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Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Staci. I think you have put your finger on one of the great puzzles: how can it be that there are as many people as there are who have been victimized during childhood yet turn out to be kind and caring adults?

I think you would find it worthwhile to read the book. It may be that many victimized children are fortunate enough to find social support and caring from at least one person in their environments, and that having that one relationship allows them to develop empathy and to have a role model for caring behavior. By 15 October, 2009 – 13:55Livejournal is a love/hate relatioship. I love how you can lock your feeds but I hate how in the past the company is. They used to be so innovative until Six Apart took over and now they don’t give a shit about livejournal users or innovation. They need to learn to move forward or they will just get left behind.

I’m really sorry to hear that they are not being cooperative or communicative. That is really frustrating. I hope this new feed works out.

Thanks for providing us with this service otherwise we’d give up on livejournal. Of Portugal, for instance, concerning the black soldiers who loyally fought for the Portuguese Empire against their own local Africanist movements just to be betrayed afterwards by out “bloodless democratic Revolution” in Lisbon and consequently exterminated, that’s the word, exterminated by the “Freedom movements” (some supported by the U.S. Decolonisation festival).After this betrayal, what happens? We open the door to black massive immigration.

Not the ones who think the Portuguese Empire had vallue, but those who bash it repeatedly, those who focus only in “the same language” despite they can hardly speak it; in one word, the sons of the exterminators. ESTERNAZIONE!!!Caro Sudhammo, aldila della filosofia di vita che ci unisce, scorgo tra noi la comune passione per la scrittura. Raccontiamo ogni cosa che interessi o meno a chi la legge.Eppure non facciamo i mantenuti, lavoriamo, abbiamo famiglia, troviamo un sacco di tempo per farlo, xcio’ ho pensato questo! Adesso mi metto a lavorare senno mi devo mandare la lettera di licenziamento, qua la domenica e’ come il lunedi per voi. Tutto alla rovescia da ste parti.Buona giornata amico mio.Bianca.

I really appreciated this post, I’ve learned 2 things:- “Choose Your Own Adventure” must be an intriguing book to read (I’ll go googling with that!)-I am following the right strategy, that is I am ‘shooting little bullets’ to get back to my own track.This is reassuring, sometimes I am doubtful about the result but in the end I am sure that all this time spent in research -of my myself- and doing stuff that I haven’t done before will lead me somewhere. Don’t know exactly where, but that’s ok at the moment. Thanks Therese & Tyler for sharing your experience! I don't think many farmers have packed up tractors, plows, irrigation equipment as well as top soil and moved to China. I am glad to see some manufacturing returning to the U.S. Ya nabi salam alaika naat. I further hope that U.S.

Based manufacturing will not continue to be shut out of export oriented countries. Huntsman needs to acknowledge tremendous productivity gains. Read the article cited and I am sure that many will agree with Mr. Huntsman on most issues.

Huntsman states that the U.S. Needs to be part of many more than 17 Free Trade agreements (out of 300 worldwide), for the U.S.

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Thanks in advance and your help would be greatly appreciated. The idea of a salary is a product of a petty mind. If you are giving the money, ask for results. Why do you care who was paid how much so long as the project gives results? Devising strategies to deliver results is a test of a project leader's acumen. Even if there are bounds, they shouldn't be so tight.

These grants agencies need to behave more like venture capitalists or investors. They are instead behaving like they are parents and we are their school-going children, who need to be told how to spend their money.

I am always baffled by why faculty put up with this dumb and humiliating arrangement. My friend, it is you and me and the Dalai Lama, I am telling you.

I feel you, as you know. You are amazing, such a true wise soul, such a brave heart. Thank you for this post, you had me moved and nodding in reckognition. I am so happy that you are on a flow at the moment, and I am even happier that you can separate the gives and takes from your inner sense of happiness and contentment. I am rereading The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, and all I can say is, he would love our blogs.

Love you honey.