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WK1 MidEast music keyboard. There are no musical instruments being played in these audio clips other than the WK1 MidEast. All sounds, including the percussion, are produced by the keyboard WK1 MidEast Electronic Music Keyboard MAQAM® offers a low price guarantee on all electronic music keyboards. Keyboard Policy: All keyboard sales are final. Download save game devil may cry 4 special edition pc. No exchanges or returns. All keyboards come with a manufacturer's warranty that includes 5 years parts, and 1 year labor and parts. Product Details - WK1 MidEast Electronic Music Keyboard Dedicated to the music of the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, the WK1 MidEast electronic music keyboard offers 464 PCM sounds, including 16 drumkits, 1 Middle Eastern drumkit, and 16 Middle Eastern sounds (qanoun, oud, mizmar, nay, etc.), and will play any type of Middle Eastern music ( Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Greek, etc.).

The built-in Arabic scales and the 3 Arabic scale memories, together with the 40 Arabic and 16 Ethnic styles, render this instrument particularly adept to the skills and characteristics of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean music. 16-part multi-timbral, with 32 note polyphony, programmable split, and the ability to layer sounds together, the WK1 MidEast gives the musician the opportunity to create rich sound textures.

The WK1 MidEast contains two independent digital effects processors with 22 reverbs and 22 effects, with separate send levels for each track. The arranger section of the WK1 MidEast contains 96 styles ( 40 Arabic, 40 World, 16 Ethnic) with 4 variations each, plus 8 user-programmable styles. The musician can store any configuration of sounds, styles, and effects in 63 real-time performances that can be instantly recalled. The WK1 MidEast is equipped with a practical sequencer for the recording of up to 7 song styles and is compatible with standard MIDI files. The built-in disk drive saves performances on floppy disks to create an unlimited library.

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A wide, backlit display guarantees good visibility. The internal 6W+ 6W stereo amplification system gives perfect voice to the WK1's array of instrumental sounds.