Optus Credit Codes Hack

For computing in free optus credit codes hack with mothers no TAX where I are, I Do competitors like Viber, the Facebook care, or variability. 8217; re extensively. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to get FREE Unlimited Optus Prepaid Phone Credit easily It is simple and easy. Sign up to Rewards For Points at http:/. Skip navigation.

Until recently I was using a coupon code for a pizza store which allowed me to get any pizza for $5. I may be selfish but decided not to post it here for fear of it being canceled. Until recently where one of the friends I shared this code with shared it with some friend of his who got a job at this pizza place causing the deal to 'expire'. So coming to my question: What was a loophole that you found and exploited/are exploiting the hell out of? It doesn't have to have expired if you wish to keep it a secret like me you may wish to censor the affiliated company.

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If you need some inspiration/a good read. Coles and Woolies use to have the big Fuel promotions until ACCC stopped them Whenever there was the 20c or above fuel voucher offer,(I have even got 45c off voucher) i use to get atleast 5 or 6 of them over the period and I use LPG for the car so i was paying about 30-45c a ltr of LPG Ofcourse they had a minimum purchase of $100.00, i use to get the most smallest and expensive items to make the $100.00 each time and then return it in a couple of days after using the fuel voucher. Since i had a Tax invoice it was never an issue. At the same time i collected so many qantas points as well from Credit cards Hope the fuel voucher thing comes around again. It was year 2004. I was in my 1st year at Deakin Uni. Every print out from Uni printers used to cost us 4 cents (B/W) and 10 cents (Color).

My mate and I once noticed one day that if we print a document and delete the print job from print job queue straight away, the print still went ahead and we didn't get charged any money. For the 1st few weeks we used it to save $$ on printing. Soon we started offering 'cheaper than uni' print service on the campus, heaps of students took notice and sent us soft copies of their notes to print out. We used to stay back till late to get printing jobs done and sold it to other students. It lasted only about 2 months as then I think they realised what was going on and fixed the bug, but we made about 500 bucks each. Not really a loophole but just before Christmas last year, The Art Series hotels had their overstay promotion where you check in, and call reception up in the morning at 8am on the day of checkout, and if no one checks into your room that day, you get to overstay an extra night. We paid for the first night at The Olsen and ended up staying for a total of 8 nights!!!

It was awesome, though I did pay for car parking. If they run the promotion again next year, I'll definitely give it another shot. Okay well, once a month while grocery shopping I buy a $30 Optus credit thingo from the register. Once my current month runs out I activate that one and go to what ever I'm buying. Alot of places like runescape or league of legends have an option to pay with mobile, it essentially uses your credit so you can do it with any plan wether it be $10 or $100 a month. Because Optus use different things like; my data, calls, sms etc, credit is a different entity so you can spend the amount you recharged for on any item purchasable by mobile.

I don't know if that explains it but I just found it while testing on the last day of my credits month and it worked, it was going to expire anyway so now I get free stuff. : Yeah I mean, its the amount I was spending per month for my phone plan plus free $30 for online stores with that payment method.

As for post paid, I mean it depends if the plan is something like, $300 calls, unlimited sms, 1 gig data, $30 credit. If so I assume it will work. If not, I'm unsure as I've been on this plan for many years and never had reason to change.

Couldn't really post it as a deal due to the fact that, its only really a deal if you already pay monthly for runescape membership monthly or whatnot as it was, because I'm essentially paying the same amount and getting free month to month plan on top. I need to get something off my chest. I cheated something shocking in UNI I applied for a job as a Sql Server DBA in approx 1999?

I had to do an exam which was in a word document. I knew nothing about SS as had Oracle back ground. I went to recent document history and saw a good half dozen other people who had done the exam.

I pilfered through who seemed the most intelligent and used their answers. I got offered the job, but had to decline for obvious reasons. Also stole several uni assignments of temp drives, and putting student numbers in web urls to view javascript source etc. Best one in first year mid semester exam there were two time slots, as 500 students. Went in 12-1 took 2 exam papers, wrote John Smith on first paper, and handed it in after 20 mins, went outside with spare exam paper and looked up answers, and went back in at 1-2 and did the exam. What a dam cheat i was but hell i wanted to drink beer not study. Finally got burned though, after cheating off dude next tome on multiple choice paperonly realised when handing them in every other person had questions in different order.FML failed that subject.

When I get my insurance bills through, I do an online quote with the same company and it usually come out cheaper! Recently Coles had 5c cds! Ive stocked up on a few wiggles ones. Sometimes when I put my bananas on the self scanners it scans as 5g for example, so I get my 4 bananas for a few cents like using woolies online, usually get extra from the deli department, ie. Pay for 500g of chicken and get 660g, sometime if they don't have what I ordered, ie. Woolies nappies, they will give me huggies. Boots UK had $5 voucher cards (printed on paper), fortunately for me they also use self-serve checkouts.

You were able to scan them multiple times in the same transaction and effectively get any purchases for free. Open source patch management software. You were meant to hand them in after use but self-service you could just walk off. They got me through 6 months in the UK without having to pay for food, cosmetics and plenty of other pharmaceutical items. Saved a fortune and passed them off to a friend when I left. He got them confiscated after about 6 months but found some more on Ebay. Bought My Bus 3 Travel Tens and would catch Hillsbus everyday to work, as they were private operators so they didn't have the green ticket machine to dip it in so the bus driver would get a pen to manually cross the number of rides on the My Bus 3.

After 10 rides, I would sell the used tickets to friends who catches public buses who had the dipper at a discount rate as the dipper didn't pick up the pen scribbles. My friend would always have an excuse up her sleeve saying it was her cousin scribbling on it if she ever get caught with it. A few years ago when Event Cinemas upgraded their cinebuzz program to include status credits i was booking sessions non stop using my existing cinebuzz points. I found the bug when i wanted to use my points to book a movie session, but to my surprise their new system was not deducting my points. I booked nearly $3k worth of movies for family and friends and about a week into my booking spree, their new system got even better for me as i started earning points for these bookings hahaha. Lasted about 3 weeks before they fixed it.

I started out with only having enough points to two seats, but ended up with soo many points i was booking out rows of seats in one transaction. I think i was the first person in Australia to reached VIP status. When I was in uni 2001-ish I played a lot of D2. Duping was rampart back then, and I actually looked into itbest thing i ever did. It was literally printing off money with a click of a button and selling digital items in the chat channel. If anybody remembers the ITH items, I was responsible for the typesorc ith bow, it was one of the best bows at the time.

In the end I made about 2.5k in a month I think.not bad for selling digital items. I wish I had gone larger, but I had no knowledge at all of programming as was pretty much just lurking forums on how to do stuff, and just being a copy cat. Capturing packets, modifying them, was all new to me. I heard the hardcore dupers/'hackers' 'pioneers' were making upwards of 50kUSD per month, and I don't doubt this for a second. I heard rumors, that the lead hacker, could actually 'tell' the blizzard servers to make him ANY items he wants, this was never confirmed though.

But I remember vaguley seeing videos of some crazy stuffcrazy crazy stuff I remember seeing item packs on EBAY for hundreds of dollars, and people were actually buying them, as they were being listed in sold items page. Colleague at work bought something from general pants. There was some sort of promo where you got a code for a future purchase. If memory serves me correct it was for either 10%; 20% or 50%. After receiving his code he tried the same one but substituted the numeric value to another of the discount amounts for example instead of deal10, he put in deal20 and it worked. The other one was the number first then the word i.e.

After identifying all 3 codes there was more, in that you could stack the codes. Bingo 80% off goods online. So next thing you know a select few at work were cleaning up with jeans, converse chucks, Doc Martens at 80% off. It was crack up when the courier would arrive each day at work with all these boxes from general pants. But wait there was more. If something was not to your liking you could exchange it at any store. So the boots i bought were not to my liking so I went to the store for a refund.

The invoice with your original purchase was for the full price not what you paid. Ending up getting refunded the full price not the discounted price.

I knew i should have bought one of those Nixon watches that retailed for $600 at the time and returned it for a nice little earner. In the end i reckon they cottoned on when doing a month end reconcilitaion and found out that things weren't right.

There were heaps more orders in process which were suddenly cancelled. Anyway, thanks are extended to General Pants. An online music store had a free $10 or $15 signup credit, and allowed all tracks to be purchased as an entire album or individually. The site allowed you to cancel your account and signup again with the same email address immediately after. I downloaded about $4-5k of songs that night. I found 2-3 tracks didn't work (were incorrectly labelled on the server), and sent them an email advising the tracks were missing and that I'd like it to be fixed.

They weren't happy at what I'd done, but didn't fix it either. Okay guys so a few friends and I figured out a loop hole with a betting company. They would give you a matched bonus bet with x amount deposited. The catch was that in order to withdraw the bonus money it needed to be turned over 4x.

This is where the loop hole existed they allowed you to bet on both teams allowing the turn over be virtually guaranteed money. They also offered referral bonuses for each friend that turned over x amount of money.

I did not get caught however they did eventually catch on to what we were doing. Matched bonuses are common and a feature of most bookies, was it for every deposit you made or just the first deposit?

Bonus betting and real money bets on the same markets are banned by books for this very reason (doesn't stop you from going across books). However books trade information on clients and companies own multiple books (like Tom Waterhouse, William Hill etc.) So you will eventually get found out. You are playing a dangerous game as they may freeze your account if you have money still left in there for violating the terms of the bonus bets.

I wouldn't call it a loophole just exploiting the fact that some books aren't across all punters betting on dual outcomes with real and bonus money. Hopping on public transport for free isn't a loophole just because the driver ain't watching. Many bookies also have clawback provisions in their terms of use so if they go over your trans history and see bonus and real money bets on the same markets they will immediately suspend your account and you might lose everything in it. If they just blocked you or closed your account and refunded your money you were lucky (but it seems got cold feet and got out after one of your mates was stung - lucky).

I got blocked from bookies when I used to be into online sports betting not because I was arbing (even across books) but because I was a lucky mug who ended up a few grand on each book. Some books like sharps because they can follow them but if you are just a lucky mug (who bets live) eventually they will want you off their books as you are costing them money. Books routinely block people who they regard as 'abusing' promotions even if they aren't doing what you are doing, just for betting on them frequently (more than once a week). If you are into redeeming promotions best way of going about it is limiting your frequency so you won't get on the radar and definitely not violating the terms of the book. There are ways of creating weak hedges in combination with things like multi promotions on other books. For example a four way multi on favs which carries if one leg loses could be combined with small bonus insurances bets on outsiders in remaining matches could lead to a small positive outcome without violating either books T&Cs.

Of course you need bonus bets for that strategy and an ability to access promotions on the other book. There is no such thing as a free lunch though and you would need to match betting levels on standard markets so you aren't seen as a specials wh.re. I will not be surprise your account either end up limited or only able to bet peanut money n ban promotions soon after. Then arbing is OVER. NSW VIC state is restricted the most on bonuses these days The best way to turnover any winning bonuses is to wait patiently then place different outcome bets on different bookies.

Williamhill n ladbrokes, palmerbet n ubet, tab n bet365, madbookies n luxbet, sportsbet n crownbet etc etc when available. Not the own bookies, its just a self destruct method. I found a loophole on Ozbargain but I have not exploited it yet.I have seen some people play it really well. One of the places I worked at in my early 20's had a drink machine.

He would open it in front of us and I figured out how to fake money going into it to get free drinks. I told a few others about it, but no one really fudged it unless they didnt have change and would just give it to the guy when he came in every week. I told him that we knew how to get free drinks, but he didnt care as we were mostly honest.

Somehow the shit kicker found out and was ripping drinks off daily, along with our beers after work. He would drop 20c in the beer can instead of $2.

I told the guy and soon after we got the upgraded machines that arnt easy to hack. Boo no more free drinks for me when I have no change. This is more to point out that your hack, that you think is really cool, can ruin it for the rest of us. Sometimes it affects the pockets of the little guys.

I fired him the day we got the new drink machine, he had it coming to him and it was the last straw. I was buying groceries at the Woolworths self serve checkout, when it came time to pay the giftcard I had was 2c short of the full amount.

So I selected split payment and used up the balance of the giftcard. This left 2c owing so I selected cash and tossed in a 10c coin. The machine then rounded down the 2c and gave me back the 10c coin. I've used this loophole about a half dozen times since but think my time is worth more than 2c for the 30 extra seconds this takes. If you have lots of items and heaps of time you could buy them one at a time to save even more.

A word of warning though, don't try this at Coles as it crashes the machine. Amaysim have a referral deal where if you refer someone, you will receive $10 credit and the other party will also receive $10 credit when they join up.

I'm on a prepaid 90 day plan and normally pay $10 each top up to receive $10 credit. With this I pay $5 and receive $25 credit. So what I do is send a referral link to myself, join up from the link and pay the minimum $5 and use another name. The sim gets sent out and a few days later I have $25 credit which only cost me $5. This is good if you have two phones or a dual sim phone.