Install Wad Manager Homebrew Browser

May 6, 2010 - Wad manager is a homebrew application that lets you install.wad files on your hacked Wii.Wad files are files that once installed on your wii.

Homebrewing Firstly, if your Wii isn't homebrew ready, you'll need to (see sections ' Setting up your Wii to run homebrew' and ' Installing Homebrew Channel'). Don't worry about old versions. If you've WiFi connectivity from the Wii it'll auto update. It really is amazing how far Wii homebrew has evolved since the first Twilight Princess hack was discovered. What's needed?

You'll also need:. 1.7 (in executable form). Wad Manager 1.7 (in WAD form).

This is only needed if you want to run it from a channel. Just search for it on Google and use the one that has a '.wad' extension. Preparing Your SD card should already have an apps folder folder, so go to ' SD: apps ' and create ' wadmanager'. Throw in the Wad Manager executable files there. Create a folder at ' SD: wad ' on your SD card and throw in any games you wish to install there.

Copy over the Wad Manager WAD files if you want to install it as a channel for easy access. Load up the Homebrew Channel on your Wii and choose the Wad Manager. A to agree to T&C. Select IOS249.

Disable NAND emulator. Choose your source device. Download hunter x hunter 2011 episode 70 sub indonesia. For SD card users, it's Wii SD slot. Go down to the WAD folder. Select the wad you want to install. Select (un)install.

Let it do its thing. When you're done, press HOME to exit back to the system menu.

Now you're WAD Manager ready!