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MAESTRO PETER GOLDSWORTHY 489 Teacher’s notes on Maestro Prepared by Kay Perry Biographical Background Peter Goldsworthy was born in 1951 in Minlaton, South Australia, and grew up in.

The Maestro, by Peter Goldsworthy The novel Maestro, by Peter Goldsworthy is a beautifully crafted novel dealing with the tragic gulf between talent and genius, between the real and the spurious. Good literature, however, is often judged not only by what is written, but also the way it is written. Download camfrog pro untuk pchgames token. Reflecting this criteria, Maestro is well written, perfectly contrasted and thus an excellent example of a good piece of literature. Goldsworthy has achieved this thorough his character development, utilization of the settings and use of language. The novel begins in Darwin in 1967 and traces Paul's life through his childhood to 1977. During this time he travels to Adelaide, through Europe and ends up settling in Melbourne. The central concern of the novel 'Maestro' is definitely the growth to maturity of Paul.

The issues which arise in the novel, such as music, relationships, love, and betrayal, all contribute to lead to his developement to understanding. Deutsch: Der Dichter Paul Keller These issues portrayed in the commencement of the novel is what entices and sustains the reader to continue. The different settings in Maestro play a significant role in the structure of the plot and the development of its characters. The novel is mostly set in Darwin, a place described as 'wet', 'moist' and 'humid'. The piano practice room is described as dark, with bright sunlight outside.


This can be seen as to symbolize the repressed feelings of Keller. These settings allow music to be an on-going and interweaving motif throughout the novel, which is also the most important one. Maestro is a novel which primarily focuses on the study of human relationships. Considering such, characters within the text are very unique and differ in personalities. On the surface, it is a study of two people, Paul and Keller - a complex.

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Click on the Google Preview image above to read some pages of this book! Against the backdrop of Darwin, that small, tropical hothouse of a port, half-outback, half-oriental, lying at the tip of northern Australia, a young and newly arrived southerner encounters the 'maestro', a Viennese refugee with a shadowed past.

The occasion is a piano lesson, the first of many. About the Author Peter Goldsworthy grew up in various Australian country towns finishing his schooling in Darwin in the Northern Territory. After graduating in medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1974 he worked for several years in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, but since then has divided his working time between general practice and writing. 'I enjoyed Maestro enormously. Besides its thoughtfulness and bright sensuality, it has a playful quality, a love of jest, which appealed to me very much.'

Helen Garner, SYDNEY REVIEW On release, MAESTRO was hailed 'a splendid achievement, a wise, deeply felt novel that continues to haunt well after one has finished it. It is distinguished by subtlety, by economy and by a quality often lacking in even the best of recent novels - an unerring quality of tone' by Andrew Riemer in the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD. It has sold over 200,000 copies in Australia and was voted by members of the Australian Society of Authors as one of the Top 40 Australian Books of All Time. 'The necessary elusiveness of perfection, the unplumbed ocean beneath articulateness, the ambivalence of beauty - these are the revolving concerns of Peter Goldsworthy, and handled not just with irony, but with an effervescent, compassionate wit. He can't help being funny, but he's wise too.' - AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW.