Fortec 999 Hd Software

It has been a while since I last bothered to turn this on, but it still seems to be working. Last time I used it, it was fully up to date with firmware downloaded from Fortec. None of the channels describing themselves as HD seem to receive, they seem to show 'no signal'. Is there a way to get these back working please? I have checked for updated firmware on the Fortec site and this receivers is not even listed any longer, is there an archive somewhere please?

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I am seeing one rather odd issue - Intermittently, the Menu items (settings etc.) show as blank, but they can still be selected. Powering on and off, sometimes restores them. Click to expand.OK here is what I have just done. I deleted all channels; did a factory reset; selected ENGLISH; UK; area as Yorkshire.

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It shows BBC1 on 101 and so on. With BBC HD as 108, with EPG, but 'No Signal'. If I switch to Menu/ SAT/TP Edit and check '10 10847 Ver 2200'. I have previously tried changing 2200 to 2300 and DVB-S2, which also produces an EPG and the 'No Signal'. There are lots of channels listed, with no EPG and 'No Signal'.

I then did a Multisat Scan for channels on Astra 2A and it found (I presume) 107 additional channels. S = 70%; Q = 80%. Lots of the found channels show 'No Signal'.


This scan process seems to produce a much more useful list of useable channels. I am using a Sky dish and LNB. The LNB failed several years ago and I replaced it with a new one, but I have no idea what I replaced it with.

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