Pangya 4.9 Offline Thai Edition

Currently Debug Pangya is working towards the development of Pangya Fresh UP Season 8 server. If you wanna contribute on the project that Debug is working on, you can help by supporting and donate by clicking link below. Welcome to pangya-server an emulation server for Pangya FreshUp. The server is as always, an experiment on trying to code strange things.

# Custom TH Pangya S4.9 English UI Edition - 582.05-R1 (MegaUpload - 602MB RAR) Mirror Download / Credit to terrorofdeath (Thanks ) PyClientUpdate-1.1 Patch: Special Thanks fasa2008 for the ProjectG, and there are few bugs that are not resolved but won't cause any issue, client is 100% ready for localhost play, private LAN/WAN play need to hex edit the IP on ProjectG. I might release pak patches regard the remaining bugs and maybe add new official items if i have sufficient motivation to do it. Right now this is as far i go due to the server status i'm having. # Py S4.9 Server + Database Repack v.2-R1 Cleaned off the logs and removed the files that we possibly never need. That downsized from original 120MB to repack 14MB to now amazing 3MB.

Compaq presario cq43 drivers download for windows 8. Discuss driver problems and ask for help from our community on our.

Mind you this release fixed much bugs and errors from previous release but still contain some. The rest counts on the communities to put their rawr power and make it work. # Download: MS SQL 2008R2 Express 'Database with Management Tools'. Aka GUIDE A much more detailed guide (with pictures) by terror here! MS SQL Server Installation: 1. Launch MSSQL installation with default settings or custom settings is fine. When prompt for Authentication Option choose ' Mixed Mode' that uses 'sa' account and type your SQL Server password.

Continue and finish the installation with default settings or custom settings is fine. Game SQL Database Installation: (Make sure the SQL Server is running) 1. Launch 'SQL Server Management Studio' from StartMenu. Connect using.

Server Type: Database Engine - Server Name: or localhost or (local) or If you use custom name for the database stance then type example ' James-PC YourDBStanceName' - Authentication: Windows Authentication2. Go 'Database Repack.v2' folder Execute the.sql files in numberic order and done. (You can ignore the grey or black text about missing procedures) Open up ODBC Database: 1. Go StartMenu Control Panel All Control Panel Items Administrative Tools launch 'Data Sources (ODBC)' 2. ODBC 'System DNS' tab Add Scroll down to 'SQL Server Native Client 10.0' Finish Register Connections to ODBC Database: 1. Name: ini3pyaccount. If you install MSSQL using Default database stance name then / localhost / (local) / or your PC name are fine.

If you use custom name for the database stance then type example ' James-PC YourDBStanceName'4. Next page, use Windows Authentication is fine and 'Next'. Change Default Database to the same name as your connection name and leave the rest, go 'Next'. Make sure your Windows is using English language or you can change SQL Server system messages to English.

Now press 'Finish' and 'Test Data Sources', you should get 'TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!' , press OK to add to ODBC. Now repeat add rest of the connections until you have 'ini3pyaccount', 'INI3BillDB' and 'PangyaS4TH' in OBDC and DONE! FINAL - Server INI Edits and Done: 1.

Open 'PANGYASRV Repack.v2' Folder. In there edit following.ini files with your own SQL Server password. Auth Auth.ini - Login Login.ini - PyGameServer Server.ini. Ranking and MSG Servers are optional if you don't use it. BINDSERVER use with MSG Server only.

Ready to launch servers! Auth, Login, GameServer! Enjoy and Have fun! (Dont forget to create account:P) Please read Tsukasa's Guide for account creation and other troubleshoots: hontoshadow gonna think very uncool of me now hello man can you help me?? When i try excute my client its say for update the client:S i already use patch updates. Why you can not invent such a Pangya emulator because the sql I am not clear is always login server down with me even though I have done everything as it was in the Alexandrine description but I have win XP and 7 and not with the ip setting in network I can not do because otherwise I have no internet anymore because someone help me I can not so good english but I do not know what I should do yet:( Assistance would be TeamViewer not bad but maybe I do not know what to do with the sql server express 2008 R2. Hello guys, I'm currently downloading the files.

I am really looking forward to make my own private server. However, I have 0 experience in any kind of programming whatsoever. Could anyone tell me if this guide would be sufficient for me? And how long it would probably take me before I get it up and running? Thanks for your reply!

MorpheousFor the basic operation you should familiarize yourself with SQL. I can't recommend any resource for that - playing around with Management Studio, exploring the databases/tables/procedures by yourself and setting yourself small goals (like: 'I want to set the money for account X' or 'I want to make myself GM by using a SQL query') as step-stones to learn the basic SQL syntax will do just fine. For a small, private (as in: you and some friends) server this should suffice. The reason you should know your basic SQL is simple: Most of the fixes in here shouldn't just get applied without any background knowledge. If you want to get into item modification, you best start reading through the old release thread for the original server files (not the repack!), there's a bunch of cool stuff in that thread. Chreadie's IFF thread in the Development forum is also a nice resource.


Kind of depends what level of customization you're after. Again, for a normal game with friends, just downloading, following the guide and some basic SQL is enough.