Logitech Extreme 3d Pro Joystick Instructions

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Made in 2004. This page should help resolve common user issues.

Computer won’t recognize device

When plugging the device into a computer, the joystick is not recognized.

Faulty Connection

The USB plug may have not seated correctly. Try unplugging the device then re plugging it back in.


The USB slot may have dust or debris inside that requires cleaning or removal. If no debris is visible, with a compressed can of air blow into the plug. If there is debris visible, with the computer off wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean and remove debris. Make sure not to connect or start the computer until everything is full dried. Download video hunter x hunter episode 81 sub indo.

Faulty Cable

The cable may be internally broken and will require a replacement. Refer to this guide for further explanation on how to change the cable.

Drivers failed to install

If the device has registered on the computer but is unresponsive this may mean the drivers for it failed to installed. Try unplugging and re plugging the device back in. If this still doesn't resolve the issue visit the following website and download the correct drivers.

Joystick registers a hard right or left turn

The device thinks you are holding the joystick turned either left or right.

Bad Calibration

After extended use the calibration setting may have been altered and need to be reset. To recalibrate the device you will need to unplug the device. While the device is unplugged turn the control in the opposite direction than the computer is recognizing and then plug in the joystick with is still turned. This should be an easy way to alleviate this calibration error.

Joystick losses right and left turn springiness

Joystick fails to recenter after turning left or right

Internal spring comes loose

After heavy use the internal spring may have become dislocated, and needs to be reset. Refer to the guide on how to reset.

Throttle not registering correctly

Throttle position does not reflect in game response.

Throttle position gear shifted

If the the amount of throttle does not make sense to the position of the lever, a gear may have shifted and will need to be re-positioned refer to the guide on how to do this.

Joystick begins squeaking

Logitech Extreme 3d Pro Joystick Instructions

While using the joystick, it may begin to make noises

Requires cleaning

If this issue arises disassemble the device according to this guide. Once disassembled with a clean rag wipe all surfaces of the joystick base to clean thoroughly.

Apply lubrication

If the problem persist after the cleaning, a lubricant may be required to minimize the noise. To lubricate spray the improper contact with a lubricant that does not dissolve plastic. Make sure to not leave excess on the contact or on surrounding parts. Silicon spray is a cheap lubricant solution.

Button doesn't click

Button doesn't register a click.

Button misaligned

After heavy use the device buttons may have shifted. Disassemble the device according to the guide and make sure the actual button is seated correctly. Refer to our guide for disassembly assistance.