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Vinyl cover Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating 10/10 A− Introspective is the third studio album by English duo. It was released on 11 October 1988. It is the duo's second best-selling album after (1993), selling over 4.5 million copies worldwide. It is so named because 'all the songs, although it's a dance album, are introspective'.

Dec 6, 2017 - Pet Shop Boys continue with their 'Catalogue' reissue campaign, this time. These reissues of Please, Actually and Introspective are all due for.

Perhaps the biggest change in Pet Shop Boys' sound evident on this album is an increasing attention to orchestration using real orchestras, particularly on the -produced 'Left to My Own Devices', which took months to produce. Contents.

Background The album was unusual in that it completely reversed the typical process by which pop/dance acts released singles. Instead of releasing an album of regular-length (3–5-minute) songs, then releasing more lengthy remixes of those songs on subsequent singles, Introspective was released as an LP consisting of songs that all lasted six minutes or more. Songs from the album that were released as singles were released as shorter, more radio-friendly mixes. Of the four tracks on the album that were released as singles—'Left to My Own Devices', 'Domino Dancing', 'Always on My Mind', (which was released prior to the album) and 'It's Alright'—none was released as a radio single in the same form that they appeared on the album. It is also notable that of the seven songs on the album (track five being a medley of two songs), only two were actually written specifically for this project— those being 'Left to My Own Devices' and 'Domino Dancing'. 'Always on My Mind' and 'It's Alright' are both cover versions, 'I Want a Dog' is a song that previously appeared as B-side of the single ' and 'I'm Not Scared' is their own version of a song they had previously written for 's pop group. 'Always on My Mind' was re-recorded for this album and mixed with 'In My House', a new acid-house track on the album which expanded the lyrics to the song.

Introspective was re-released in 2001 (as were the duo's first six albums) as Introspective/Further Listening. The re-released version was digitally remastered and came with a second disc of and previously unreleased material from around the time of the album's original release. Yet another re-release followed on 9 February 2009, under the title Introspective: Remastered. This version contains only the six tracks on the original. With the 2009 re-release, the 2001 two-disc re-release was discontinued. On 2 March 2018, the two-disc version of the album was re-released again, this time featuring newly remastered versions of the tracks.

It was also released as a digital download and on vinyl., in a speech he gave to the, said that he regretted releasing Introspective so soon after as he felt that the 12-inch nature of the songs may have put some fans off the band and that this probably impacted on the sales of, the subsequent album which is critically regarded as the Pet Shop Boys' finest album but commercially is one of their least successful. Nevertheless, Introspective remains, according to Tennant, the best-selling Pet Shop Boys album internationally.

It peaked at number two on the, behind 's. Track listing All songs written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, except 'Always on My Mind' (written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson) and 'It's Alright' (written by Sterling Void). ' – 8:16. 'I Want a Dog' – 6:15. ' – 7:40. ' – 7:23.

'/In My House' – 9:05. ' – 9:24 Further Listening 1988–1989.

'I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)' – 5:35. 'Don Juan' (demo version) – 4:22.

'Domino Dancing' (demo version) – 4:47. 'Domino Dancing' (alternative version) – 4:52. 'The Sound of the Atom Splitting' – 5:13. 'What Keeps Mankind Alive?' – 3:26.

'Don Juan' (disco mix) – 7:35. ' (disco mix) – 6:09.

Download film sub indo file kecil. ' (demo for ) – 4:51. ' (demo for ) – 3:26. 'Left to My Own Devices' (7' mix) – 4:47.

'It's Alright' (10' version) – 4:47. 'One of the Crowd' – 3:56. 'It's Alright' (7' version) – 4:20. 'Your Funny Uncle' – 2:18 Notes. (.) Previously unreleased. (.) Not the same version featured on.