Gta Vice City Sfx File

I actually found out the solution to this problem.
Well, one that worked for me at least.
In the GTA: VC folder, if you have a MS-DOS Batch file named 'TecAudio', right click on it, click on edit, and delete the line that says something like 'startw wav2raw'.
Not 'del start2.exe', and not 'del wav2raw.exe', but just that first part. It should be right under the part that says 'Please Wait - Processing Main AudioFile'.
Once that's deleted, run the TecAudio file.
Once it's done start the game.
***Important: the file must show up in the folder in windows xp or lower.
BUT on Vista or 7 first open the VC folder and then see always there is a search box on the top. Type 'TecAudio'.A list of searches will appear ,right click on the first and select edit rest is described as above.
Enjoy the sounds
Just for your ease I have written this in a very simple way so if you can't figure out what I have written,well then you are a useless chap
if it proves helpful don't forget to say thq, I mean it took me 3 hours to make it.

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