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It works with both rooted and non-rooted devices. If you have a rooted android smartphone then you can unlock some advanced features of greenify. To root your android, you should check and. Why Download Greenify Donation APK or Greenify Pro? For most of the smartphone users, battery life is the topmost priority.

After you download this app, battery life gets skyrocketed on your android. If the battery is your major concern then you should definitely try using greenify donation apk for optimum use of the battery. I suggest you because it helps to replicate the IOS on your android. Download Greenify Donation APK? Downloading the application of greenify is really easy. You just have to follow the following set of instructions. As this is the apk file, unknown sources should be enabled on your phone.

Featured as Lifehacker's Top 1 Utility in 2013 Best Android Apps (Android Authority's Top 3 Best Root Apps ( Download Greenify APK 4.0.1 on Android 2018 Greenify Apk is one of the best battery saving app you can ever have on your Android device. The app never collects user data despite the capability of accessibility service.

To do so, go to settings on your smartphone and then find security. In security section, toggle on the unknown sources. Go to the downloads section of this page and download the APK file of greenify donation or greenify pro. Once the app is downloaded successfully, install it. The installation of greenify app will not take longer than one minute. After you have installed the greenify pro or greenify donation apk, click on open.

You will be greeted with the greenify welcome screen. Click on Next.

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Jailbreak ipad apps install. 7) After download is finished, your App will be sync to your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad automatically. Wait for it to download.

It will ask if your device is rooted or not. Check any of the three listed options according to your android. And click on NEXT. Now it will ask if you use screen lock on your phone. Say yes and proceed to the NEXT button. Now it displays something about Automate Hibernation of Greenify Pro, again click on NEXT. It will ask for Smart Hibernation.

You can grant permissions or skip it. Smart Hibernation is the advanced level of battery saver. At the end, you will see that setup is completed. Click Finish and start using Greenify Pro or Greenify Donation APK on your Android. In this way, you download and use greenify donation package on your android. Also Check: Downloads: Also Check: and Final Verdict on Greenify Donation APK Greenify Donation APK Pro: This was the simple tutorial on how to download greenify donation package and how to use greenify pro apk on your android.

If you have any doubts on greenify donation apk then ping me in the comments. I will help you to fix your issues regarding this greenify donation apk. Filed Under: Tagged With:, About Simraan.