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Family Values Tour 1998
Tour by Korn
Ice Cube
Limp Bizkit
DatesSeptember 22, 1998 - October 31, 1998

The 1998Family Values Tour was thefirst edition of the critically acclaimed [1] fall music tour that initially combined nu metal, alternativemetal, and rap acts. The tour was created andheadlined by Korn.

  • 4CD and DVD release
  • 5Ice Cube replacement
  • 6Feud with Rob Zombie


Artists who participated in 1998 Family Values Tour were:

  • Incubus(replaced Ice Cube on October 25, 1998 for four remainingdates)


The tour was preceded by whirlwind political campaign-style tournamed 'Korn Kampaign' (from August 17, 1998 in Los Angeles throughSeptember 1 in Phoenix) to promote the release oftheir album Follow the Leader. Ittook the group all over North America to spread the news of their'Family Values' platform to hordes of fans at special 'fanconferences' that were organized at every stop along the tourroute. Korn chartered a jet, which took them to record stores insuch cities as Riverside, Mountain View, Sacramento, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Toronto, Atlanta, and Dallas. The band talked to fans at every stop,answered questions during the special 'fan conferences' and signedautographs. Jim Rosehosted the entire 'Kampaign' tour. Celebrities at various stopsincluded Ice Cube and ToddMcFarlane.


The 1998 edition of Family Values Tour was highlysuccessful, the live compilation debuted at #7 at Billboard 200 chartselling 121,000 copies in its first week, and achieving goldrecord status by RIAA, while DVD - platinum.

Korn helped to promote then-unknown acts. The results were verypromising. Rammstein'salbum 'Sehnsucht' achievedplatinum certification in the US, also Orgy's debut 'Candyass' achieved similar success. Limp Bizkit enjoyedeven greater success which helped them establish themselves as oneof the leading acts of the numetal wave at that time, and enjoyed enormous commercialsuccess.

The 27 dates of Family Values Tour grossed more than $6.4million and over 243,000 fans purchased the fan-friendly ticketprices that ranged from $26.00 to $29.50.[1]

Critical acclaim for the tour started to pour in as soon as itall started. As Jim Farber noted in a review of the September 25,1998 event at the Continental Arenain New Jersey in theNew York Daily News:

'[..] The 4 and half hour show, a hip-hopDJ held equal ground with adrummer in the set by Limp Bizkit, a keyboardist added dance clubbeats to the classic metal of Rammstein, and two guitarists translated theneedling sound of electronic hip-hop into the manic creations of Korn [..] This tour created a boldnew profile for hard guitar bands taking cues from the music thatreplaced them as the soundtrack to masculine aggression.'[1]

The LosAngeles Times noted that the tour 'certainly proved to be oneof the rock spectacles of the year,'[2]while Steve Morse of the Boston Globe said that 'Korn delivered accelerating out of the box with a savage confluence ofheavy metal, rap, and primal screaming from singer JonathanDavis.'[1]

John Scher of Metropolitan Entertainment agreed: 'The FamilyValues Tour was not only a great business success, but moreimportantly, a rousing success with the fans. I think, to a greatdegree, we accomplished what we set out to: creating a fun, wildevening with a unique atmosphere and incredible music.'[1]

JonathanDavis, lead singer of Kornsaid: 'We're creating some rock history with this tour. From thatfirst show, I had goosebumps upon goosebumps. This is somethingspecial happening here. I hope that it becomes annual and it'sgonna last.'[1]

CD and DVDrelease

Main articles: Family Values Tour '98 CD andFamily Values Tour '98DVD

The initial edition of Family Values Tour was highly successfuland it was documented on separate DVD and CD releases, both put on saleon March 30, 1999 via Immortal/Epic Records. The CD release achieved gold record status inthe US while DVD release went platinum.

Ice Cubereplacement

On September 25, 1998 due to the beginning of shooting the movie'Next Friday', Ice Cube was replaced by alternativemetal band Incubus for remaining four dates. Theband is featured on the Family Values Tour '98 CDrelease with song 'New Skin', and can be also seen duringperformance of 'All in the Family' on DVD release.

Feud withRob Zombie

Initially, RobZombie was to be one of the artists participating on the tour,but due to the high production costs each Rob Zombie concert wouldcost $125,000 in bandfees and show production alone. Therefore, RobZombie was replaced by Germanindustrial metal act, Rammstein. However,explanation was somewhat confusing. The Firm, Korn's managementsaid Zombie continually expressed dissatisfaction over not wantingto work with a hip-hop act on the bill, and was supposedly lecturedby Rob Zombie management that 'rock kids don't like hip-hop.' RobZombie's manager, Andy Gould said those comments were false. Heexplained that Zombie has never even spoken to Korn, so he couldnot have made those comments. [3]Although the statement released by Korn's management resulted inanger, Rob Zombie shared no bad blood with the bands participatingin FamilyValues Tour. Next year, in 1999 both Rob Zombie and Korn got on good terms again, and launchedtogether highly successful 'Rock is Dead' tour.


In one of the more infamous moments, Rammstein's vocalist, Till Lindemannengaged in simulated sodomy with the keyboardist, ChristianLorenz during their performance of 'Bück dich' in Worcester, Massachusetts. Theywere subsequently arrested and spent the night in jail.

The underground Bakersfield nu-metal band Juice wereoffered a spot on the tour but turned it down for unknownreasons.


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As Lollapalooza faded away, a number of alternatives to the big summer package tours popped up to take its place. Chief among those was the Family Values Tour, an alt-metal blowout masterminded by the fellows in. The 1998 tour was pretty much a who's who of the genre in the late '90s -, and Orgy all played on the tour, along with, whose old band, provided suburban kids (including the majority of the featured bands) with a gateway to hip-hop. Since the tour was a success, a souvenir disc featuring all the aforementioned bands was released in the spring of 1999. And a souvenir is exactly what is - a little memento for fans who attended the tour, something to remind them of the good times they had in the amphitheater.

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On that level, it's fairly successful, since it does offer a taste of each group. Perhaps it's not enough to satisfy collectors, since the band with the most tracks - that would be, naturally - only has four songs and everyone runs through predictable material. With the exception of, that is: two of their three songs here are not on their debut, including an awkward stumble through 's 'Jump Around.' It might not be that memorable, but their good intentions are noteworthy on a routine tour sampler like this.