Metroid Prime Gc Iso Ntsc Format

Jan 17, 2018 - Removed Due to Copyrights This page has been removed due to a request from Nintendo of America Inc. We are very grateful to have served. The following codes are for Metroid Prime (NTSC-JAP-PAL) v. The codes created by Datel are marked as so. Much as I remember loving my original playthrough of Prime on GC, I go back now and wonder how I ever liked the controls.

Metroid Prime has seven distinct versions: three dedicated US releases, one dedicated Japanese, two PAL (albeit identical), and two on the. For the first five, the version can be found on the back of the disc in the dark area around the center.

Version Version number Notes Original US release DOL-GM8E-0-00 USA/JPN The original game, released in 2002. US Player's Choice 1 0-01 USA/JPN The initial Player's Choice release. The only distinct change is that an invisible wall was added over the Arboretum Runic Gate, preventing a sequence break. Japanese release GM8J-0-00 JPN Aside from translation, the Japanese version also uses a new, faster version of the loader that shortened load times between areas but caused occasional crashes in the Chozo Ruins.

PAL release GM8P-0-00 JPN A version optimized to run on PAL TVs and GameCubes. Aside from PAL changes, the game also adds a male narration during the intro and ending, an extended version of Flaahgra's boss music, and uses the new 'slower' loader which prevents crashing. There are two releases, including a Gamer's Choice edition, but they are identical. US Player's Choice 2 0-02 USA The second Player's Choice release, bundled with the Metroid Prime silver GameCube bundle.

This version fixes most of the bugs that made popular sequence break and speedrun tricks possible, along with some of the changes from the PAL version (minus the narrator). Japanese Wii release The first version released for the Wii, which includes updated controls similar to. Metroid Prime Trilogy The US/Europe-exclusive compilation rendition, with minor changes from the standalone Japanese release. Save Format US Europe/Japan The European and Japanese versions use 3 blocks of memory, while the US versions use 1.

Suit Voice In the International versions of the game, the suit had more to say than in the US versions. Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. You can or to play the clip in your browser. For whatever reason, Retro decided to change the sound used when the player goes near a dangerous area in all versions of the game other than the US versions. Although they sound different, they are actually the same sound, except that the latter sound is pitched down. Pirate Data Four Pirate Data logbook entries found in Phazon Mines - Elite Control were replaced by new ones in the European version.

This was done in an attempt to fix a plot hole-Metroid Prime is encountered in the Impact Crater, which other Pirate Data logs and the game itself indicate is surrounded by an impenetrable barrier-but unfortunately, it just ends up creating a new plot hole, in that it removes the explanation for how Metroid Prime can utilize Space Pirate technology. These altered logs are used in the Trilogy rerelease. Metroid Prime / Impact Crater USA Europe Metroid Prime Log 11.156.9 Test subject Z-d, hereafter referred to as Metroid Prime, was recently discovered in a cavern by mining crews. It quickly dispatched the miners, but was eventually contained by security units and drones. Once contained, we were able to begin studies upon Metroid Prime. The results have been astonishing. It is genetically similar to a Metroid, albeit on a high evolved level.

It displays a limitless capacity for Phazon infusion and shows no Phazon-based degeneration whatsoever. It continues to grow in size, and while it has manifested some psychotic behavior, the cold field we use to pacify remain effective. Authorization for advanced studies on Metroid Prime have been approved. Impact Crater Log 11.156.9 Investigations into a possible ingress point for the impact crater continue to meet with failure. The shield of strange energy that protects it is impermeable, and all attempts to tunnel past it have proved fruitless. Our continued futility in this matter is made all the more significant in light of the recent life form readings we've discovered emanating from deep within the crater.

Analysis of the readings indicates that a massive creature is gestating there, absorbing enormous amounts of Phazon from the Phazon core at the heart of the impact crater. This discovery makes accessing the crater doubly important - not only will it open the door to the vast deposits of Phazon within, but it will also lead us to this creature, whatever it may be. Prime Breach / Gate System USA Europe Prime Breach Log 11.377.1 Subject Metroid Prime's breach has been contained. Reports indicate that it sensed a large batch of raw Phazon in the lab from within its stasis tank and broke through the glass, using previously unsuspected strength. Besides consuming all of the Phazon, Metroid Prime assimilated several weapons and defense systems from fallen security units.

It has suffered no ill effect from said assimilation: indeed, it began to use its newly acquired weapons against us. Once we pacified it, we were unable to remove the assimilated gear without threat to Metroid Prime — the gear is now an integral part of its body.

Command is intrigued by this newfound ability, and has ordered further study to commence at once. Gate System Log 11.377.1 Analysis continues on these accursed ruins and the Chozo temple that hovers near them. We are now completely certain that the containment field denying us access to the impact crater is linked to strange artifacts that belong in the temple. But we are no closer to finding them or deciphering the riddles that seem to cover every wall of this ruined place. Command grows increasingly anxious for a resolution to this matter, so we must redouble our efforts.

X-ray squadrons will begin terrain sweeps within days - until they begin, patrols are instructed to report any and all architectural anomalies to their commanders. Prime Mutations / Artifact USA Europe Prime Mutations Log 11.402.5 Metroid Prime continues to feed and grow ever larger in the impact crater caves. Its hunger knows no bounds, and it has begun to manifest unusual mutations since its breach. These include armor plating on its epidermis and mechanical outgrowths that generate defense screens.

These screens render it invulnerable to most weapon systems, but a flaw in the mutation leads to increased vulnerability to certain weapons. It compensates for this by shifting the screens quickly. This latest development concerns Security units greatly: they feel it's a matter of time before Metroid Prime corrects this defect and renders itself invulnerable to all weaponry. Containment would be nigh impossible if this were to occur. Artifact Log 11.402.5 We have come to another dead end.

It is clear now that we will never discover the locations of the Chozo's artifacts until we can decipher the messages carved into the statues in this abominable temple. Our language databases are woefully inadequate, and our linguistic analysts can come up with little more than vague theories. The best hypothesis we can offer is that finding the artifacts will require items spiritually linked to the Chozo civilization. However, without these items, we are lost, and Command grows more impatient by the day.

Results must be produced soon. Chozo Artifacts / The Key USA Europe Chozo Artifacts Log 11.452.8 We are particularly interested in a number of curious Chozo Artifacts we have been able to recover from a number of religious sites on Tallon IV. These relics resonate with power, and yet we are unable to harness them in any way. Science Team is attempting to fuse them together with Phazon, believing that a link might exist between them. We know that these Artifacts are linked to the Chozo Temple that block full access to the Impact Crater.

We have yet to crack this enigma, however. Command grows impatient regarding this matter: results must be produced soon. The Key Log 11.452.8 Although we are no closer to finding the artifacts of the Chozo, we have at least produced a viable hypothesis for their function.

We did a tour opening for a well know band here in Australia and did 1000+ people rooms with 4 earthquakes - it sounded absolutely fantastic out front. They take up a lot of space in the van, almost as much as a double 18 would with front loaded speakers. They do indeed sound very nice for a single 18 but I think the top boxes overp;owered am a little. Cerwin vega sl-36 manual Originally posted by Petebass My ex-G/F owns and operates a PA system and has used a pair Cerwin Vega Earthquakes for years - one on each side in conjunction with a Mongoose style speaker for the mid-hoghs (ie 2x15's + a horn). They do couple EXTREMELY well - meaning that with one on each side they do the job, but with 2 on each side, they defy the laws of physics and produce an incredible low end slam, especially for the kick drum.

It appears that each of the artifacts corresponds to one of the statues on the temple platform, and that each one acts as a small key to a huge lock. Judging by the number of statues, we assume there must be twelve artifacts. Once we find the resting spots of all twelve, we can bring them here, unite them with their statues, and open the gate system at long last. Once we do, the impact crater - and whatever creature it shelters - will be ours for the taking.