Hack Windows Multi Partition Usb Driver

This is a useful hack for accessing multiple flash drive/SDHC partitions in Windows, as even if more than one exists, Windows will only assign a drive letter to the first partition (normally). I discovered this method after wasting an entire weekend trying to get it working, now I have all my apps and games on one 16gb SDHC card Step 1: Download the hitachi microdrive driver from here: Step 2: Extract, open the file cfadisk.inf and scroll down to the section labelled cfadiskdevice Step 3: 'IDE DiskIBM-DSCM-11000SC2IC801' is the device ID of one of the supported Microdrives. We want to add a line to this section with the device ID for our USB flash drive/sdhc reader. The ID is found in the Windows device management: Expand 'Disk drives', right click your USB/SDHC drive, select Properties.

May 28, 2014  Is it possible to partition a USB drive with multiple paritions for Windows? After searching google I tried to flip the bit that marks it as 'Removable Drive' but this does not. [SOLVED] Multiple Partitions on 64GB USB drive (Windows) - Data Storage - Spiceworks.

On the tab 'Details' under XP the item 'Device instance ID' is already selected. Click on the ID in the List and press Ctrl+C, this copies the ID into the Windows Clipboard and can be pasted somewhere else with Ctrl+V. Be careful with this part, make sure you are selecting the correct drive and not your PC hard disk. Sonic adventure 1 download. Mine looked like this: Step 4: Add a line to the cfadiskdevice section, but change the part after cfadiskinstall, by adding your device ID so it should look something like this:%Microdrivedevdesc% = cfadiskinstall,USBSTOR DISK&VENUSB2.0&PRODSDMMCREADER&REV 29&0 Delete the part after the last backslash, so it ends up like this:%Microdrivedevdesc% = cfadiskinstall,USBSTOR DISK&VENUSB2.0&PRODSDMMCREADER&REV Step 5: In the device manager again right-click the USB drive, 'Update driver.' , then 'No, not this time' - Next - 'Install from a list or.' - Next - 'Don't search.'

- Next - 'Have Disk' - browse to the modified INF file. Download anime baka to shukanju season 2 sub indo ova. Now 'Hitachi Microdrive' should be in the list - Next - Confirm the two warnings - Finish.

Restart if required. Step 6: After restarting, you should hopefully now have your SD/Flash drive showing up in my computer as a Hard Disk, like this: Now you can use a partitioning tool such as the freeware EaseUS partition master from here: to create a second Primary partition on the drive and Windows will be able to see them both. Use a tool such as WBFS manager to format the 2nd partition and install some games then test it in the Wii. After partitioning and formating with WBFS, it should look like this: Step 7: If HBC doesn't detect your apps, make sure that your first partition is the one with all the files on and the second one is the WBFS partition, they also both need to be 'Primary partitions', not Logical or Extended. Also, USBLoader-CFG is the only loader that can detect and use secondary partitions so far (as far as I know).

Now you can add games to your WBFS partition and still access all your apps/wads etc through Windows, all on one device. If after installing the Hitachi driver, your SD card or flash drive is not detected by windows, just go back into device manager, right click on the drive, go to Properties Rollback Driver and restart - it will go back to being a normal removable storage device again. Hope this guide is useful to someone! @malc - thanx for the quick reply m8 The card has never been used as single partition - purchased and partitioned specifically for this purpose (not many backups fit on a 2Gig!) I am now gonna: i) install config USB loader.wad and try to run backup off X (WBFS) partition ii) If no joy with above, will reformat to one partition (FAT32) and try HBC by itself for info, SDHC was partitioned under Windows XP disk management; both partitions were formatted to FAT32, then reformatted Backup partition to WBFS using WBFS Manager (AlexDP).


@all Config USB launcher channel 'saw' and launched my backup (WBFS partition) sysmenu can also read and launch wiiware/vc games from the sd (FAT partition) forwarder channels (wadmanager & smw) cannot find their boot.dols and still no apps appearing within HBC I think this is either the HBC itself (what is best method to RE-install?) or the FAT32 partition - I have tried as FAT with same result If anyone has any ideas.I'm listening @det1re 'We already had two tutorials about this topic. Nevertheless: Thanks.' Please link me to these two if u can. Both of this tutorials are for portable hard drives, they won't work for SDHC cards or USB memory sticks as Windows won't let you assign a second drive letter to them unfortunately (without doing the driver hack) fatherjack: It may be worth trying another formatting tool to make sure the FAT partition is definitely placed physically at the start of the card.

As long as HBC can definitely read the card when it just 1 partition it SHOULD be able to read the first partition when there are multiple. I guess you used the windows management thing to partition it before? Give the EASEUS tool a go.