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• However there is no proof for the dua as a whole in any hadith book and more importantly, no basis for stipulating it as the dua to be recited in tarawih (ie even those narrating this du’a did not say it was specifically a tarawih du’a). • Why stipulate a tasbih that has no sound basis, when there are so many tasbihat mentioned in the ahadith, through which people could accrue huge rewards. Taraweeh dua mp3 download. • The last part of it is really interesting: الصلاة بَرْ محمد it isn’t even Arabic! • The words of this dua have been taken from various narrations and have been collected together by scholars for reading in the rest periods during Tarawih prayer. Seems more like Farsi (?) • Yes, some Fuqaha (like Ibn ‘Abidin (RA)) mentioned it in their books but even they did not classify it as sunnah or mustahab.

How to be included in the 'LISTINGS: NEW HIRES' column Have you recently been hired by a real estate or home building firm in Berks County or a contiguous county? If you have been hired within the last two months, you can submit an announcement for our 'Listings: New Hires' column that appears in the Sunday Home & Real Estate section. All announcements received electronically by noon Tuesday will be considered for publication in that Sunday's edition. There is no guarantee of publication date. You may submit a head-and-shoulders photograph of yourself. It should be at least 3 inches wide at 200 dpi. If your original is 72 dpi, it needs to be at least 6 inches wide for us to be able to use it.

If a photograph of you has been published in the paper in the past year, please indicate the date and we should be able to locate it. A photograph will not run unless a high quality one is submitted or a publication date provided. Listings: New Hires Submission Form. Indicates required field Full Name: You may include your nickname in parentheses.

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