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Apr 1, 2015 - The font I tested (OTF), which displays OK is named: - Frutiger LT Std 45 Light The original post and recent screenshots all indicate a font. Jun 8, 2018 - Fonts Included: Frutiger LT Std 45 Light Bold Italic Frutiger LT Std 45 Light Bold Frutiger LT Std 45 Light Italic Frutiger LT Std 45 Light Regular.

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Whoever 2013-08-23 07:51:50 UTC Problem description: With LO 4.1.x, the fonts of the Frutiger family (especially Frutiger LT 45 Light) is displayed with wrong formats. This means: The cursor is not on the place, where I see it, and when I print some spreadsheets with this font in the cells, the printed page looks sometimes completely different. It could be, that the bug is more often, when different fonts are used in the same file. Probably, this bug is existing because of the change from ATSUI-Framework to Core Text? Steps to reproduce: 1.

Watch shanghai hindi movie online. Open a spreadsheet document with LO 4.1 on Mac OS X 2. Write in some cells text, formulas or whatever (the longer the text, the more often and the more clear I can see the bug) 3. Click later again in this cell to edit the text - the cursor is sometimes shown in the wrong position. Current behavior: Cursor in the wrong position and calc makes the newlines on the wrong positions (or does not know, how high the cell is) Expected behavior: Everything should be shown in a correct way Operating System: Mac OS X Version: release.

Whoever 2013-09-23 06:51:25 UTC (In reply to ) It is probably obvious, but to be sure I prefer to ask: are you sure that this fonts are installed on your system? You can check that in LibreOffice: select some text that is formated with this font and click on the menu Format Character then select the Font tab - It should say that the same font will be used for printing and screen viewing.

Best regards. JBF It is written there, that the same font will be used - thus, this could not fix my problem. Ulge12 2014-02-20 11:05:03 UTC OS: DEBIAN 7.4: libreoffice upgraded to 4.1.2 or 4.2 from the Frutiger LT 45 Light isn't displayed correct in libreoffice-writer or -calc. Only the top half of the Font is visible. If I'm marking Text with the Mouse, the mark is beside the words. And the spaces between lines of the same paragraph are different.

Typed Characters are displayed after a long delay. (See fotos on comments 9 and 10.) But if I export the Document to PDF or make a Screenshot, everything is right. If I use the Frutiger with XeTeX everything is OK. Owen Genat (retired) 2014-07-21 04:46:00 UTC (In reply to ) It seems there is at least 2 versions of this font, one true-type (ttf) and one open-type (otf). I guess the problem is with the open-type version.

Please could you confirm? There do appear to be two different fonts being used. The font I tested (OTF), which displays OK is named: - Frutiger LT Std 45 Light The original post and recent screenshots all indicate a font (TTF/OTF?) named: - Frutiger LT 45 Light I do not have this latter font to test. Ulge12 2014-07-25 07:24:28 UTC (In reply to ) (In reply to ) It seems there is at least 2 versions of this font, one true-type (ttf) and one open-type (otf). I guess the problem is with the open-type version.

Please could you confirm? There do appear to be two different fonts being used.

Airxonix game free download for mobile. The font I tested (OTF), which displays OK is named: - Frutiger LT Std 45 Light This font I don't have. The original post and recent screenshots all indicate a font (TTF/OTF?) named: - Frutiger LT 45 Light This is the font, I have problems with (ttf) and that is used for the screenshots. I do not have this latter font to test.

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