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Thank you so much Saya, for the final closure of the show, its so sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful journey, that’s why I would like to say thank you to writer-nim for a chance to encounter with wonderfully written piece of your work, and the PD to make the story comes alive, the production teams and crews for the hard works, and for whoever comes up with the idea to choose our beloved OTP as the leads, now you know that you don’t regret it at all rite. Our beloved OTP, JS and HJE thank you for giving souls to CDY and ORJ, for your efforts and sacrifices to make them real so we can feel them and love them so much, finally we can say good bye to all of you, the oldest Perry Park for your funny moments, the Mighty SSG thank you for your coolness, your undying love and protections, I will never think tuna as the same again now, the twins for your sweet calmness and girly craziness thank you YS and YN, thank you Nana and Mr.

X tho we see very little of you guys, but you still have a special place in our heart. For the fake twins, ORO and ORJ thank you for giving us crazy and fun siblings moments, love your English words here and there and RiNa we will never forget your cuteness, Mom and Daddy Oh for portraying what is fun loving family supposed to be like, so its time to say goodbye too to Ms. Husky, Hospital Gossipers, Sec. Bear, Rocking JI, will never forget that crappiness, the Cha Monsters, Ki Joon and Lady Fox, the Child actors, thank you that you guys tho only have small screen times giving a colourful world for our OTP.

Thank you Dramabeans for recapping this show, exp Saya and purplecow thank you so much for the efforts and giving us a closer look to a glimpse of your thoughts about the show, so I can meet with wonderful friends here, to share our love with the show, its been a wild magical ride here, and I wont regret the day I set foot here tho I’m not very skillful in English, I love you so much guys here, hope we will meet again in another whimsical and superb journey. After I pick up my heart and brain pieces, I will always remember what RJ say to YS: 'Everyone has several people living inside them. There's the me who wants to die and the me who wants to live. I live everyday fighting with the me who wants to give up and the me who wants to at least grab at straws.

You don't have the courage to fight'I will fight to live my life and I want to be strong too like her, I admire you so much RJ. I will believe in life the way DY said in the end of the show: “Within each person’s heart is a dark basement. If you look away or stand by, that darkness thickens. You must summon your courage to go down and turn on the light.

If you’re scared to go alone, you can hold someone’s hand” Last but not least, as Odessa Jones said on “Kill Me, Heal Me is weird, messy, and imperfect; but also creative, beautiful and full of heart—just like human beings” yep as human beings we will. You know what else I loved? I loved how Cha Do Hyun never seemed embarrassed that one of his personalities was a girl. That's quite a feat, and one that I doubt many Korean Manly Men could pull off. In the last scene, where Oh Ri Jin is crying because Yo Na left while she was sleeping, Cha Do Hyun pulls out an 'unni' and Yo Na's sassy-voice to make Ri Jin feel better. He's standing there in a schoolgirl outfit and pink lipstick and crooning 'unni' in his best teen-girl voice, and yet he's still so obviously

A man who was never ashamed of the fierce, feisty part of himself who came out to play whenever he couldn't handle life. Remember, Yo Na was the part of him who loved life so much that she plays a counterpart to Yo Sub, who only wants to die. Yo Na might seem shallow and silly, but she's fiercely determined to grab life (and Ri On oppa!) with both hands and hang on. Cha Do Hyun recognizes that, and I love that he is never ashamed of Yo Na (he might be ashamed of the things she.does., but he's never ashamed of her existence, if that makes sense). I tip my hat to Ji Sung for playing this character with such comedy, but also with such sensitivity.

I'm crying again JUST FROM READING THE RECAP. Thanks purplecow and saya for recapping this. Reading your opinions/recaps/seeing the screenshots really helped me kinda of relive episodes, and watching this drama without them would have felt incomplete xD Ughhhh I'm going to miss this drama so much; definitely not perfect by any means with its huge unnecessary flashback party around episode 15-17, but my heart says it's perfect so that's that. Ji Sung I swear to God if you don't get an acting award for this I'm going to be SO PISSED. I have so many more thoughts about this drama but I just can't seem to say it at the moment.


This drama has exceeded all my doubts and made me love some of the most memorable characters ever. I cannot believe it when I say that those fictitious multiple personalities are going to stick longer in my mind that so many OTPs. There will never be another Yoona in Kdrama land. That girl seriously rocks. Yoo Seob made my heart break with his sad acceptance of life and how life sucks. Can't even begin to even talk about the OTP.

Their chemistry rocks and screeching or not- she was a well written female lead. Yoona oh Yoona, she embraced life and knew no boundaries. Can't even see another girl pouting now after her and she elevated the OPW ( Oppa pout wriggle ) to new standards. Not going to talk about Perry Park because I basically bawled through his good bye. Gosh what a drama. Thanks for the recaps and your thoughts throughout this awesome drama.

I absolutely don't want to say good-bye, so, I'll say thank you, too, to Show. The writers, the music folks, the director, the wardrobe artists - I MEAN REALLY, could Segi have been a bigger lump of appeal than in his red coat and poofed hair?

What about Yo-na's stolen PJs? Just perfect.

PSJ, Mom, Dad, secretary - TA- they were all just right. Most, I will never forget how JS made these character come to life out of words on a page, and HJE, who loved them as much as we did. Just so happy this drama made it to air with this team. Satisfied with the end since they managed to get so much in in such a short time. I finished watching this drama last Sunday and I cried alot.

Reading the recap made me cry again. And your words '.JS made these character come to life out of words on a page, and HJE, who loved them as much as we did.' Bring tears again. That's what makes me love RiJin even more, she obviously loves those personas as much as I do. What a perfect and lovely couple. Agree with you that the whole team created this drama is just right.

I actually wish we could see SeGi in his red coat plus that awesome hairdo one last time. I really enjoy Kill Me Heal Me thoroughly!

While there's always been flaws here and there, it doesn't hamper my love and my own enjoyment! During these days after I finished the last ep, I always reminded of Yo Na the most. Although my favorite personality is actually Se Gi. I even joke with my sister mimicking Yo Na's voice and habit. Yo Na is the most unforgettable character for me. And kudos to Ji Sung, other casts, writer, PD, staff, etc that bring life to this drama!!

In the beginning many people (including me) wrote off this drama because its ambitious storyline that boasts 7 personalities, but now dare I say 7 personalities is possible!! Ji Sung needs to get many awards from this! I’ve never cried so much in my life. That was one incredibly sad, incredibly uplifting ending.

Nana’s farewell was yet more closure for Rijin, and I really appreciate that the show didn’t play down the fact that while Dohyun suffered more after the abuse, in the end it was Rijin that had to undergo the abuse and therefore needs just as much closure. Speaking to her past self (did anyone else notice just how brilliantly Ji Sung imitated the little girl’s voice?) is cathartic, and sets off a wonderful healing chain reaction. Not only is she healing Dohyun, but she’s healing herself. X showed us just how Dohyun’s psyche works.

Yona said that X wouldn’t appear if Rijin smiled. Rijin didn’t realize it then, but Yona did answer her question.

That’s who X is, that’s who many of the personalities have been. Parts of Dohyun that wanted Rijin to be happy.

With the loss of little Rijin, came Nana. With the loss of Rijin’s parents, came Mr. In order to stop splitting apart, he needs to truly heal. So we’ve a round of farewells to say.

I honestly can’t think of a better farewell for her: time with a fellow kijibae, and kisses and selfies with a handsome oppa. She knew her time was up, when bribing Rijin, and snapping picture after picture with poor Ri On. Only on the inside does she finally break down. Looking back, those tears she shed upon Ri On pretending to go to the army were her own, though she’ll never admit to it. And I admire her leaving as cheekily as she came: bright, fun and devious (Rijin’s forehead!). I cried like mad when Yosub just left like that but that was always in his nature.

Even meaning to commit suicide, he waited for Rijin for two minutes. That, more than anything showed that he wanted to be stopped, but had given up hope of there being anyone who would do so. That Rijin came and stopped him was a shock. Here, was someone who cared. Yosub is a realist and quite the pessismist.

He knew he would be going soon and probably expected to leave first, as seen in his emotional good-bye to Rijin. This was it, and he knew it.

There was no point in torturing himself with what could have been, or returning for final farewell. As seen in Yona wearing the headband, the other personalities share enough of Dohyun’s consciousness to know the presents were for them. There’s no doubt that Yosub saw his. Someone cared.

That was enough. It was time to let Dohyun live hence Yosub’s last words, of gratitude and of acceptance. “Thank you, noona.” Rijin really said it all on Dohyun’s father’s apology. She’s never truly going to be able to forgive him out of the kindness of her heart, but for Dohyun and Segi’s sake alone. When that happens is only a matter of time, but the first to know will be the man she loves.

More painful was the reality that Segi would disappear once that forgiveness was tendered. Truthfully, it’s painful for me to write this. Segi was the personality I loved the most and it was his farewell that I most feared. Even if all the others vanished, I wanted him to stay, because he was the most broken and fractured part of Dohyun having borne all that pain and guilt for 21 years. Born out of a need to do anything to protect the girl he loved, Shin Segi wanted nothing more than for that girl to choose him in turn, without question or hesitation. That’s why this good-bye broke my heart. Because Segi, who wanted to live, so badly, made his last stand, rushing in once more to save Rijin.

He was aware of just what it meant, that he was the final personality left and that coming out now would mean he would never come out again, but even that was fine so long as she wouldn’t be hurt. I especially loved Rijin’s wording when she said that she’d only forgive Dohyun’s father on “this person’s behalf”. She didn’t mention Dohyun or Segi, but the entirety of who they both were. They’re one and the same. Though Segi took a while to realize it, there never was a choice for her to make, between Dohyun and him.

It was always him and it was always Dohyun. Of all the various personalities, Segi was the only one that was a part of Dohyun, as opposed to a manifestation of someone else. That’s why the two will never be apart.

That’s why Dohyun himself greeted him during the final amalgamation. Perry Park, Nana and X are forever gone. Yosub, and Yona were manifestations of Dohyun’s distress and depression. But Segi will never leave. He is Dohyun’s rage, anger, pain, his recklessness, deviousness and charm, his will, and his drive to protect Rijin.

We’ve seen Rijin note just how similar to the two are on many occasions. Segi won’t die but he can never appear in his present incarnation again. Dohyun is the owner of this time and body now. So, this too is goodbye, because Shin Segi, the man himself can never truly walk the night and race highways again.

Like an ice-cube dropped in water, there will be no telling where he begins and Dohyun ends. But he accepts it anyway, because that’s what Dohyun and Rijin need.

And Rijin’s word is law to him. The kiss Rijin gives him is not out of pity. Because she did come to love this broken man who came after her each and every time, whether it was on a motorbike, giving her sexy winks, or in the Segimobile, or when Ri On brought her home, or when Dohyun was too weak to return to her. He would always, always go and stretch out his hand. In fact, he kissed her before Dohyun did, and she was certainly a willing participant.

He’s always been nothing but genuine with her so the present she gives him is just as raw and real. Segi was wrong when he said that he’d never be able to have that which he wanted most. Rijin gave him herself, that final moment he remained as Shin Segi, but more than that she gave him herself forever, for all those moments he would now live as Cha Dohyun (my heart and eyes bled with Ji Sung’s gorgeous OST playing) Dohyun makes sure that Segi is aware that this isn’t goodbye. “You’re me,” he says. “I’m you,” Shin Segi finishes.

With that, he melds with him, and the final, largest and most vital piece in Dohyun’s puzzle is finally in place. Loved the time-jump and the meta placement of KMHM within KMHM, oh Ri On, you’re so screwed once Rijin gets home. Writing that romance must have been a cathartic experience and it seems that he’s ready for the futureone without Ahn Yona in it. Hang in there Ri On-ah, I’m sure you’ll find some feisty violent girl soon enough! I find it extremely appropriate that Dohyun has done what his father did, and adopted the name Perry Park, living life freely.

Yay for Director Ahn, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be taking over those reins. If he survives Dohyun’s beer that is.

This show was always about Dohyun and Rijin, nothing mattered more than those two. That’s why I’m so grateful to have spent the bulk of these final episodes watching them blossom under the warmth of each other’s love and affection and take the steps necessary to ensure that their life together will be happy. That ending was everything I ever wanted and more. The couple rings are absolutely adorable, similar to engagement rings, box and all.

I loved the warmth in the music. There’s a languor, quiet joy and companionship between the two as theirs hands entwine.

As if they’ve faced fire and steel, and walked away from it, their bond all the stronger. Nothing can really touch these two now. Whatever troubles the future may bring, you can bet that they’ll be there, hands entwined, to face it. As Dohyun said, only we can turn the light on and dispel the darkness and fear within us. We don’t know just what lies in the briefcase in front of us. But that’s no reason not to open it. Who knows what lies in there?

Perhaps it’s a stuffed bear, a top hat, a rabbit-ear headband, a pair of glasses, the world’s finest liquor, or perhaps it’s a random meeting with a confused man, who mistakes you as a mental patient, and suddenly transforms into an eyeliner-wearing, sexy-voiced, rather violent man-boy. But we all know how that one goes. And they lived happily ever after.

Further thoughts plus 400+ screencaps over at: I may never recover from this drama:( Still in withdrawal, plus my heart breaks everytime I think of Segi. I hope that whoever suggested solving the KMHM casting crisis by asking JS and HJE to star got a big fat bonus. Or maybe it was Anthony's idea. In any case, it's hard for me to imagine enjoying this drama so much if different leads had been cast. Yeah, HJE was OTT screaming her head off early on, but I gather that the director wanted her to be OTT.

I've gotta give props to HJE- whether she was screaming, crying, being silly/strong/compassionate etc., she always gave it her all, and without a hint of self-consciousness. When Ri-jin was grieving over Se-gi's disappearance, I marveled (amidst my own tears) at HJE's ability to make that scene feel so real. And as for uri Ji Sung, plenty has already been said about what a phenomenal job he did. I hope he's feeling very fulfilled as an actor.

I revisited an article I'd read about his appearance on Healing Camp in which he'd talked about how hard it'd been for him to become an actor. I'd forgotten that it was Song Ji-na (who wrote Healer, Sandglass, etc.) who had given him his first break after JS had begged her to create a new role for him. I thought that was pretty cool. He also talked about how furious his super strict father was when he found out JS was trying to become an actor.

It's pretty great to see how he managed to make his dreams come true, and how he and LBY seem to be having the best year ever. Saya and purplecow, thanks for making our dreams come true by gifting us with such wonderful recaps! I watched the final dinner party from Youtube and all the actors were like: we could have done this for another 10 episodes, lets have a second season, they were as sad as us and I think all of the actors, whether they get any awards or not, felt being part of this drama was an award in itself and the best award more time. Ha that kinda sounds like all the actors were also Do Hyuns´alters who had to leave together with Perry, Yo Na and the rest Dr Seok was especially sad. I wanted to pat him on the head. He was crying at that table. I rather think Moon-Sun was getting the idea from Kill me heal me since as I knew the writer have half script in 2008 but she didn't knew ho to do it back then, no one want to try and she didn't knew who will portray, even she already work in the script.

Then she wrote MoonSun and it accepted and become popular after IOIL I think the producers finally think they have chance for Kill Me Heal Me and here's it is in some psych mind I think the script wait for JS, HJE and PSJ, back then 3 of them was kind of never met JS doing PtB, HJE in high kick? PSJ wasn't debut/military??? But JS and HJE is reunited through Secret (2013) and PSJ through tvn led witch romance oh no, I read this too far. Kill me heal me took us on a rollercoaster of emotions. I don't know if I could ever get over it. I loved all the characters, laughed and cried my eyes out because of them. I really don't know how I feel exactly.

It was a sweet and warm goodbye. From Perry Park's to Shin Se Gi's goodbye, it all just fell into place and made sense to me. Ji Sung could pull off all of the personalities perfectly. His looks, his eyes, facial expressions and his voice, everything was so different that it made me believe I was looking at a different person every time.

He is just amazing! I can't be more satisfied. LOVE KMHM and LOVE JS and HJE. Thank you Saya and purplecow for all the recaps. Thank you show! Will miss you:'(. Kill Me, Heal me, Your my christmas gift, new years gift, Birthday gift and valentine's gift all wrapped up into one:) You made all those special days wonderful and more awesome for me.

It's like I wished for a doll princess from Santa and what I got was the whole Disneyland complete with all the amazing characters and the fun-thrilled rides I could ever hope for. It'll be hard finding something like you and I doubt I ever will. To JS and HJE, I’ll always be here, a happy camper waiting for the both of you  KMHM, Here’s to all the craziness, tears, fun and laughter you brought out in me! I never thought I could ever feel this way ever again in a drama Cheers!!!

@Aira & Ara I know!!! I was never motivated to watch it so soon because it will clash with my exam schedule but omg, this is one of the best choices I made in my life. When I saw JS & HJE pairing for the 2nd time, I knew I have to watch it and lurking in dramabeans for 5 episodes before I start my roller coaster ride with chingus I agree that Secret's storyline is too k drama routine but the baby scene captured my attention and watched it without feeling tiresome. I was touched by the story too.

It's a (very) wild ride, like a roller-coaster. From laughing to crying only took minutes, from cringing to applauding only took minutes.

It's perfectly imperfect. And when it finally ended, I didn't want to get off. Afterall, there's no drama like this, both in a good and bad way. I acknowledge the flaws, yet I was too deeply invested to the characters and stories like never before. I can't praise Ji Sung more, I highly doubt there will be an actor that stands as high as him this year. But of course, the script itself is one in a million.

Neither Ji Sung and the drama would be phenomenal if they didn't have each other. Praise you, whoever that sends the script to Ji Sung (and Jung Eum and Seo Joon)! It's been a while since I enjoyed a drama this much.

KMHM might be imperfect, but it surely is on top of my list of favorite dramas. Just to worsen your withdrawall syndrome: P.S: I thought I've moved on, but once I clicked that link, I know I haven't. Ahn Yona, that girl, I never thought there will be a day when you make me bawling like this.sniff, sniff. The ending is just as perfect as what I've expected from this drama. Though I do find Segi's farewell a little too rushed.

Since he was the most broken among all the other personalities. I expected him to take some more time before disappear.

But aside from that, this is such a great drama and I truly enjoyed it. Team KMHM, Jjang!! And RiOn's epilog is just too hilarious. The name Ahn YoNa will definitely haunt him forever. One of the best dramas.

One of the best endings. One of the best heroes. Cha Do Hyun splintered to the everyone safe within himself and ended up sacrificing his life on that mission. He created Segi to be RiJin warrior angel.

He created NaNa-DoHyun to keep RiJin alive. He created Mr X. To allay NaNa-DoHyun's fears He created Cha Do Hyun to protect her name and keep her in the world. He created Perry Park to keep the best part of his father alive. The twins were the only alters dedicated to him alone. Yo-Sub held his desire to die and Yo-Na his joie de vivre and desire to live. Ri-Jin was pretty awesome too.

Finally read the last recap. This episode brought me tears of joy and sadness because my favourite alter is leaving us. I can rewatch her song 10x and laughed hysterically 10x when I saw Rion's 'omg' face upon realising she is going to kiss him again. Yona is a smart girl and I totally didn't see it coming when she totally know that Rion lied to her about his army departure.

(LAUGH AGAIN). Rion is traumatized for life.

As for Segi, I think Writer-nim can always write Kill Me Heal Me Season 2. I didn't forget the confession Do Hyun made to Segi if he could give all his time to him to stay with Rijin in this lifetime, he will give all his time to Segi to stay with Rijin in his next life.

(cue for ep 10 & can i anticipate the possibility the next drama?:D) There are just too many things I love in this drama. One thing I just want to highlight is Secretary Ahn. He is the first person who is genuinely treat Do Hyun as a person not a monster upon finding out his condition. I was overjoyed when I saw his promotion. He truly deserve everything he earned because he is not someone who only have the capabilities, he also have a warm heart.

I think he could be the reason why Do Hyun isn't taken over by Segi for 11 years. Thanks Saya's and Purplecow's awesome recaps and great analysis of each episode. Without them, I wouldn't be here commenting and joining the Chingus enjoying the ride. It had been a really entertaining & emotional ride for 3 months. Kill Me Heal Me, has its own flaws, but it is one drama that reminds me good 'feeling' that I first watched a really good drama many many years ago. Thank you Writer nim, PD-nim, Production Team and the Casts bringing such a great story to us.:D. Thanks ever so much Saya for recapping Kill Me, Heal Me.

In the very famous and lasting (immortal) words of Farmer Hoggett to Babe,'That'll do pig KMHM, that'll do.' Remember, last Thursday, March 12, 2015, KMHM officially ended and aired its last episode. But for many of us, it is still etched upon our hearts and minds. Seems like we're in a season of excellence with the recent #Winning string (streak) of Jjang Kdramas: Miseang, Punch, & Kill Me, Heal Me. Each one of these dramas was an awesome, poignant, and unforgettable masterpiece in its own right. I Heard It Through The Grapevine is on track to be the next standard-bearer for the cause — out of the woodwork unlikely masterpiece in kdrama greatness. Kill Me Heal Me buzzworthy indeed!

All three (3) leads were fantastic with stellar chemistry; a skillfully crafted plot; beautiful OSTs; a satisfying drama till the end worth every minute. Ji Sung seized upon playing a person with 7 personalities and never let go turning this into the role of a lifetime.

Hwang Jung-Eum (as Oh Ri-Jin) & Park Seo-Joon (as Oh Ri-On) rocked as brother/sister in addition to all the times they broke into fits/spurts of English. In all due fairness to Hwang Jung-Eum; I think Ri-Jin’s moments of boisterousness/shrieking/hollering/screechy were more about being a defense mechanism for her expressing herself whenever she encountered or found herself in uncomfortable situations. Or else, it was intended as a counterbalance to the glorious 7 personalities.

It’ll be hard to surpass Park Seo-Joon’s portrayal of Ri-On as 2015's best Big Brother/Oppa. In Kdramas, customarily we’re introduced first to the characters during their childhood/teenage years. So how refreshing was it that we witnessed Do-Hyun & Ri-Jin’s story unfold and commence from the standpoint of them as adults which in turn led to a past childhood connection they shared through vivid flashbacks and scenes of incredible emotions and depth. Parents Ji Soon-Young & Oh Dae-O: What a wonderful example of a loving family and committed parents. Loved the message about Adoption: Every child deserves to grow up in a stable home with a loving family and parents that will give him or her the best chance in life at becoming a happy, well-adjusted, fulfilled, and productive adult. I can honestly say that I probably would not have enjoyed KMHM as much as I did if not for the amazing and outstanding performances by lead actors Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-Eum, & Park Seo-Joon; the wonderful child actors Lee Do Hyun & Kim Amy; and the writing talents of Jin Soo-Wan, and directing by Kim Jin-Man. So hats off to all of you!

I salute you! What an unlikely masterpiece that set the bar high — very high — with the perfect mixture of a compelling story, a jaw-dropping plot, and notable characters. Time and time again we witnessed seemingly little inconsequential moments and details that when all was said and done ended up delivering big and powerful payoffs. Our patience was rewarded.

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Hindsight is 20/20 because who knew or guessed KMHM would end up being an excellent example of the right way to balance elements of comedy, mystery, melodrama, and tragedy throughout. Funny, exciting, emotionally weighty and sad; adept at vestiges of sowing, reaping, and garnering events that ultimately leave us with feelings of affection and a harvest of healing. KMHM certainly isn’t without flaws but it more than compensates for it. Certainly can’t accuse KMHM of being guilty of veering off the rails into a convoluted mess and WTF territory.As for the limited screen time allotted to the characters, backstory, and development of Han Chae-Yeon & Cha Ki-Joon, I’m inclined to go with. KMHM certainly isn’t without flaws but it more than compensates for it. Certainly can’t accuse KMHM of being guilty of veering off the rails into a convoluted mess and WTF territory. As for the limited screen time allotted to the characters, backstory, and development of Han Chae-Yeon & Cha Ki-Joon, I’m inclined to go with what was posted in the KMHM: Episode 19 Recap Post #6.

Basically the viewpoint of Ki-Joon and Chae-Yeon as two (2) tertiary characters absorbed in their very own dramas — KJ the Chaebol in a Rom-Com and CY in a Melo. Now, one of the few quibbles I did have with KMHM is the lack of realism when it came to Cha Joon-Pyo’s awakening and quick recovery physically after having lain motionless in a coma all those years.

Miss you much and R.I.P: Shin Se-Gi = New Century Perry Park = Ahjussi with a saturi/satoori accent, a love of boats, fishing, beer, & life. Ahn Yo-Na = Queen Bee, Don’t you know it?

Ahn Yo Sub / Ahn Yoseb = 'Joseph' the soul of a poet/artistic Nana = Teddy bear/little Oh Ri-Jin Cha Do-Hyun = Rin-Jin's birth name + ‎Lil' Joo Young Mr. X = ‎Lil' Rin-Jin's ideal father figure/liberator “In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. We are not bound for ever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.” ― J.R.R.

Tolkien KMHM will not be easily forgotten. I posted some links to BTS videos that are awaiting moderations, so make sure to check them when they appear. It helped me a lot, I needed that because their short goodbye wasn´t enough.

What can I even say? If they had left out taht dead fish Chae Yeon, the drama would have been cleaner, they could have instead let the alters go to the company and mess up director Ki joons´plans. Se Gi in the company was hilarious and on point. Imagine Yo Na sitting in idol bands´laps when she is supposed to manage them, and Perry arranging a trot show with lots of explosions, and Yo Sub scoffing at everything and turning the idols into a classical orchestra to play Mahler instead. Look at me, calling Yo Na 'she' without problem.

What the hell did you do, Ji Sung? Did the lip gloss actually turn you into a woman! There is no 'Ji Sungs´ character Yo Na' for me, suddenly just 'that girl / her'. And how HJE cried at the last scene! She and 'Yo Na' became real sisters and I was so sad. But I´ll keep the good memories.

And the soundtrack hypnotized me. Now every time that song comes on I jump up whereever and yell 'SHIN SE GI???' Wow, I can't believe it's over. I couldn't really consider it done until I read it here and after reading this I end up crying again! Yes, this drama just became part of my top favourite dramas ever!!

Thank you to Saya and Purplecow for all your hard work and the roller coaster of emotions we all went through. And of course thank you to all those who worked hard to make KMHM what it is. Ji Sung, if you don't get that award, you have many of us who will fight to get you to have it!!!! Se-Gi was probably the best personality for me so when it was his turn to say goodbye, wow! There was a TON of things in my eyes. But at least they will never be truly gone, but still deep in Cha Do Hyun's head. And they all will have a special place in our hearts.:) But one things for certain Ri-On will NEVER escape YONA!

Haha!:D Again thanks to everyone for one memorable drama!!! KMHM we will miss you!!!!!! Kill Me Heal Me is fantastic!! The sent off of each personality brought me to tears, that really shows how much I care about them though they only come out from time to time.

Perry, Yo Na, Yo Sub, Se Gi - all of them are such endearing characters.cries Ji Sung is really the man. Give him all the awards that he deserves!! Though not perfect (I was wishing for more development from Chae Yoon and Ri Jin's parents knowing Do-hyun as Do-hyun and not Perry), it is still the show that touched my heart and I think I'll remember this for a very long time. It's overrrr.WAILS. I don't think I've cried this much in any drama finale before.

I cried when Perry Park left in the previous episode, and then I cried when Yo-na left, cried HARDER when I saw Yo-sub, and then started bawling again when Se-gi finally left. Ughhh, that fist bump!!

That whole conversation between Do-hyun and Se-gi!! So heartbreaking, yet so heartwarming.

Every personality's send-off was perfect. I can't believe I've grown to love Kill Me Heal Me so much - it wasn't love from the first episode, and I don't think I was even fully invested until more than halfway through the drama - but now I'm so glad I decided to watch it, if only because it introduced me to Ji Sung's incredible acting. I can't imagine any other actor taking on his role - he's made Do-hyun, and every other personality, entirely his. It's amazing that no matter which personality he was, even when he ended up as a teenage girl or a seven year old child, his portrayals were so perfectly believable that he literally, in that moment, BECAME the character. He's just amazing. I still remember that I was kind of unsatisfied with Do-Hyun as character since he is so dry in like 4 episode, why he is like that as main lead and my love grow every episode.

It's like I finally see it. He is change, that guy is lovable and have many charm. Se-Gi is such a charmer and screen capture but the things is, I think they give each personality background or something to care and understand even for a limited time, so I never think they need to leave since I care about them, but then I knew they need to. Can believe I am tearing at happy scene, not because sad but happy. Do i need to say more?

Jisung need daesang! In every award ceremony for 2015!!! He is indeed talented!

So many actor rejected this drama and yet he willingly to do it and hell yes he KILL IT!!! And cha do hyun. He nailed it!

I totally cant see him act as this 7 personality. I see that personality as different person. Not as jisung play 7 character! Which is awesome! Its a shame the last episode rating KMHM come 2nd between the 3 big chanel but well for me its no.1 drama in 2015! Thanx saya for the recaps. I don't comment actually here since i think my english is bad but well every KMHM post especially after its ending i try to drop a comment.

To tell everyone that i am one of this drama fans. Thank you so much Saya for dedicating your time to writing these recaps that have always managed to capture the heart of this wonderful show. KMHM wasn't love at first sight for me.

It took a while to get used to but when I did fall for it, I fell hard and fast. Because though it had its fair share of flaws, it always managed to make us fall in love with it for what it truly was; imperfect like the rest of us. It managed to reduce us to wailing messes, induce mass hysteria, cackle like hyenas and left us in awe of the spectacle that unfolded before us. For that, I thank you Show. You made loving you easy and letting you go even more painful.

I loved that Yona got to leave exactly the way she came in; Like a Boss! I don't think I'll ever miss a bitchy-sassy-oppa-obsessed-fan girl as much as I'll miss her. Though I wish we couldve seen more of Jisung as Mr.X, I'm content with the way the alter was dealt with. But c'mon, that top hat and cape was fab!

^.^ Segi's farewell was.grief. Plain and simple. I think I'm still not past the first stage. Wednesdays without Segi. Will take time to get used to. I don't think there will ever be a chaebol heir hero as wonderful as Cha Dohyun to grace our screens in a long time. I will miss him terribly.

Along with the strong, steadfast and lovely partner he has in Oh Rijin. It was pure unadulterated bliss watching the two of you interact. For being the best oppa a girl could wish for.

Thank you Park seojoon! Kudos to Jisung, HJE and the rest of the cast along with the writer and the production team for working hard to bring this tale into our hearts, despite the difficulties you had to go through.

KMHM: January 8, 2015, 10 pm. The time I fell for you.

Thanks s lot Saya, thanks for writing this in beautiful way The best thing is that they told me that they’re (alters) dormant inside his living mind, so they’re never dead. They can comeback but they will choose not to if they can live as full time in his body, It means they believe him, but its hard to born out of broken feeling and to revive that feel over and over again with realization on who they are. I don't think I can leave this drama too ara, it feels that this Wed and Thu at 10 pm, I can still watch it, I'm still doing the same lurking around here and there to find anything about the drama, we can call that withdrawal, dormant, or maybe just call it desperately in love with KMHM. Something you and redfox said so interesting tho about Superman in prior episode, I guess I find my new goal now, watching again KHMN and will try to notice every little detail in the episodes, just in case there is somekind of meanings behind it wohoo. So nice meeting you here ara and thank you for your beatiful words too, hope we can meet again in another ride, cheers to you!! I found that I could sit through all the mothers´ scenes and all on second try. Once I knew the whole story, then watching some scenes again got a whole new layer of meaning, or layers.

Actually it is one of the dramas that might get better on second try, cause it gets more depth that way, just like old fairy tales being retold. Hey I wonder if it gets a remake. I would so like if my country did a remake of kdrama sometimes, cause I know a perfect estonian actor who can pull off at least Perry and Yo Na. And maybe Yo Sub. Dunno about Se Gi. Never seen him in a violent role tho.

I was thinking about this in my car - the way JiSung looked out over the bear at RJ. It must have hit HJE in the solar plexus. Switching in the child actress was brilliant. Watching RJ - we knew she was looking at CDH but seeing herself - so good. The amount of love that poor little CDH/SG gave her just blows me away, and I actually believe this 'first love as kids' cliche. Because he was so willing to sacrifice himself for her.

The emotional time together formed lasting bond. It wasn't just two kids eating ice cream on the swings. Thank you so much saya and purplecow for having the time recapping each episode. Its been a rollercoaster ride watching this much laugh and tears.and totally satisfied w/ the words i cant describe how much i love this drama.w/ its flaws, i come to love it as well. Im so greatful JiSung make each alters come to life.Each characters left w/ such impact. And w/ the help of the HJE(RiJin) and PSJ(RiOn), the OH,Sec Ahn.and the Cha grandma & mom(for the intense scenes) and all the cast,director,editor,scriptwritter.this couldn't be as enjoyable to watch w/o them.

I hope i can find another drama like this in the future.literally laugh out loud w/ its craziness, cry buckets bec of how they deliver it emotionally.guessing game make us sherlock holmes.cliffhanger left w/ 'what the'.powerful ost and the total performance of the actress and actor in one drama as someone said(i forgot) this is a perfect imperfect drama. I will never forget this and will remain for a long long time.sniff.sniff.Anyeong Kill Me Heal Me (sorry for my english). Thank you very much for recapping this show. It perhaps wasn't the perfect show (quite some threads and characters abandoned), but it had.HEART. And that is what mattered for me the most.

I was with every of Do Hyun's personalities and I cried when they were leaving. I cried when Ri Jin showed her unlimited love and understanding for each of them. And I was so touched by Do Hyun's and Ri Jin's childhood story.

Their healing process was beautifully done. And nothing else mattered. This show just left a warm feeling in my heart. And unforgettable performance of Ji Sung and Hwan Jung Eum. Thank you writer-nim, PD and all the team (all actors included) for this fantastic experience!

Such a lovely recap and ending thoughts! I am happy with this ending. I got my happy ending and I got the heartbreak in the form of Se GI's goodbye. I didn't want to see him go, but I knew it had to happen. I know that he left of his own will which is a comfort. I'm glad he got his kiss with Ri Jin. If there was one thing I wanted, it was that the goodbyes of all personalities took longer.

I would have liked to spend more time with Se Gi and Ahn Yo Na. Anyway, there was no time left even for the Seunjin Group's machinations. They wrapped that up too fast, but I never really cared about that part of the drama anyway, so no loss there. I loved Ri On's fate with Ahn Yo Na. That was THE best part of this episode. I so love this drama. There are some scenes that I will come to over and over again.


1) Se Gi's cheesy pickup line when he first meets Ri Jin. 2) Se Gi trying to woo Ri Jin with toys 3) Se Gi's first kiss with Ri Jin in the carriage and how he suddenly turns into DH and RiJin's reaction afterward 4) Ahn Yo Na's first appearance 5) DH kissing RJ and saying 'I'm Cha Do hyun' 6) DH hitting the mirror with his fist and turning into Se Gi. 7) DH fighting those goons and fighting Se Gi as well; DH remembering Se Gi's memories 8) Se Gi coming to RJ at her home and saying that he's ok with being DH's alter as long as she's with him; and later his confession that he's afraid to sleep since he might disappear. 9) The wheel of unfair fortune. 10) The neck tie rap battle Come to think of it, all of Se Gi's scenes will be watched over and over again. Even his good bye was done in such a manly style. I'm feeling withdrawal symptoms already.

Anyway have any recommendations for some good fanmade MVs? There's one by Martinnas called Blank Space. I loved that.

Jomo's 'Ji Sung is Do Hyun is Segi.' Is also my favorite. Anastasia Ani's Dirty Sexy is good. One of my favorites was when Do hyun came back after se Gi had said he wouldnt and Ri Jin cried and Do Hyuns face twitched along with hers, that was the sweetest Se Gi neck tie adjusting scene (in the wardrobe) Perry Park and Ri jin dancing ( desperate she was) Yo Sub thanking Ri Jin for saving him (meltdown!

THAT got me so emotionally) Yo Na running into a lamp post muahhahhaa that is actually pretty much how you can stop teenagers on the run. And it DOES actually happen. They can be a bit dumb- or should I say, a bit blinded by their desires. Se Gi coming for his car and telling Chae Yeon tomorrow he´ll come for the other car. The only Chae Yeon scene where she had any point. Do Hyun acting like Yo Na LOLOLOL and Ri On seeing through it I can´t Do Hyun trying to aply Se Gis´ charm in the company Mom discovering nude posters in Oh Ri Ons secret wall.

Damn werent we so sure she will discover his research? How they fooled us! And then Dad going whoopadeeriloo! At those pictures right in front of his wife.

Oh and the Se Gi - Do hyun screen conversation after SG trashed the room. Ji Sung could have a wall as partner and he´d make it so exiting. 'Ji Sung could have a wall as partner and he´d make it so exiting.' Though I hope he'll never be stuck with a wall as an actress (pretty sure we can name several of those), I've no doubt that he'd make even that exciting. Like those scenes with the mirrors. Some of my favourites that haven't been listed - Perry's dance back in ep 6 before visiting Ssangri - RiOn and Rijin's reaction to seeing Dohyun's car moving up and down like that.smirks.'

Why did you stop?' I died so hard at that one. Rijin dying of embarassment after DH's kiss/Segi's kiss/being Dohyun's 'Black Rose' etc - Dohyun being super happy at their upcoming 'date' (before Chaeyeon called grr.) and leaning against the mirror -Dohyun and Rijin being cute by the sea (when she was skipping and nearly fell) -Dohyun laughing at Rijin's kimbap + eating the kkot-deungchi -Secretary Ahn's reaction to Dohyun and Rijin being all cute and giggly in the office.Dohyun speaking in banmal at the end (just like Segi) giving Rijin the couple ring ('Just try and take it off') -Everything about that ending! I could honestly go on forever:P. I wished that the Mom had her comeuppance thou. I think she is the most culpable villain of the show because her greed had set the ball rolling for every bad thing that happened with that family.

I also did roll my eyes a bit when the dad woke up. The coincidence was just too unbelievable to suspend my disbelief. I am still perplexed at the relevance of Ki Joon and Che Yeon in the drama. I guess they were put in to create filler scenes since neither of them are villains or even related to the main story line. Well all know Jisung is Jisung so good acting is par for the course for him.

I was more impressed with Hwang Jung Eum and her reactions. She was really funny in this drama. I think she should do more rom-coms. Thanks for the recaps! My most memorable characters 13. I felt like the red Mustang was sort of a character too.

Secretary Ahn - he´d be higher but this secretary character has kind of become too common and he wasn´t that different, though I loved his samurai look at the wrap-up dinner clip 11. That leather jacket goon! He was so funny. Especially when they yelled 'Bomb' and everyone tucked for cover 10. Nana the Bear. Well you gotta love a stuffed bear that can draw, write (though it turned out later it actually didn´t which disappointed me, so I erased that - bear writes and draws. Plus it went through a painful suturing process of the back without anesthesia, not to mention it was cut open by Do Hyun first.

I am agains stuffed animals suffering. I love you, but using your sisters romance for a bestselling novel, you deserve a little punch! I love you more, in fact, but you have enough love around you and some others have a lot less. The small Se Gi - omg if you give Ji Sung an award give this boy an award too.

Those children both were adorable and then he went so creepy! He´s done creepy before tho. Se Gi - adore him, but so torn.

On one hand he acts like a kid, but then kisses like a grownup. Yo Sub - he was just such a sweet guy.

Not going to analyze anything, just that seen plenty of such delicate souls and perhaps relate the most to this vulnerability. And this rebelliousness actually. His will to die was his will to live, in fact - cause when he gave time to Ri Jin to find him and said she was late 2 minutes you just knew. He was desperate for her to be ON time.

But too proud to break his own rule. Dont judge them too much. We´ve all been there. So Ri Jins´interactions with Yo Sub were so full of meaning and acceptance. Yo Na once you get over the embarrassment, it is quite an achievement from Ji Sung. And it would not have worked as an 'alter who has the strongest drive to live' she had to be 150%. Again, SHE!!!

Fully accept Yo Na as a GIRL. She was a little too much at first, manipulative, unpredictable, but she did her job - stress relief! Who can think of their problems when they need to catch a crazed teenager? Do Hyun - at first I expressed the opinion he is a non-person, and in a certain way he was, but he still had the funloving, heroic, sweet, mischievious and flirty sides inside him. And just the fact we saw a very different chaebol made him dear.

In a way, a first in dramaland 1. Why he was my favorite? He is a free spirit, but if there is something that must be done, he will do it - because he´d be too annoyed not doing it. Like saving a woman from goons. Although he kinda failed. But even if he fails, he just takes it easy, he is glad when he is he is grateful when it is time to be grateful, he means everything he says.

He is truthful and treu to himself. He never pretends or hides anything.