Friends S01e02 The Sonogram

Trivia This (29 September 1994) is the first time that Phoebe tells anyone that she has an identical twin sister, who is a waitress. However, later in the series (23 February 1995), it is revealed that the sister is Ursula, who had previously appeared on several episodes of (1992) and was then also played. Lisa played Ursula 22 times in Mad About You, from 7 October 1993 to 24 May 1999 and 7 times in Friends from 23 February 1995 to 1 November 2001, meaning her role as Ursula lasted almost as long as her role as Phoebe. During the two series' five-season overlap from 1994 to 1999 she never appeared in Mad About You as Phoebe. The episode opens with a great analogy to the act of having sex. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe tell Chandler, Ross, and Joey that kissing is as important as anything in bed.

The guys have trouble understanding this and liken the act of kissing to seeing the opening act of a concert, such as a comedian, before the main attraction comes on stage, or in Chandler's words 'Pink Floyd,' a hilarious substitute for the obvious word. They then go on to say that no matter how great the concert, girls are always looking for the comedian again. Visual studio 6 enterprise download. To which Rachel says, 'Bring back the comedian, or next time, you may find yourself listening to the album at home alone.' The rest of the episode concerns Ross's ex-wife Carol, who is with child, Monica and Ross's parents visiting, and Rachel returning her engagement ring to Barry. This episode introduces the memorable, unseen character 'Ugly Naked Guy'.

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