Hack Dofus Avec Wpe Pro Mod

This is for all you people who don't quite understand how WPE Pro works. Runescape Hacks & Bots, Minecraft Hacks & Mods, MAT Hacks & Cheats, All Points Bulletin Hacks & Cheats, Vindictus. Yes, I know you can hack SA with Cheat Engine, but this is just to teach. I'm still trying to work out how to do this with Dofus. The reason why its way harder to hack MMO game, is because most things are controlled by server. That was all done with a memory editor (i used Tsearch). WPE Pro - most popular tool i guess. Theres lot of tutorials that use this. An anti-hack program, such the game called ' The duel ' or dofus ( i.

03/11/2011 - Aion Private Server - 7 Replies
DEUTSCH:Hallo :) .ich habe ein aion privat server . und suche ne gute developer, also für bewerbung . added mich in msn: [email protected] aber bitte. ich suche nicht irgend welche leute die nur zum zocken da sind als GM. ich brauche leute, die sich mit designen., php , web designen, html. launcher designe, und mysql php, gut auskennt..ENGLISH:Hello i have a aion privat server. and search good developer for my server.for appi. please add me in msn : [email protected] ..i..

UPDATED: PREVIOUS FILTERS WERE INCORRECT, THE TOY TYPE WAS INCORRECT, IT'S NOW CORRECTED. PLEASE REDOWNLOAD FILTERS. SURE, IT DOESN'T WORK ON FIRESTORM, YOU HAVE TO TEST WITH OTHERS PRIVATE SERVERS. So, I found myself this exploit a year and a half ago on Firestorm and since many players found also this exploit, and now it's fixed on this server, but don't know for other.

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With it, you can cast all spells of the game and showed on Wowhead. FIXED ON FIRESTORM, DON'T KNOW FOR OTHER. FIX SUR FIRESTORM, NE SAIS PAS POUR LES AUTRES. How can I know if it's fixed on my server? If it's fixed, when you will cast your toy, your character will move it hands, but that's all. Otherwise, if the character cast the toy successfully, you did something wrong. You need: -WPE PRO -My filters (optional and download link below) How to do?

1) Open WPE PRO 2) Target World of Warcraft (have to be the 32bit.exe) 3) Open one of my filters or your own filters 4) Tick the spell you want to cast (just tick one at the same time) 5) Click 'ON' button 6) Enter the game, and open your Toybox 7) If you use my filters, use the otherwise use the toy you have defined How can I do my own filter? 1) Open WPE PRO 2) Edit a filter For 6.2.3: Go to here: For 6.2.4: Go to here: For 6.1.2: Go to here: For other version, don't know, you have to search. A) AA AA AA is the toy spell ID (in hexadecimal and reversed). (NOT THE ITEM ID, BE CAREFUL) b) BB BB BB is the spell ID (in hexadecimal and reversed) you want to cast. Example: 20 83 01 is the spell ID (in hexadecimal and reversed) of the 'Green Balloon': 54 3A 01 is the ID (in hexadecimal and reversed) of this spell: 3) Name your filter, untick 'Recv' and 'RecvFrom' and click 'Apply' 4) Save your filter(s) with the 'floppy' button FAQ: Question: WPE PRO doesn't detect World of Warcraft Answer 1: You have to start the game with 32bit.exe. Answer 2: If you run World of Warcraft as admin, run also WPE PRO as admin. If you don't run WoW as admin, so don't run WPE PRO as admin.

Answer 3: Turn off your anti-virus. Answer 4: If your WoW is not a.exe (ex:.dat), rename it and change it to.exe. Question: Your filters is for 6.2.3, I need for 6.X.X Answer: Look the 'How can I do my own filter?' Part and modify my filters.

My brother was asking for something like this about a week ago. He wanted to pick his own spells like swapping them out for a minor enemy spell. Has this been done for 4.3.x and or 5.4.x? I've been working with WPE sometime ago only to find some elite exploits which not only works on private servers, but on retail as well.

Why instakill when you can place a passive debuff on everyone to render their DPS/Heals in a BG or any form of PVP? Hi, I 'tryharded' to find exploit only when WoD was released, so sorry, I don't know for older versions. This bug is only for WoD because older versions doesn't have the toybox. However, you can try swap one of your spell to another you want to cast (example, with ). Or change the spell casted when you gather flower or ore, change the spell casted when you cast your hearthstone. Test and swap all that can be casted in the game.

Now, I play on retail and I try to find exploit on, so I care less of private servers. You ask me why instakill when I can place debuff, it's because I didn't think that when I recorded this video, it was the night and when I had some other fun ideas to do three weeks later, it was fixed, due to many report (not for me). EDIT: If you need, I have a 'threeshot', also fixed on Firestorm, but don't know for other, it can work for MoP and + but not under. Have you tried whit other things that are not the toybox, as the quest items? (if we find out why this was working on the tool box, we will be able to find where else it works right?).Yes, I tried scores of thing like quest items, usable items, change one of my spell to another, change the in the Heirloom box, change the profession learned to a spell on a trainer, change the quest reward which learn a spell, change the spell casted when gathering, spells, change a mount/pet to another mount/pet I don't have or spell, a mob or a player, and change his spell to another, a mob/player and change the spell stolen. Maybe, I forget things, I don't know but I did a lot. And I know why it was working for the toybox, simply developers didn't write (or failed their code) in the toybox code a check which: every time you cast a toy, check if the spell casted matches with the spell of the toy, if not, the server doesn't cast the spell.

Hi, can u help me? Why it not work with Stuck-Spell. Stuck hex- BB 1C(reversed), but it not working. I casting 'Stuck', but change it on 'Instakill' If u can, add me please in skype: vanekvanek363 p.s sorry for my english, im from RussiaYou can't just swap any spell. You need to find a spell that doesn't do any check of you casting it.

The reason it worked with toybox (on that server at least) is that when you used a spell from the toybox, it didn't check if you actually have that spell or if you even should be able to use it. It just cast it.