Howa 1500 Serial Numbers

Howa Product Upgrade Registration

Jan 06, 2002  Rifle Product Recall. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE MODEL 1500, 1550 AND 1700LS SERIES RIFLES BY HOWA MACHINERY LTD. Product Upgrade Registration. Howa Machinery, Ltd. Of Japan, is. The affected rifles bear serial numbers from one of the following series on the receiver: PN00010 through.

Howa Machinery, Ltd. of Japan continues to offer a free safety upgrade on all Model 1500, 1550 and 1700LS rifles manufactured between 1970 and 1993. The affected rifles bear serial numbers from one of the following series on the receiver: PN00010 through PN87159, LS00001 through LS05150, M000001 through M020422, LS10001 through LS10309, B000001 through B028450. This safety upgrade is designed to prevent misassembly of the bolt, which may occur on the affected rifles and result in a hazardous condition to the rifle user. Such misassembly might result in a hazardous condition in which the rifle can be accidentally discharged without the bolt being fully engaged, causing severe injury. These rifles were distributed by Smith & Wesson®, O.F. Mossberg & Sons and Interarms®. These rifles may bear the distributor trademark.

WARNING: If you own a Howa Model 1500, 1550, or 1700LS series rifle with a serial number from one of the serial number series referred to above: USE OF YOUR RIFLE MAY RESULT IN AN ACCIDENT AND SEVERE INJURY. STOP USING YOUR RIFLE IMMEDIATELY and fill out the form below or call the Howa Special Project Office at 1-800- 456-5131 to receive a Bolt Return Kit.

The affected rifles were originally sold through licensed gun dealers nationwide, and some of them may have been resold by the original owners through retail gun dealers, trade shows or privately. If you have sold, traded or given away an affected Model 1500, 1550 or 1700LS series by Howa Machinery Ltd. rifle, it is important for you to forward this Safety Notice to the current owner.


All owners of the affected rifles will receive pre-paid packaged bolt return kits which will include directions on bolt removal; a customer unique tracking tag; and self-addressed return device for the bolt. Only the bolt sleeve is being upgraded. Return the bolt only, not the entire rifle. Your bolt will be returned to you after the upgrade at the address you provide. All work will be done at no charge. Repairs will be conducted by Sports World, Inc., located at 6841 E 41 st Street, Tulsa, OK 74145.

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Howa Machinery Ltd. Best oracle database download apologizes for any inconvenience to its customers resulting from this safety upgrade program. However, it is important that owners of affected rifles take advantage of this free upgrade program and do not use an affected rifle before it has been upgraded.

Please do not return your Model 1500, 1550, or 1700LS series by Howa Machinery Ltd. bolt before contacting us through the form below or calling 1-800-456-5131 for your Bolt Return Kit.

Contents. Description The M1500 is a bolt-action centerfire rifle produced by Howa Machinery. The original Howa rifle blueprints were drawn up with a strong resemblance to the Sako centerfire bolt action. At present, the M1500 is one of three large-calibre bolt-action rifle platforms produced in Japan, and is sold as Howa's representative rifle not only in Japan, but throughout the world. The others are the Browning AB3 and X-Bolt platforms, produced by Miroku, located in Kochi, Japan.

The internal magazine can hold 3–5 rounds, loaded through the open action. Aftermarket 5- and 10-round removable box magazine systems are available, similar to the infantry rifle. Barrels are, not chrome-lined as seen on arms of the rifle. Barrels are offered in both sporting length, weight and profile as well as Varmint length and weight. All guns circulating within Japan undergo fire-testing at the Toyokazu Company, and every new rifle has its paper test target enclosed with the firearm. Markets There are two main products for the domestic market. The Deluxe model fitted with open sights and the sightless varmint-hunting model, known as the 'Heavy Barrel'.

Both versions are available either blued or in stainless steel, for a total of four models on sale, independent of caliber. Short action and long action calibers are available including, but not limited to, so the user can freely choose to suit his purpose. In 2017, introduced the 'mini action' for,. For foreign exports, the barreled action with trigger mechanism are also supplied in a stripped-down form to various small arms manufacturers. It is common that a maker will choose and attach its own gunstock to Howa's barreled actions, and then sell it under their own brand. Vanguard is such an example.

Previously, and Inter-Arms sold them as the M1500. Currently in the United States, Legacy Sports International, a firearms manufacturer and distributor in Reno, Nevada, markets and sells bolt-action rifles that use the Howa M1500 barreled action. Their latest rifle to use the Howa M1500 barreled action is the HCR (Howa Chassis Rifle) which accepts some components The M1500, while being comparatively low priced compared to other overseas models, has been judged to have all the delicacy and robustness one would expect from Japanese engineering.

Spare parts have also sold fairly well, however starting with the incursion of Remington into the Japanese domestic market, foreign companies with stronger brand recognition and more competitive prices have caused M1500 sales to become sluggish. For this reason, more than 95% of Howa's M1500 are produced in stripped down form for overseas export. Adoption by the National Police Agency The M1500 was originally a hunting rifle, but the has adopted the varmint-hunting model as a sniper rifle. This model was designated 'Heavy Barrel.' Heavy barreled 'Varmint' or colloquially, 'Sniper' rifles are fitted with longer, heavier barrels to increase projectile velocity, resist heat soak, and provide more repeatable shots. References.