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Touch OSC + MacBook + iPhone = midi control for SL. I can't find Serato Scratch template and I have no success in midi mapping the thing. Open TouchOSC on.

The long-awaited Live iPad controller from Liine and is finally here. Built on what we learned from making Mu, Griid, Kapture Pad and Lemur, LiveControl 2 gives you every single feature you need to jam, produce and perform with Ableton Live. The interface is divided across four pages: Launch, Modulate, Play and Sequencer. Salman khan dj mix mp3 song download.

Each page is deep and feature-rich, while the layout is clear and intuitive. Best of all, LiveControl 2 is completely free for all Lemur users. Launch Launch drum clips while riding the fader on your piano track. Simultaneously open the FX strip for your vocals. View single channel strips or FX strips, or open the whole panel. Any combination is possible on the Launch page. Save and recall any combination of clips with the Presets function.

Of course, you also get a complete transport section, including BPM, quantization and metronome controls. Modulate Control any effect or instrument, anywhere in your Live Set. Or control multiple devices at once. Assign up to 8 parameters to a traditional XY pad, or get creative with the four different types of modulation: LFO, Physics, Recorder and Presets. LFO allows you to tempo-sync any parameter to different wave shapes. Physics gives you control over the classic Lemur bouncing balls. Recorder lets you record, playback and edit your movements.

Presets lets you save, recall and morph between modulation snapshots, Kapture-style! Play Play harmonies and melodies in key. The Play page is a harmonic grid that makes it easy to make music. Improvise by fingering patterns, without worrying about black and white piano keys. Quickly switch MIDI channel to change instrument. The layout includes a handy channel strip, giving you full control over MIDI expression (Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel), mixer settings (Volume, Pan, Effect Sends), or an FX strip with 8 macro knobs. Improvise your riff in the Play page, record into a MIDI clip, then switch over to the Sequencer page to edit your pattern.

Sequencer Instead of using a mouse to point and click, how amazing would it be to tap, drag and touch the notes in the piano roll? LiveControl 2 lets you edit, improvise and perform MIDI clips.

Draw notes, tweak the start and length, humanise the velocities. Over a dozen helpful tools to help you get creative: keys, scales, fold, chords, strum, reverse, invert, flip and more! Choose a key and scale to guide your melodies and use Quick Chord to instantly create harmonies. Please note that the LiveControl 2 Lemur template is suitable for 1024x768 resolution only.

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If you use Touch OSC for iPhone, iPad or android to control Ableton we have a template that will allow you to run multiple songs with ease in Live's Arrangement view! It comes with the touchosc template and the Ableton Template you see in this video!(songs not included ha ha.but Available at!) See it in action below.Get the template here: Download TouchOSC Here: Get Ableton Live Here: Check out my 10-Hour Course on Ableton Live Now Available at Enroll Now and learn all the ins and outs of this software! Follow me on Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Website: Consider Supporting This Channel With Any Amount at or Cash App $JohnMike101 Consider Supporting This Channel With Any Amount at or Cash App $JohnMike101.