Generic Low Latency Asio Driver Cubase For Pc

Anyone who's struggling to acheive low-latency operation with a cheap soundcard or motherboard soundchip that doesn't offer ASIO drivers will be interested in ASIO2KS, a generic ASIO driver developed by Tobias Erichsen that runs on Windows 2000 and XP and works as an extra layer above existing WDM drivers for any PCI, on-board or USB audio peripheral. [Problem] No sound, low latency USB Asio (self.cubase) submitted 1 year ago by Vades. I need to switch to my 'generic low latency asio driver' to be able to select my speaker as an output device. Is there any way that I can use my pc speaker as an output device and at the same time use the interface to record my vocals?

Hello everybody, I'm trying to use a Roland R26 as an audio I/F with ProTools 10 and 11 (it has its own drivers, works with Cubase) but PT shows me 'Avid hardware either disconnected or used by another program' (even if, only this afternoon, told me that 'the selected asio audio device could not be initialized', maybe because the driver that was selected was a Generic ASIO Low Latency). I tried to hold N and to select the R26 driver, but nothing changes. Can ASIO4all fix this? I'm running Windows 7, 64 bit. Thanks a lot! Maybe because the driver that was selected was a Generic ASIO Low Latency Here's what I think the problem is. Magicjack plugin. Anytime a 'generic low-latency ASIO driver' is used, that means the device is wither MME or WDM, but being used as ASIO by a Steinberg product.

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This means that the device will not be usable in Pro Tools, since it doesn't have its own ASIO drivers. In this case, since Roland doesn't make ASIO drivers for the R26, you need to install ASIO4ALL. This will enable the R26 to be recognized in Pro Tools. After you install and configure the driver, launch Pro Tools and hold the 'N' key on your keyboard. This will bring you to the Playback Engine setting, where you should be able to select ASIO4ALL V2 (or whatever name the driver was given).

I own a Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC. Product number XS078EA. I've restored the entire system to initial status with the restore disks. After the system restore, my audio device has not the 'Generic low latency asio driver' option anymore.

I used this driver with many music production applications like FL studio or Ableton Live, with optimum performance. Now, I can use only Direct Sound drivers, very poor indeed. I already downloaded and installed the latest version of IDT High Definition Audio Drivers from this site, with no result. Please, how can obtain this 'generic low latency audio driver' for my audio chipset again? Thank you very much for your kind help.