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Download music terbaik Lagu Indonesia Terbaik Tahun 1990 - 2017 - 24 Jam Nonstop #LiveMusic Mp4 Gratis tercepat di telepon, Musik Kualitas Tinggi. Website, Raisa Andriana (born 6 June 1990), known by her mononym Raisa, is an Indonesian. Released: 27 April 2016; Label: Juni Records; Formats: CD, digital download. 'Lagu Untukmu', 2018, Juni Records.

. Website Raisa Andriana (born 6 June 1990), known by her Raisa, is an Indonesian. She became publicly known for her song titled 'Serba Salah'. Prior to her solo career, she was one of the lead vocalist of Kevin Aprilio's band, Andante, which later renamed as Vierra (now Vierratale). Raisa has received a number of accolades, including, and. In 2014, she was charted at 45th place on, marking her first time to enter the chart. Later in 2017, she reached 29th place on, a chart which ranks the most active musical artists on the world's leading.

Contents. Background Raisa Andriana was born on 6 June 1990 in Jakarta, Indonesia to Allan Rachman and Ria Mariaty. She studied at Binus University. Raisa's singing talent was shown since her early age. Epson adjustment program download.

When she was 3, Raisa often pretended to be a singer on stage. Growing up with minimal music education, she picked up her unique singing style and voice through some of her favorite singers such as, etc. Career 2008–2010: Career beginning and 'Andante' Her career as a singer began when she collaborated with famous composer to perform in a concert in.

She was the vocalist of Andante, a band founded by Kevin Aprilio. In 2008 the band was reshaped and named Vierra, consisting of five members: Raisa, Widi Soediro, Raka Cyril, Satrianda Widjanarko, and Kevin Aprilio himself. She exited the band when the record's label decided it wanted a different concept.

2010–2013: Early success with debut album Raisa started gaining recognition with her single 'Serba Salah'. The song led her to gain popularity in Indonesian music industry.

She then won an award in for Best of the Best Newcomer category. Her debut album, was produced and released in 2011 by Solid Records and. The album was supported by the young musicians who collaborated as producers: Asta Andoko , Ramadhan Handy (Soulvibe), and Adrianto Ario Seto (Soulvibe). Nanda Oka and Asta Andoko are Executive Producers of Solid Records.

2013–2015: Heart To Heart and Indonesian Idol Raisa launched her second album, titled Heart to Heart on 27 November 2013. The album featured two singles 'Bye-Bye' and 'Pemeran Utama'.

She also performed a concert 'Heart to Heart Showcase: Happy (Raisa's version)', targeted for the media and 300 of 'YourRaisa' fans that had been previously selected by pre-ordering the Raisa box set online. On 25 August 2013, she opened 's concert in with Indonesian / band, performing Indonesia's national anthem '. In 2014, Raisa was appointed as a guest judge for a television talent show:. At first, she was a guest judge but later became permanently involved.

In February 2015, selected Raisa to sing the soundtrack ' translated from the Indonesian version 'Mimpi adalah Harapan Hati' for a Disney remake of. 2015–present: Handmade and The Voice Indonesia In 2015, Raisa collaborated with singer for soundtrack film, titled 'Percayalah'. She released her third studio album Handmade in 2016 under label Juni Records and produced two singles 'Jatuh Hati' and 'Kali Kedua'. In April 2016, Raisa performed a concert 'Handmade Showcase' which was held on Ciputra Artpreneur. She is currently preparing to perform in tours in major Indonesian cities: 'Handmade Tour' which will begin on August until September. In June 2016, Raisa was a guest star for the Grand Final of where she performed a song 'Cahaya Cantik Harimu'. Raisa was appointed as a guest star at the ' Live in Concert - Celebrating 40 Years of Magic in.

In that occasion, she performed a duet ' and ' with him. Personal life Raisa Andriana has married an -born Indonesian actor Hamish Daud on Sunday, 3 September 2017. ^ Safitri, Dewi (9 November 2012).

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