Driver San Francisco Enb Mod

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Mar 16, 2018 - i know driver san fransisco is dead but. So i just added the latest update to uplay. And i had enb installed on it before i had it's latest update,.

Hey guys, Some of you may have seen my quick complaints on Steam about the PC port of this game. I had issues with the joystick and the graphics, and I worked hard to find ways to fix both. I'm just going to post them in the same zip, since I am lazy. First lets start with joystick. I have a somewhat worn-out xbox 360 controller because its all i use for pc gaming.

I had to increase the deadzone as the car was constantly turning left and the view was stuck looking back. I discovered a program called Duranzo. Its essentially an injector for Xinput dll files and it lets you customize the controller and increasing the dead zone. I increased my dead zone to 30% and it was perfect. I had difficulty finding a download for this program, so I'll include it in the ENB series zip. As for graphics, lets get one thing straight.

I NEVER EVER use ENB series, as it is extremely exaggerated in most games. Ive used Icenhancer for GTA IV, but that doesnt count since it actually looks good. However DSF on PC had such dull graphics I couldnt stand it. I did play this game on the 360 about 3 years ago. While the console versions had some ugly yellow graphics (like NFS used to love to do), PC managed to look worse.

I had tried various enb configs people made for the game but they all had issues. One made shadows a blueish redish streaky combo, one made the game be a solid white screen to the point where I had to task manager close the game, and the others went so ridiculous on the bloom and ssao it made my eyes hurt. So I went from scratch. Keep in mind I've never done it before.

The one major thing I was trying to do was fix Tanner's orange challenger, but I realized that it must be the texture thats fucked up because nothing fixed it. So anyways, I put together a nice little ENB config.

I tried taking screenshots but apparently Steam doesnt show ENB in screenshots I learned. While I feel my config looks really nice keep in mind there are a few problems I need help fixing if anyone knows how. Shaded areas like in tunnels or in downtown SF are damn near pitch black, so essentially the shadows are EXTREMELY dark. Second, foggy missions are somewhat of an eye sore. The bloom gets out of control with the fog, even though I have the bloom down to crazy low settings (I don't like a lot of bloom). Third, there are times where it just gets a bit oversaturated.

But these issues are not bad, and compared to the base graphics I'm much happier. Film dawn of the dragon slayer. I'm happier with this config than the 360s piss-yellow graphics. Anyways, heres the download, if anyone can fix those issues with the enb that would be awesome. Just throw the contents of the zip in your DSF root folder. Also, I'm sure other people have probably figured out but to keep everything in one place, you can delete the Ubisoft and Reflections FMVs at the beginning to launch your game quicker. They are located in /DSF/common/fmv and there are three files.

DriverSplash Ubisoft and ESRB warning. I have yet to find a way to delete the legal one.