Entrapass Special Edition Serial Number

8 - Enter the serial number for the EntraPass Special Server or Software. EntraPass Special Edition application is a single-workstation software. The software. The new EntraPass WebStation allows the operator to login to the remote EntraPass Server and. • EntraPass Global Edition, Reference. Enter the Option serial.

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EntraPass Special Edition Security Software EntraPass Special Edition is a single workstation security software. It controls up to 128 card readers with KT-100/KT-300 and up to 256 card readers with KT-400 door controllers. The software also includes a number of stand-alone utilities that allow operators to perform a variety of tasks such as: verifying the system database, changing the system language (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian and Chinese), migrating from older versions of EntraPass, viewing reports, etc. EntraPass offers full integration with American Dynamics HDVR, TVR Series and Intellex Digital Video Management Systems. And intrusion integration with DSC PowerSeries and MAXSYS alarm panels. EntraPass Corporate Edition also integrates with the Kantech Telephone Entry System to bring you an access control solution with telephone entry access capabilities. Founded in 1986, (part of Tyco Security Products) designs, markets and supports integrated access control technologies that are ready to use right out of the box.

Kantech's solutions provide a compact, entry-level solution for smaller businesses while the access control software combines with the powerful or door controllers to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise scale applications. For additional convenience and security, Kantech solutions can easily link to Intellex digital video management systems to provide an integrated access control and solution. Kantech also offers out-of-the box integration with intrusion detection and telephone entry systems. All managed from a unified software package. Kantech offers a full suite of products that are reliable, easy to install and easily scalable.

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Why Access Control? Nothing is more vital to the health of an organization than making sure that its people, material assets and operations are safe and secure. Access control addresses the full scope of risks that might arise, including risks that other security systems such as burglar alarms and intrusion detection simply are not designed to handle. By preventing people from entering places where they do not belong, access control protects against theft as well as liability and disruption to your operations. Access control can also integrate with other security and operational systems to give you a comprehensive, cohesive management tool. Tracking Access One of the biggest advantages that our access control systems offer is the ability to determine quickly who may have gained access to critical areas before and after an incident. Even our smallest, single door applications have reporting available that shows an audit trail of door access activity, while our mid-range and large-scale systems can provide in-depth, user-defined documentation.

Improved Security Access control enhances security by eliminating the need for keys, which are easily lost or duplicated & disappear when terminated employees fail to return them. By using our access control badges instead, you can quickly & conveniently adjust or delete privileges any time an employee's status changes. If you install our access control software on a networked system, you can even perform these tasks from a remote location. Avoiding the annual expense of re-keying a facility is just one of the many financial benefits you will accrue from investing in an access control system from Kantech.

Visual Verification Our access control systems let you assign different color badges to identify varying levels of access for visitors, temporary employees, contractors, & regular full-time employees. You can also incorporate photo IDs on badges as an additional measure for confirming that the person using a card is the same person to whom it was issued.

Logistics Profitability at warehouses & distribution centers depends on efficiency & security making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, & keeping out those who should not be there. Our access control systems help you do this, controlling access to improve employee productivity & punctuality. Workplace Safety Certain work environments can be hazardous, especially where there is heavy equipment or intense activity. Access control systems from Kantech help you ensure that only authorized individuals enter these areas. Risk Management By restricting who gains entry to your property, our access control systems limit your exposure to liability for “slip and fall” cases while also reducing the risk of workplace violence and more. With litigation and work-related assaults costing businesses billions of dollars each year, organizations simply no longer can afford to do without this kind of protection.

Reliability and Service At Kantech, we understand the importance of quality products and customer service, and we are dedicated to providing both. Explore our product line and you will discover the easiest to use and easiest to install access control systems in the industry.

Call our state-of-the-art Technology Center and receive advanced technical support. Visit the member center on our website and you will find innovative online tools to help locate the product information you need to expedite purchasing decisions. We will continue to focus on what matters most to you. Count on us for responsive customer service and reliable access control solutions that are as scalable and easy to install as they are easy to use. Please Note: We are not able to accept returns on any software because of the unique license keys provided. Bf-3000 repeater manual.