Gakkou No Ojikan Vol 17

Gakkou No Ojikan Vol.17 [In Japanese] [Mimi Tajima] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kimi no Te to Hitomi to / Your Hands Your Eyes.

Overall 9 Story 7 Art 10 Character 8 Enjoyment 9 Gakkou no Ojikan is about a girl whom becomes the headmistress of a super elite school but whilst being headmistress she also has to be a student of the school. As you can imagine, that isn't easy and she seems to have her love-life to worry about too.

Story I wouldn't say there is much of an overall plot but it keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat because of the cliff-hanger each chapter leaves you on. It is driving me mad waiting for the next chapter to be translated. It is a very lovey-dovey story and is definite 'awwww!'

The problems with it is that it can be quite predictable. You should be able to easily work out who likes who and what is going to happen before it happens.

Art The main reason I read this is because of the art. If it wasn't for the art, I wouldn't of taken a second look. The art is fabulous. It is very neatly drawn and what I love about it is that the main character (Riku) has a different set of really cute earrings in each chapter. I just want to collect them all!

People normally have most trouble drawing females over males but the artist seems to have got a firm hold on females and the males are quite cute too.:) Character They are good. A bit predictable as I said earlier and it is really hard not to be bias over them because of the art. The art makes them look fabulous but I wish they had more of a background to them. At the moment they seem pretty ordinary but that could be because I have only read 15 chapters of late and they are planning to expand on it later. I also would like a few more character additions because at the moment the only people that are in the spotlight are 2 girls and 2 guys which kinda says it all. Enjoyment/Overall A great story! Would recommend it to those who want something to stare at for hours and go 'awww!

It is perfect for those who love romance-y kinda thing & those who like a cute style of manga drawings (thats the reason I read it):) ). Overall 9 Story 8 Art 9 Character 7 Enjoyment 10 Normal high school student Riku comes back home one day to find.she is now the school chairman of a famous elite school?! Download showdown albert collins rar.

It seems her grandfather left her the post after his death and although Riku is not really enthusiastic about the idea, there are these two really interesting guys that happen to attend that same school. If you enjoy romance mangas you will enjoy this manga, it can be rather predictable but i found that i wanted to keep on reading page after page. And i found a silly little smile appearing soon after chapter 1. The drawing of Riku the main character is really good, and if your like em and like fantasising about actually being in their shoes (but still with your own mind) then you will probably be going KIYA!!! - It does move on really well as well, although its not a very strong plot it still manages to hook you in to see what happens next. Overall its an enjoyable manga and i hope you enjoy it to.