Havit Magic Eagle Mouse Drivers

Hey, i recently purchased a Havit HV-MS735 19 button programmable gaming mouse which arrived today. Excited by the prospect of having 12 side buttons to play with i installed the box software set the mouse up and loaded the game to add the new keybounds. I use Elv so i opened the keybounding option and tried to keybound a few keys to test it out.

I unbox the HAVIT Magic Eagle mouse! HOW TO PLAY PS4 USING KEYBOARD & MOUSE! (Use Mouse and Keyboard on PS4!) 'CONNECT KEYBOARD TO PS4!'

Unfortunately the game didnt detect the buttons on the side. I went online and downloaded the new drivers then this time without setting the mouse prior to loading the game; this time the first too mouse buttons worked however the first button was detected as right click and the second was detected as mouse button 4 great one worked! I backed out and opened the mouse options and edited the first button to be num-0.

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I loaded the game opened the keybinding tried the mouse no response from either now i tried keybinding the spell to num-0 with the num-pad tried again no luck confused i figured the game must not be detecting the mouse; as my prior mouse had 2 buttons to the side and the game dected both as M5 and M4. So i did a google search found a Bnet threat where a gm told people how to detect a gaming mouse. I looked for the setting in the interface options undermouse there was no gaming mouse option, the Gm described a couple of ways of detecting a mouse.

Little buddha soundtrack free download. When i entered the console commands the game said there was no gaming mouse detected and told be to enable the setting when one was plugged in. The mouse works out side of the game so it isn't a faulty mouse. Is there a fix for this problem or is the programming software conflicting with the game. I know the mouse can work without the software but i havent tried removing it and testing that out yet. Any help would be great thanks in advance!! I just gotten this mouse today. Same issue as the posters above.

However after some looking around i did find that if you open the program and fiddle about you can make it work If you don't have the program go to download the driver and install, should open up the program for your mouse in the program you should go to mouse keybinds by default they are set to OFF for whatever reason, go ahead and set up the keybindings to your liking but in order to work in wow i found that you are best to bind every key with a single windows button or else it wont work. When done open up wow and go into keybinds and it should work now. IF it somehow still doesn't work. Go into your WoW folder and open up WoW.exe instead of WorldOfWarcraft.exe and try that. Hope it helped!