IRX) meaning it's the PS II mcman module for SDK It's usual that games do stick to using matching version of SDK for IOP and EE side of code. EE code are embedded on the elf as libraries (.a files) at build time. IRX files would be supplied already compiled as part of the SDK unless they were game specific stuff like sound drivers or other proprietary things (USB drivers for custom controllers, modems or other unusual stuff that isn't part of the SDK).

Click to expand.Thank you yes that's part of my plan, I have PS2 SDK version 3.0.3 from the amazing pool7 on this forum but I have been unable to find other versions of the SDK with working links. So I'm hoping that by using unstripped games along with the library files from sdk 3.0.3 (and any other sdks such as Sn Systems ProDG) I can build up a useful library of Flair signatures. This will hopefully allow for detection of functions that changed in different SDKS, along with any 3rd party middleware libraries.

I have attached the signature I got from 007 Nightfire, I have tested this on a few other games (Jackie Chan Adventures PAL) and it does detect some symbols, but I believe I can improve this by properly handling the signature collisions. Resident evil 2 platinum mods.

Tutorial on how to use a ps2 game disc and a modified backup of that disk as a swap disk. Why I Did this: I wanted to install the free mc boot exploit but did have a swap magic disc or a mod chip. I didn't what to buy a swap magic disc because I didn't really what to spend 25 $ on some thing I would only ever use once. After the free mc boot exploit is installed you never need a swap disc again it's sort of like the independence exploit with out the need for a ps1 trigger disk. How I did this: Step 1: First you need to be able to swap discs on you ps2.

For the fat you need to make a swap tool out of an old credit card to change discs with out pushing the eject button just Google ps2 swap tool. If you have a slim like me just follow this Tutorial Step 2: Making your swap disc: What you will need: Original PS2 game disc I used 007 agent under fire. Apache v 1.1 newer version will not work Dvd Decrypter or other dvd burning soft capable or raw write Launch.elf v 4.21 other home brew launch might work don't know The game you use needs to have multiple elf binaries on it (irx might work don't know) preferably with self explanatory names so you know when it's launched. 007 agent under fire has 3 elf binaries in the root of the dvd movie.elf, action.elf and driving.elf driving.elf is launch when a driving level is loaded. With action I think that's loaded when any other level is loaded, but I'm not sure I modded the driving file.

Burn a iso of the game you are going to use for this hack. If you are using dvd decrypter select insert you ps2 game in the dvd drive select mode from the dvd decrypter menu and then iso then you chose where you want the file saved and you click decrypt. Hack the game: In this step you are going to replace one of the elf binaries with the uncompressed version of launch.elf (the compressed version might work I don't know) To do this you need to use apache v 1.1 if you use magic iso or ultra iso it will change the TOC values and the LBA and the hack will not work. Excuse me for bumping such an old topic, but I'm attempting this method as of now on my modded slim PS2 with Star Wars Battlefront II as well as Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and have gotten absolutely NOWHERE.

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I've worked on this for nearly half a day with no luck and I'm getting fed up. For specific instructions, I am: -Ripping my games via USB DVD Drive -Using a.elf (compressed for MGS3 and uncompressed for SWBF2), and replacing the specific.elf file in both games with Apache v1.1 that confirm to be working with this exploit.


(I updated the 'TOC' and made it the proper amount of bytes, then updated the file as instructed) -I burned all the copies at 1x (excluding one Battlefront II which was burned at 10x) -Starting the disc up for both MGS3 and SWBF2 -Swapping discs at the main menu -Heading to the respective area where the.elf has been replaced and launching it.and then I get an 'insert a Playstation or Playstation 2 disc' error instead of getting the Launch.elf menu.A note, I've also attempted at least three devices with no avail on any of them. First was a USB SD card reader with a 1 GB Wii Sandisk SD Card (The SD card reader did not light up, so it acted as if it wasn't detected) Second was a 4 GB Verbatim USB Flash Drive which didn't light up either Third was a Sony PSP with a 2 GB Sandisk Pro Duo. When the system started up with the PSP connected, it was detected and changed text from 'Please Connect a USB Cable' to 'Please Wait.' Hmm.don't know what the problem could be then.

I just finally got it working with Agent Under Fire (very cheap!) and it worked perfectly. However, I must've tried this same thing with a ton of other games beforehand and got no result or the red screen. My only guess is that it's very limited to what might actually work with it. Just because a game has an.elf file, doesn't mean you can run launchelf from it, as I've learned. Get something like the old SOCOM games or even better, Agent Under Fire, for it work successfully.