Einhell Egs 12 Manual

Nov 07, 2014  Einhell Energiestation EGS 1800 11 Ah / 12 Volt / CE °Vor dem Laden ist die Gebrauchsanweisung zu lesen. Explosive Gase - Flammen und Funken sind z.

Have defective or damaged parts repaired or replaced by a customer service workshop unless otherwise stated in these operating instructions. Wear acid-proof safety gloves and goggles whenever you connect up and charge the battery and whenever you fill in acid or top up with distilled water. If any acid is splashed on your skin or clothes, wash it off immediately with soap suds.

If acid is splashed in your eyes, rinse them immediately with water (for 15 minutes) and consult a doctor. Plug the power supply unit into a mains socket outlet for 230 V( 50 Hz. When the storage battery is fully charged, the green LED (Figure 2 / Item 3) lights up as well. Never use the supplied cigarette lighter cable to charge the energy station. Check the power and power consumption values of the consumer to ensure that you do not overload the energy station. If you only know the power data of the consumer you can calculate the max.

Pay special attention to any information it contains about special accessories (e. These outputs are protected by a miniature fuse located at the front of the energy station under the cigarette lighter socket.

Use a suitable connecting cable to link the 3 V 6 V - 9 V output socket at the front of the energy station to the unit requiring voltage. Information in the operating manuals of your vehicle, radio, car phone, etc.

The energy station has to be charged to full capacity in order to be able to draw a current of 600 A for 5 seconds. Connect the black cable (-) of the energy station to the vehicle's earthing strip or any other bare point on the engine block (earth). Choose a point as far away as possible from the battery in order to prevent ignition of any explosive electrolytic gas which may develop. With the energy station connected, you can now try to start the engine. Do not attempt to start the vehicle for longer than 20 seconds because of the very high current involved.

First disconnect the pole clamp from the vehicle's earthing strip (negative pole). Then disconnect the jumper cable from the POSITIVE pole (+) of the vehicle battery.

The energy station will need to be recharged after giving this starting aid. Check that the voltage and current ratings of the consumer units will not overload the energy station. The jumper cables with the pole clamps are located at the rear of the energy station. When the jumper cables are not in use, do not remove them from the energy station. Remove the lamp carefully with a cloth pressing the lamp carefully into the casing and twisting it slightly anti-clockwise. Be sure to switch off the energy station and disconnect all cables from the unit whenever you perform any cleaning or maintenance work. As far as possible, use only a soft dry cloth without any aggressive solvents to clean the surface.

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