Fender Srv Strat Serial Numbers

What are some of the SRV Signature Strat's serial numbers if anyone knows? Is a serial number of SZ2108843 significant in anyway? Or do the fender people just slap any old serial number on the guitars?

Click to expand.Generally speaking sometime in the 1990s. The first number should be the approximate year.

Prakash mali maharana pratap mp3 download. If for example the serial number was 'SN7XXXXX' the number would be read like this: 'S' - Signature series 'N' - 'Nineties' (likewise 'E' is for 'Eighties' and 'Z' is for 'Zeros' or 2000s) '7' - year 7, so it would have been made in 1997 'XXXXX' - actual sequential number of the decal (not necessarily the guitar) Fender typically uses the decals up; they don't throw away any remaining 1997 (in this example SN7XXXXX) decals on January 2, 1998. You really have to pull the neck and see the dates written or stamped on the neck heel and on the body in the neck pocket to find out when the guitar was really made. State ful firewall. FYI - Fender had a bunch of SE8XXXXX and SE9XXXXX decals and they used them well into the 1990s on Clapton, Malmsteen, SRV and Beck Strats; I believe it was 1993 or 1994 before they caught up to the actual year.


EDIT: Well based on Mike's guitar Fender was still using the SE9XXXXX decals at least as late as April 1993 when his guitar's neck was made; and the neck was made 6 months before the guitar was assembled (or at least the body was made - don't they date bodies just before assembly?). It just proves you really have to remove the neck and check the dates with Fenders.