King 601 Trumpet Serial Numbers

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King model 601 USA Made Trumpet This is a pre-owned trumpet by KING. USA Made quality on this older horn. Looking this up by serial number, I would say this is circa 1985, at least on the serial number lists I was looking. The horn is in great playing shape. Tuning slides are working.

Buy Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated: Standard - It is a major step up from my student level King 601. My trumpet serial number indicates my horn was made around 1996 or '97 and it sounds great! And Robb Stewart, which detail the trumpets and cornets of the HN White. HN White & King Serial Numbers. Ghost windows 7 ultimate sp1 32 bit auto driver. Cleveland Euclid Model #601 Cornet.

There is some cosmetic wear, but overall this is in nice shape, as well as the very nice sturdy hard wood case. That said, See pics and let me know if you got questions, and I'll answer you or say 'I don't know'. Thanks Frazier Product Specs Condition: Brand: Model: Finish: Categories: Made In: United States.

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King 601 Trumpet Serial Numbers

Custom Mouthpieces Karl is my 'custom mouthpiece guy.' He's the best. Parts Suppliers My favorite source for mandrel drawn tubing and custom tuning slides. Repair Technicians - Rich Ita - Cobb County, Georgia - Charlie Melk - West Allis, Wisconsin (You are here.) - Steve Winans - Lemont, Illinois - D. Kevin Powers - Monroe, Michigan Musicians Orchestras and Organizations - Jon Faddis, Artistic Director Instrument and Related Accessories Manufacturers Serial Numbers - Manufacture Date for Trumpets from the Benge factory ( i.e., Conn-Selmer) website from 1973 - 1981 (sn before 10,000 is pre-1973) from the Besson factory website from the Calicchio factory website from the Conn factory ( i.e., Conn-Selmer) website from 1876 to the present from the HN White / King factory ( i.e., Conn-Selmer) website 1883 - 1986 Further info on King instruments can be found at the site. From Lars Kirmser's website through 1977 through 1994 from Jim Donaldson's Trumpet Gearhead website and other interesting info about Martins from Eric W. Nicklas' trombone pages, at the U of Missouri website: data from Gordon Cherry, serial numbers Business Links (Web Host) (USPS) (UPS) (FedEx) (Film Developing, etc.) (an archive of most sites on the web) Bass Links.