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I must say, I'm shocked at how much bashing this show tends to get on this site. Personally, I love it! (Sure, a few of the new episodes are kinda.eh) Aside from Spongebob, this show is the pure definition of comedy and one the only one that keeps me, and a lot of other people, tuned in to the Nick channel in the first place.

The basic plot is that Timmy Turner is a lonely, misunderstood ten-year-old boy who must deal with more than any boy his age should handle. So out of sympathy, he is given Cosmo and Wanda, two bumbling fairies for personal servitude and company from Fairy World.

But even with the two fairies at his side to help him 24/7, he quickly learns life is full of complications that even magic can't fix. One of the reasons this show does so well is the large cast of characters. Everyone on the show gets a good laugh from me and that's what's important. Timmy's father, for example, is a clumsy, dense man and always undertaking some stupid task to get back at the. Look up the word 'evil' in the dictionary and you'll see a mug shot of Vicky, Timmy's babysitter, who cares only about money, the pain of a child, and. Another reason of this show's success are the plots themselves.

To get through life's challenges, Timmy uses his fairies' magic to the advantage. But, of course, nothing ever works out right. One reason is because of the rules added to the power of magic.

THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS Torrent - download for free on EZTV. Timmy Turner, a 10-year-old boy, has had it with his babysitter! He summons his fairy godparents who. Fairly Odd Parents - Gimme The Wand - Theme Song. Mute max volume. Download Fairly Odd Parents - Gimme The Wand.

After all, without restrictions on what Timmy could do, this show would be over in a snap. Also, each episode constantly throws in joke after joke after joke and, coupled with the quick animation and scene switching, it rarely slows down on its humor. Now onto the heart of this wonderful show: the fairies. A regular comic pair. Wanda is sensible and smart, totally opposite of the purile idiot known as Cosmo. Their interactions with each other are often rib-cracking, especially since Cosmo is constantly getting on her nerves to no end.

Adding to the fact that they are wed can ensure worse punishment for Cosmo in the end. They're always trying to work together as a team (a horribly dysfunctional one) and help Timmy, but you can always be sure Cosmo will add some 'fun' along the way. For real people, I can see nothing wrong with this show. Some of the reasons stated on here for its atrocity are total non-sense, such as the animation is bad or the characters all act dumb. Hello, it's a comedy. The characters act like that for a reason.

As for the animation, there is worse, such as some of the things on Cartoon Network. (Dexter's Lab, PPG) It, and other shows like it, is actually a revival and tribute of an old style in the 30s and 40s that relied on an abstract look for uniqueness, so it had few details and the characters looked flat.

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And besides, so what if there's little detail and such? Is that really important in an animated comedy? Alright, enough personal ranting for one day. Back to business.

This show is absolutely wonderful. Good, quick humor, a huge and colorful cast of characters coupled with the premise of a boy with (nearly) infinite magical powers make this a must-see show for all.

If you've barred this show from your schedule of 'Must-Watches,' at least give it a good chance. You may be extremely happy with the result. This show used to be good. This show was once great and entertaining and had likable characters and funny jokes. Now this show just recycles old plots (at least two or three times) and now a days its not worth watching. The characters have been dumbed down and become really unlikable just for the sake of the 'plot' if you can even call it that because some of the new episodes don't have plots the idiot characters just act like lazy morons (kinda like the writers) and mess something up that they the proceed to fix in 2 minutes of filler garbage and they never face any consequences for what they did.

Butch Hartman should have ended this long ago while it still had some (very little) dignity know its gone on so long people have stopped watching it (and Nick in general) because of how boring and dull it has become. Also the dog and the baby should have NEVER been introduced they somehow managed to make the show worse than what it already was.

It's really sad to see what has become of The Fairly Oddparents. The show was once at the top of its game with its great jokes, excellent lineup of characters, and good plots.

Nowadays, the FOP is BARELY getting a laugh from me and the few there are in the episodes are so far and few in between that it makes watching the show unbearable and makes you yearn for the old days when this show was at its peak. Timmy Turner is a miserable 10-year old kid that secretly has two fairy godparents. Together, they all go on crazy adventures of what happens when something you wish for goes out of control. So how did this show go downhill? Well unfortunately, this show has decreased in terms of quality and the characters themselves have become unlikable, along with a few other things. For one thing, the plots have been getting pretty boring now and some of them are recycled.

Like for example, a recent episode was about Timmy wishing to be the smartest student in class. However, that was already done in another episode where Timmy wished to be the smartest person to beat A.J.

If the show isn't reusing plot lines from past episodes, it's now focusing on one of the new characters on the show, Poof the fairy baby, and him being taken to school or fighting over a girl with an anti-fairy baby of himself. Needless to say, these plots not only sound bad, but they are bad. Speaking of characters, almost every one of them are no longer likable. Timmy was the miserable child who wished for stuff to make his life better and was a pretty kind kid. Now he's become a selfish, self-centered jerk who abuses his fairy godparents and acts more like a brat. Cosmo was the dumb one, but he had his smart moments as well and was funny.

In the new seasons, he's become dumber and he is now more annoying than funny. Wanda was the voice of reason and tried to be more like a mother figure to Timmy. Now she's been made into a nagging woman who constantly complains about everything and always acts so cynical. Then there are the two new characters on the show, Poof and Sparky. The addition of these characters are where the show has truly fallen apart.

Poof adds nothing to the show since he's only a baby and just looks cute. He's a waste of a character and shouldn't have been made at all. Sparky is just as bad. He's an annoying, irritating magical dog that sounds annoying and tries to be funny, but he uses every tired joke that's been done to death. It's a terrible attempt to save a show that was going downhill and adding them in has only made the show more unwatchable. Another issue is that this show doesn't follow any kind of continuity at all. For example, when Timmy wants a dog, all the pets he's taken care of, but die are shown except for Eddy, the Gerbil, from the episode, That's Life.

Another example is that fairies never get old so they don't need babies, but yet there are plenty of baby fairies seen at the preschool Poof is in. My question is, why even have continuity if it's going to be completely ignored like that?

It creates a lot of holes in the episodes. The jokes are also another thing that's been getting stale and terrible. Many of the jokes are now repeated so many times in an episode that it overstays its welcome very quickly. Not to mention some of them don't even make sense, like when Cosmo described the pound and turning a dog into a British Pound.

Very rarely will you find a joke that is funny or clever and I do mean rarely. Artwork wise, it still looks pretty good and stays true to the original Butch Hartman style and it is colorful and has some nice visuals. The animation is good as well with characters moving smoothly and it's not choppy. In the end, the Fairly Oddparents is a show that's long since run its course and is only getting worse and worse now. The addition of the new characters not only make the show badder, but they are not interesting at all, the characters are not likable anymore, save for a few of them, the jokes aren't funny anymore, and the plots are either recycled or boring. I just hope Nick realizes this show has run its course and finally give it the ax.

Because this show needs to finally be put to rest before it gets even worse than it already is. During the first 3 seasons Fairly Odd Parents was as tasty as hard candy, bright and sweet and addictive. Now it's as tasty as Pepto-Bismol. And unfortunately Pepto-Bismol is what you'll need after viewing the more recent episodes, where all the sweetness has been replaced by insults and violence resulting in no laughs. Cosmo, once one of the more endearing Nick characters, has devolved into an abusive unfunny cretin that the cast of Family Guy wouldn't even want to know.

Timmy has become a selfish arrogant jerkwad that Bart Simpson would happily beat the snot out of (and given Timmy's snottiness, that would take a lot of beating). And poor Wanda.a real charmer who's become the victim of her husband and godchild, she's now labeled a 'nag' for caring about the well-being of others.

Plus Cosmo's stupidity causes pain to everyone else but he's never punished for it, nor does he learn any lessons. Which pretty much sums up Butch Hartman's attitude towards kids: they're crude, vulgar and not too bright.

Thank god this crummy toon has been cancelled, along with Butch Hartman's darling, Danny Phantom. At least Butch got what he deserved - unlike Cosmo. I was zapping through channels less than an hour ago, and well. I never really watch Nickelodeon, but I found this just about starting. I noticed it had the kind of animation from shows like Dexter's Lab, which are great. I started watching it.

It's really good! (and I've just started watching my third episode.) On a side note, the intro music is great. Congrats to whoever composed it (which I believe is someone named Guy Moon if I remember well). (Oh yeah, the music was also what made me stay on the channel when finding it. Neat music, hehe.) So far it seems like a very good show.:). My 7 year old son and I watch this program everyday and we both enjoy it very much. It's a cute show and always has a good lesson in it.

I have yet to see an episode that wasn't enjoyable. The characters are funny the plots are interesting (for a cartoon) and the animation is well done. We watch The Fairly OddParents and Spongebob Squarepants both. And I think that they are fun with fresh ideas that kids and adults can both watch and enjoy.

I like finding good programming like this that I can enjoy with me son. Something that can hold both of our interests. The Fairly OddParents and Spongebob Squarepants are both keepers! Keep up the good work Nickelodeon!! I used to watch this show everyday after school when I was a little kid back at the early 2000s and I loved it as much as anyone else.

The animation is beautiful, the characters are likable especially Timmy and his godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. The humor is witty and funny at the same time and the story lines for the first few seasons are creative. Even the voice acting for the characters is pretty solid and entertained me throughout the show.

Why did I give this an 8/10? Well, let's just say that the show later went downhill where the new episodes are mediocre and the humor isn't as hilarious as I remembered it to be. What I really hated the most is the character Poof, the baby of Cosmo and Wanda because she was the most uninteresting character and the show would've ended without her. But nope, the writers decided to give up and wrote more of the same instead of something new and original. Overall, the new seasons that started from 2008 has destroyed a once great show. I understand lots of people hated this show, but I think that it's a good one at that. My advice: Watch the first six seasons instead of the new ones because they sucked and ruined a once great show.

I cannot stand this show! Has there ever been even one redeeming quality, one funny punchline, or one plot line that 'didn't' make the average viewer want to drown himself in a bowl of soggy cornflakes? Oh, those horrible, wretched voices. Akin to repeatedly dragging a set of fine cutlery across a dusty blackboard, each character is uniquely annoying in his or her aptitude for shrill, nasal vocals. Cosmo sounds like a whining mongrel, Vicky sounds like a stereotypical shrew, and Timmy's dad makes every line sound like a bad impersonation of a game show host (Guy Smiley from 'Sesame Street' comes to mind). The animation is awful; even the producers of 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Laugh at the overwhelmingly bad artwork on this show.

Every character has buck teeth, or a square head, or a head three sizes too big for his or her body. And what's with having the characters speak every single line wide-eyed and grinning, as though posing for a photo op with the president? Then, there is the fact that every character on the show is completely moronic. Not since the subtle grace of Amelia Bedelia, Homer Simpson, and Buddy Lembeck of 'Charles in Charge' fame have characters been portrayed as so unrealistically dumb. Usually 'unrealistic' is synonymous with 'unfunny', and that is most definitely the case here.

There hasn't been this much slapstick based on cluelessness since 'The Naked Gun 33 1/3'.and at least Leslie Nielson was good at it. Finally, the premise of the show (and it's the same every single episode, so big time spoiler alert here): Timmy wishes for something with his two 'Fairly Oddparents', something goes wrong, there's always some contrived reason why he can't immediately reverse course and wish away the damage, and then everything turns out just fine in the end. Oh, and on a side note, Timmy's parents never believe him when he complains about Vicky, and they continue to employ her at every opportunity. Maybe it's just me, but it seems that a kids' show containing the subtle message that it pretty much does no good whatsoever to tell on an abusive babysitter probably isn't a great idea.

If you're writing a paper and want to cite an example of just how far the quality of cartoons has fallen, 'The Fairly Odd Parents' has to be a great place to start. A prime example of television producers throwing together a worthless product aimed at kids with little or no effort simply because they know that someone somewhere will watch it. Seriously, the fact that this show is so popular just boggles the mind. This show isn't funny, it isn't clever, it isn't original, it's just a steaming pile of bull crap. Let me start with the characters. The characters are all one-dimensional morons with loud, exaggerated voices that just sound like fingernails on a blackboard.

The voice acting could've been better. Then there's the animation. MY GOD, it hurts my eyes just looking at it. Everything is too flat, too pointy, too bright, and too candy coated. Then there's the humor, or lack thereof.

It's completely idiotic! They just take these B-grade jokes that aren't even that funny in the first place and then repeat them to death. They also throw in some pointless potty humor which sickens me. And finally, last and least, the music. It's just plain annoying. It sounds like it was composed on a child's computer and generates no emotion whatsoever.

I wish there was a score lower than 1, I really do. This show seriously needs to be canceled. It's a show I try to avoid like the plague. Whenever I hear the theme song I immediately turn the TV off. If you've never watched this show then don't. Watch quality programming like The Simpsons or Futurama. This show is such garbage, It's beyond me how anyone likes it.

Everything is always over the top, every 30 seconds the characters are either yelling or excited, there hasn't been a single moment that I've laughed while watching this. The only reason I've watched the series is because my sisters love this show, but I cannot stand it. And It's very repetitive, because ultimately what happens in the show is Timmy makes wishes, and things end up going wrong, and when he wants everything to go back to normal the fairy's can't do it because It breaks the rules, so he has to come up with a well thought out plan to eventually undue the wishes without breaking those rules. This is what happens in pretty much every episode. And no I never intentionally watch this show, but can't do much when sisters want to watch it, so I was often stuck watching this show when I was in elementary & high school.

There are other amazing shows from Nick such as Rocko's Modern Life, Spongebob, Hey Arnold, Rugrats etc. The Fairly Oddparents is another one of my favorite Nickelodeon cartoons along with SpongeBob Squarepants, Ahhh! Real Monsters, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Rocko's Modern Life, Angry Beavers, CatDog and Invader Zim. The show is about a 10-year old boy named Timmy Turner who at first had an average life because his parents work full-time and he is stuck with the evil 16-year old babysitter, Vicky who completely tortures Timmy every time. But that all changed when he got his own fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda!

Cosmo is my favorite character because is so funny and he isn't that smart and makes a lot of mistakes! The humor in this cartoon is hilarious and it is so clever thanks to creator Butch Hartman. Plus there has been lots of celebrities voice guest starring on the show like Chris Kirkpatrick (one of the guys from Nsync), Rick Fox (NBA Basketball player), Jay Leno (talk-show host) and some others. Another character that I think is funny is Timmy's weird and crazy teacher who wants to find out if fairies exist, Mr.

Because I think it is hilarious when he says 'FAIRY GODPARENTS' and does these wacky stunts. This show is another classic hit and hilarious! This show premiered on Nickelodeon back in March 2001.

User Rating: 9/10 BOTTOM LINE: FAIRLY FUNNY! I'll start with the characters. Timmy Turner is a Grade-A brat. Instead of wishing that others(Such as his parents) would treat him with respect, he uses his fairy godparents to wish outlandish wishes and when he feels bad for them, they still treat him like crap. The show should have been renamed 'Everybody Hates Timmy'. Wanda nags and nags and nags and nags and actually admits on being a stereotypical nagging wife.

Cosmo is so stupid he can't even multiply 2 by 2. Vicky is more like a child abuser than a baby sitter and Timmy's parents are no better. Seriously, Timmy's parents are such dummies. In fact, I'm guessing they're regretting having a kid of their own. Every character in this piece of crap shouts and screams constantly while they're talking and it annoys me very much! How can you not find that annoying?!

I guess with all that shouting and screaming, this is suppose to be a cartoon where all the characters have Tourett Syndrome. Now, I'll move on with the animation. The animation is so tacky and stupid, it makes Looney Tunes Back in Action look like Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

And what's with all the eyes moving this way and that way and the way they move around while they're talking? It looks like they're posing for the Oscars or for a Hollywood movie. And here's the part with the character design. Over-sized heads, square heads, cheesy artwork, gigantic feet, etc.

The character design is never appealing, it makes Sheep in the Big City look like Eiichiro Oda's One Piece. Now, I'll finish with the jokes. The fart jokes, the puke jokes, and the burp jokes are all babyish and laughable.

There's also the overdose of running gags(mostly started by Cosmo, the god-awful cartoon character of them all). Every time one person starts a gag(Here are a few examples, a scientist spits out coffee in reaction to a meteorite heading for Dimmsdale and flings his arms wildly as if he's drowning 'cause he's unable to scream; The Blubber Nuggets from Farmer Ahab; The Fun Box; Cosmo sucking his thumb like a baby after someone says 'Super Toilet'; the list goes on), it goes on and on and on like a freaking Energizer battery or a Fruit by the Foot fruit snack(Cosmo or another person would repeat the same joke until the end of the episode). Thank goodness this horrible cartoon series got canceled because 10 years of dealing with this steaming pile of horse diarrhea is enough. There's going to be a Fairly Odd Parents Christmas Special?! (Goes outside and screams. Comes back inside) If you want a cartoon that's jammed pack with crappy characters, cheesy animation, babyish jokes, and running gags that were repeatedly used again and again, this might be the one for you. If you want a cartoon that doesn't do anything that I mentioned earlier, you'll find it eventually.

SPOILERS Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman have a good relationship. He creates 'The Fairly OddParents' and they distribute it on their channels. Created in 2001, the cartoon has been one of a small number of decent modern cartoons. Simplistic and fun, the cartoon is remarkably addictive. Whether due to the nature of the stories or the characters, or the brilliant theme tune, the series has thrived and Hartman has proved just how good modern cartoons can be if people try hard. Timmy Turner (Tara Strong) is an average kid that nobody understands. When he discovers he has been sent Fairy GodParents though, Timmy's life takes a turn upwards.

Fairly odd parents download fairy

Unable to tell anyone and forever watched by Fairy obsessed teacher Crocker (Carlos Alazraqui), Timmy and his GodParents Wanda and Cosmo (Susan Blakeslee and Daran Norris) have many brilliant adventures as Timmy learns lessons on life, love and being an average child. Right from the quality opening music, this cartoon is different to most. Daft in a good way and with some cracking jokes, it is always entertaining and often contains a moralistic message which teaches us to accept life as it is.

It has been going since 2001, and here's hoping it keeps going for a few more years yet. Eccentric characters galore, the series never seems to run out of ideas and more often than not, you find yourself laughing along at the obscure events unfolding.

A rarity in modern cartoons, which are mostly incredibly weak and infuriating, this humour is something to be enjoyed whilst you can. 'The Fairly OddParents' is a surprisingly entertaining cartoon. Whilst most cartoons nowadays feel unoriginal and tedious, this series is a rare breath of fresh air and well worth making the effort to see. It's still not as good as the classics, but it's the closest we've had in a long time. There are some redeeming qualities to this show. One is that the theme tune does have a decent melody.

The show does have a nice premise. Also, I am probably in the minority, but I like Wanda. I like the fact she is caring, and is more a mother figure to Timmy.

However, despite all this, I do not like this show, it isn't excrement but I do find it very annoying. I wouldn't say that it is the best animated show on Planet Earth. When I use that term for an animated TV show, I think of Peter Pan and the Pirates, I think of Darkwing Duck, I think of Scooby Doo and I think of Talespin. And I hope I am not the only one who really likes the Wild Thornberrys and resent the fact it gets poked fun.

Nor do I think Fairly Odd Parents is the worst animated show on Planet Earth. I accept it's annoying, and in some ways overrated, but it isn't the worst show on Nickolodean. That is Chalk Zone, god that show is unwatchable. But the worst animated show I've ever seen is Shaggy and Scooby Doo:Get a Clue, which is crudely animated, unfunny and frankly a disgrace. One thing I don't like about this show is the animation. The characters, forgive me if I offend, have very weird facial features, and a lot of the backgrounds are dull and lack the colour that make Spongebob Squarepants and Wild Thornberrys so nice to look.

The characters with the exception of Wanda I find very annoying. I can't believe such a talented voice actress like Tara Strong(aka. Charendoff) voiced Timmy.

Timmy I don't find very likable as a lead character at all, he is annoying and sometimes patronising, and he is a poor decision maker as well. And his voice gets on my nerves. I actually like Strong but not in this show. Another annoying character is Cosmo, the supposedly funny character. Instead, his jokes are as unfunny as they could become. They are either a) contrived, or b) over familiar. Timmy's parents are awful characters, who don't give a toss about their son, and their personalities wear well thin.

The story lines are very unoriginal on the most part, and I keep thinking, where have I seen this before. The episodes after the arrival of the baby I thought were unwatchable.

Even worse is the scripts, very unfunny, childish, witless and suffer from a complete lack of energy. All in all, not the worst show ever, but pretty poor for an animation fan, and fairly uncomfortable to sit through. 3/10- there are redeeming qualities, and I completely understand if people like it. I believe that I have just witnessed the most awful mindless piece of tripe ever to disgrace modern era television. Each episode of this show I have seen consists of mindless rushed jokes that were old and way out dated long before the show ever first aired. Not only that but the animation and voice acting is tired and lazy despite containing some decent actors. Beyond this it will bring nothing to anyone, surprises me that this show has earned a 7!

It is boring, unfunny, not entertaining and I know I keep saying this but MINDLESS it is dumb and not clever in the slightest! I urge you desperately to keep your selves and your kids away from this god awful mess that sums up kids television of the 200s in a nutshell. Pure utter rubbish! I would have given it a 0 but 1 is the lowest! 'The Fairly OddParents' is the first animated TV show created by former writer and director on 'Johnny Bravo' and 'Dexter's Laboratory', Butch Hartman. It is also the 16th of Nickelodeon's Nicktoons, and the first spin-off of Nicktoon anthology series 'Oh Yeah! The series follows miserable 10-year-old boy Timmy Turner, whose life gets turned around when he gets his Fairy GodParents, Cosmo and Wanda.

Cosmo and Wanda grant Timmy's wishes, as long as the don't interfere with the fairy rule book 'Da Rules'. Together they deal with Timmy's moronic parents, his evil babysitter Vicky, bully Francis, and paranoid teacher Denzel Crocker (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui). When this show premiered in 2001 right before 'Invader ZIM', it was funny and entertaining in a kind of goofy way.

It wasn't as good as some other Nicktoons, like 'Doug'; 'Rocko's Modern Life'; 'The Ren & Stimpy Show'; 'SpongeBob SquarePants'; or 'Hey Arnold!' , but it was funny. Sure it had flaws. For instance, Timmy's voice was kind of annoying, despite being voiced by a talented voice actress (Tara Strong); the animation was very bland and boring; while in some ways the show was clever and original, it was also unoriginal and stupid at some points; also, Timmy was kind of a confusing character.

Sometimes you felt sorry for him because of how miserable his life was, but other times he acted so annoying and selfish that you begin to think he deserves what he gets; and lastly some of the dialog and humor was kind of childish, But still, 'The Fairly OddParents' was an enjoyable show. The plots were decent and some jokes were pretty funny. However it started to slip a little around 2004 or 2005.

It became a whole lot more childish and juvenile, and more poorly written and unoriginal. Finally, in 2006 it was announced that 'The Fairly OddParents' had been canceled, which was kind of a good thing, considering how bad it became. But in 2008 Nickelodeon aired a made-for-TV 'Fairly OddParents' movie called 'Fairly OddBaby', where (for some strange reason) Cosmo gets pregnant and gives birth to Timmy's new GodBrother, Poof. The TV movie sucked, and the episodes that came afterwards did too. Also, earlier this year a down-right awful live-action 'Fairly OddParents' TV movie titled 'A Fairly OddMovie: Grow up, Timmy Turner!' Everyone thought it was gonna be the end, but sadly, the dying carcass of 'The Fairly OddParents' is still dragging on. And it shows no sign of stopping.

2001-2004: 7/10 2004-2006: 4/10 2008-present: 1/10 It went from being good, to below-average, to what it is now: completely horrible. Since this show has more bad episodes than good ones overall, and still some big flaws in the good episodes, I can't give it a particularly high rating. Rating: 5/10 'Average'. OK, the first thing I have to say is that Fairly Oddparents is one of the best shows on Nick, (next to Spongebob) and has hysterically-funny characters.

Comso is the best, because whatever he says is stupidly funny. I also think Timmy's dad is funny too. The fact that he and the the mom have no first names is really funny.

Too bad this show is getting canceled. They could do so much more with it! Like make a theatrical movie, or something.

Some of the new episodes did stink, because I think Fairly Oddparents got a new writer or something, but it is still a fun show to watch! I also think Jimmy Neutron and Spongebob are great show too! I'm not really a TV addict. There haven't been many shows of which I have my full devotion to. But there's something special about Fairly OddParents. Something that touches the heart as well as the funny bone.

Something that makes me interested in watching it every day I can. For one thing, it is absolutely hilarious. However, there is more to it than just humor. It is also well connected to the life of kids and has many truly heartfelt moments.

The Fairly OddParents may seem like just another stupid show on television, but it is that and much more. A good number of us know that is a great cartoon. It is crazy and wacky; with the characters all acting larger than life and magnifying to the nth degree certain character traits.

In addition, it parodies many real-world people, places, and things, turning popular culture upside-down. There are jokes that appeal to all age groups, with the adult jokes carefully woven into the episodes so as to not disturb kids too much. Plus, with varied settings, genres, and plot lines, it comes with a fresh laugh in almost every episode.

The many wishes Timmy makes with his fairy godparents gets them into a variety of hilarious situations. This is the kind of show that can keep you laughing with each new episode. The show is hilarious, but what makes it really fabulous lies in its powerful symbolism. Timmy Turner is not just a reflection of an average kid; he IS an average kid (did you pay attention to the theme song?). Timmy goes through life experiencing the same emotions real kids do, such as torture at school, being misunderstood by parents, being teased by more popular kids, torture by a certain person, and the list goes on and on. The big thing is that Fairly OddParents doesn't antagonize kids for their choices or attitudes like teens and adults in real life do. The show accepts kids for who they are, although it shows consequences of bad choices as well as good choices, which are made readily available to Timmy with his fairy godparents.

For example, when Timmy decides to destroy Vicky's house in 'Timmy's 2-D House of Horror,' the decision leads to Vicky (His archenemy and evil babysitter) staying with her family with Timmy's family, which leads to a nightmare for Timmy. This show gives kids someone to relate to and something to confide in, as well as influencing them to make good choices in life.

Behind the humor, this show has something that most cartoons lack, heart. There is a wealth of morals and messages with scenes that find their way to the heart. Aside from the obvious message about making good choices in life, there are others, such as the value of family and friends.

This is evident in many episodes, such as 'Odd Jobs,' where Timmy tries to help his dad to get a better job, but only when he was about to lose him for about 60 years did he realize that his best job was being his dad. Also, in 'A Wish Too Far,' Timmy tries to become popular so that he could be able to be with a popular girl, Trixie, but when he becomes so snobbish to his friends and godparents that he was about to lose them, he realized that popularity wasn't important, his friends were. Another important message is in 'The Boy Who Would Be Queen,' where Timmy decides to wish that he was a girl in order to learn what Trixie liked, and as a result, learned that it was okay to be yourself. The scenes when Timmy learns lessons of life can be quite touching. This show can transmit values to many kids without using overly simplistic plots and it can also amuse them at the same time.

This is what makes it a superior show. With its fusion of humor and heart elements in such a way that has never been equaled by any other show on television, it's easy to understand why Fairly OddParents is the second most popular show on TV and why I believe that it is the absolute best show on TV. It has a wealth of jokes and emotion that can appeal to people of all ages.

I'm not just casually saying this like other people who say something is the best show ever but just mean that its really good at the moment. I genuinely mean it with all my heart.

I don't do this often, but I express my great appreciation to Butch Hartman and all of the staff for creating this wonderful show. No matter how many other 'good' shows such as Spongebob Squarepants or The Simpsons get more attention on the media, Fairly OddParents will always be the best show to me and other kids, and that is what really counts. Fairly Odd Parents has grown to be one of my favorite cartoons.Yes,I'm 14 but no one ever said I was too old for cartoons. This is a funny, pleasant TV series and easy to find on TV. Some episodes bother me a lot yet I REALLY like others. One of my favourite episodes is one with a goat called Chompy. One of my least favourites is an episode straight after about being exactly the same.

The basic plot of each episode is that a boy named Timmy Turner has a wish granted from his 'fairy godparents'. In each episode, he discovers why the wish doesn't work. I recommend this TV series for people who like funny things, kid's TV series, boys and fantasy. P.S I agree with you WWF Deadman Undertaker that this show is pretty nasty. Vicky, Timmy's babysitter is very mean to Timmy. Also there are a lot of mean jokes to particular different people (people who aren't normal). P.P.S Lunatroid, I too am annoyed that Wanda is now considered boring because she cares for others.

The Fairly Oddparents is a pretty good show. I don't find it to be as good as Spongebob, Rocko's Modern Life, and Danny Phantom but its still fun to watch. Spoiler Warning! The plot is simple, basically its about this kid named Timmy Turner who has Fairly Godparents named Cosmo and Wanda. Now these Fairies grant almost everyone of Timmy's wishes, as long as he doesn't break 'Da Rules' book. Cosmo and Timmy's dad are both funny.

And frankly I don't care if they are stupid. I mean seriously almost every single cartoon has a stupid character in it. And Timmy doesn't always act selfish. In fact their was this one episode were Timmy wished that his Mom's garden was bigger and prettier looking. I don't find that to be selfish at all.

End Spoiler Warning! Now the best episodes I have seen are 'Sound Off' and 'The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker' both of those episodes are nicely well done. But their are almost a couple of bad episodes like 'A Wish Too Far' and almost every episode Trixie episode. Why do I dislike the episodes that have Trixie in them? Well because the Trixie episodes are too predictable. There just about Timmy (who has a crush on Trixie.) wanting to impress her with some cool stuff. The Crimson Chin and Mark the Alien episodes on the other hand are nicely well done.

The Fairly Oddparents is a cool and funny show on Nick. This is one cartoon on Nick that is worth watching. Overall: 8/10. Anyone who has seen more than one episode of the Fairly OddParents knows that in-jokes are the thing!

The more you watch, the more you get, and the funnier the funny! A lot of the jokes are aimed at the 25+ crowd, a lot of 80s references and such. Cosmo and Wanda are the perfect odd couple, let alone odd parents-Cosmo is slightly smarter than mud and Wanda is the perfect straight-man. An understory of Timmy's latch-key kid status and supervision by a sadistic baby sitter, though shown humorously, speak truly to most of the kids who watch-parents are usually gone, how much more fun it would be if I had God Parents!

All in all I recommend this show to anyone with a sense of humor! FairlyOdd Parents is one of the few cartoons i still enjoy watching a lot.

Comedy plays a big part in this cartoon and you'll find many little silly random things stitched into the interesting plots of the episodes. Each episode has sort of like a few main random jokes or things that get used a couple of times through out the episode. Its neat like that.

The cartoon is mainly about a little 10 year old kid named Timmy Turner who had a miserable life including his evil babysitter, Vicky, his crazy cranky teacher, Mr. Crooker, and his uh. Just unfortunate life in general. So Timmy has two fairies that were sent to him. Wanda and Cozmo are a big part of the show and the funny situations and usually disguise as goldfish or turn into anything else(Cozmo and Wanda always stay green and pink and faces).

Wanda is the wiser more practical of the two. My favorite is Cozmo because he is usually silly clueless and an idiot. He sometimes makes situations harder.

And as for Timmy, he usually gets made fun of. Yea and hes got a pink hat and the buck teeth.

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