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[RPGM] RPG Maker Save Editors. Even if they have correct save file for editor to use. Recently the game called Leviathan was released, no matter what I did, it.


The RPG Maker VX Ace Database is very effective. It is sometimes annoying having to search for the command buttons (which tab is it under?), but through the database you can easily modify many game features and the look and feel of your poject. This guide is to help you modify your game beyond the options in the database. It will introduce some simple modifications you can make by editing the RGSS (Ruby Game Scripting System), and hopefuly give you some confidence to look for other ways to modify your project for a unique RPG Maker game. Make a Save EventTo allow saving, you will make a save Event that sets Change Save Access to enable, then open the save menu before disabling save access. Create an event in the location of your Save Item.

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In the Contents add the three commands. Change Save Access set to Enable,. Open Save Screen, and.

Change Save Access set to Disable. We could get more creative and set events to make saving possible by the menu when next to a Save Point, or allow saving when indoors, or during the day by using events to cycle the Chane Save Access flag. Adding a step to unequip all items when character is revived To add a step to the Revive Battle Members on Defeat process, you will need to open the Script Editor f11. go to the BattleManager script,.

navigate down to the Revive Battle Members on Defeat section (around line 257). locate a method for the desired action, (I found removal all equipment method on the GameActor page, around line 251) also check that it doesn't branch off and stop the rest of the script you desire. add the command into the script. At line 261 of BattleManager we add the command. What information is in the Exception Error The exception error gives a few bits of useful information for fixing the error. The Script Name where the exception was found (circled in Red).

The Line number where the exception occured (circled in Blue). The exception class - what explains what type of exception it is (highlighed Yellow). More information about the exception (circled in Green) With this informaiton you should be able to review your script and locate the code that is causing an error.

Test, test, test.This section only explained Exception Errors there are also errors that you will only find by Play testing your game. Errors like awarding XP instead of Gold when winning a battle, or forgetting to set the flag to open the last level. When making your project, you should be thinking about ways to test that the game is working.

Then get other people to test it, so they can use a new approach to try help makesure your game is robust, fun and doesn't cause people to rage quit 2 minutes after pressing start.

How to start a different game while keeping progression

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Transfer save files to sequel games
For RPG Maker 2000, 2003
This simple tutorial allows a save file transfer between RPG Maker 2k or 2k3 games that are linked together, such as sequels or chapters released separately.
This system allows you to create different games where the players can keep their experience levels, items, equipment, money and other forms of progress achieved in previous games when starting another one.
Transferring save files is done by opening the game's folder and copy/pasting a Save.lsd file to another game's folder.
Note that the Save.lsd files also feature numbers, such as Save01.lsd.
- - -
To code the save file transfer system you will need:
-One variable. Let's call it Game ID.
-A map where the player can save the game. Let's call it the Save Map.
Other requirements:
-This system only works if saving the game is initiated through an event, such as a save crystal the player steps on. It will not work when saving through the Menu.
-I would recommend that you fully complete a first game with this system included, copy/paste its folder in your RPG Maker Projects folder and edit the copy to make it your second game.
-Database settings should remain the same for all games in order for the system to work properly. For instance, all Items should be the same for all games.
-You should also use the same switches and variables for the story-related events of all games. That way it will be much easier to initialize them all when needed.
This might sound more complicated than it actually is. Don't worry.
- - -
Make a map and call it the Save Map.
In this map, make an event called Check data transfer.
This event will check if the save file the player loads had been transferred from another game to this one, and initialize all of the current game's story-related switches and variables so it can be started anew while keeping past progression.
In this event's Preconditions box, check Variable.
Select a variable and call it Game ID.
Since we are coding the first game, select Not Equal to and 1 right underneath.
This means that our first game's ID is 1.
Select the Parallel Process trigger condition.
In the Event Commands box to the right, you want to initialize all of the story-related switches and variables of the game. In the example below I set Variable 0001 to zero to initialize whatever story-related scene it is assigned to (in the sample game provided below, I set it to the number of times you speak to the kids).
You might want to initialize other things, such as current party members, etc.
When you're done initializing, add a Teleport to the current game's party starting position.
- - -
We now have to code the event that allows the player to save the game.
In any map where the player is allowed to run this event (for instance a hallway hosting a save crystal before a boss fight), make an event called Save your game.
In the Event Commands box, set the variable called Game ID to 1 (since this is the first game).
Add a Memorize Location. Set a different variable for Map's ID, X location and Y location.
Add a Teleport to our previously-made Save Map.
Add an Open Save Menu.
Add a Recall to Location and select the variables for Map's ID, X location and Y location we just made.
Make sure you copy/paste this Save your game event in every map you want the player to be allowed to save the game.

- - -
When coding another game, Game no.2 for instance, you need to edit the event called Check data transfer in our Save Map, and the events called Save your Game.
In the Check data transfer event, select Not Equal to and 2 underneath our variable checked box.
This means that the second game's ID is 2.
In the Save your game events, set the variable called Game ID to 2.
Repeat for additional games.
- - -
Here is a downloadable sample project that includes this system.
Download link
To test it, play any of the two games for a while and step on the orb thing to save your game.
Exit the game and open its folder to copy/paste the Save.lsd file to the other game's folder.
Run the other game and load the transferred save file. You will start this other game anew while keeping character progression and possessions.
- Avee