Hack For Mu Online 97d Server

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How to use MuPie to dupe items.
1.Choose IP of the server(in my case mu.dangerlink.com)
2.„Mu Version” select „Don’t Know”
3.Select directory of „MuOnline(Client)”(i mean “main.exe”)
4.Press button „Launch MuPie”.
5.Binding together wirh “Mupie”- must run mu_windows(minimizer for MuOnline)
6,Click on „Launch MuOnline”.And wait game to load.
7.After you login with your account, someone must give you „trade”.
8.When the window from trade appear(Ok) or (Cansel) go to MuPie fast as you can.
9.In Mupie choose „Packet Tools”.Click on „Capture Packets”,then very quickly go back in MU and cancel the „trade”
10.In the menu there are many different codes, You need just one particular code – „C1 04 37 BE”
11.Now, give some one trade, and wait to accept it, when is accepted go to MuPie „Packet Tools”
12.There search for „C1 04 37 BE” right click and „Send to Server”.
13.Go back to Mu and cancel the „trade”.
14.Go to you vault, put the item you want to dupe and close the vault.
15.Now give trade to same person, and wait to accept it.
16.Cancel the trade.Now look in your inventory and your vault! :).
Download MuPie from HackHERE